6 Ways You Can Make Your Home Feel Bigger



There are plenty of home upgrades that are actually worth it when improving your home, but sometimes, these upgrades aren’t possible. One common issue that people face is a lack of space at home. However, rather than look for a bigger house that could disrupt your lifestyle, you can look for ways to increase the space within your home without expensive renovations or extensions. But how can you achieve this? Here are six ideas to make your home feel bigger. 


Clear Your Clutter 


If you’ve got kids or have simply lived in your house for a while, you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. You won’t have use for a lot of these items, but you’re not gotten around to getting rid of them just yet. When trying to make more space in your home and help it feel bigger, decluttering is one of the most effective ideas. 


You’ll need to be ruthless and go through each room in their house to decide what you want and don’t want to keep. A useful rule is to remove anything you haven’t used in six months aside from seasonal clothes. Duplicate items, such as several pairs of sneakers or coats may also be better off being donated to charity.


Make More Use of Your Patio


Your patio is a great way to make your home feel bigger without needing to get a quote for a pricey extension. Many people will use the patio and the room that leads onto the patio as a singular entity by installing sliding patio doors that make it easier to expand the space. 


This is perfect for those scorching summer months, and it’s also ideal for storing bikes and other items that don’t have a place in the house. Furthermore, opening the doors and letting the air circulate will make your home smell and feel fresh. 


Get Smart About Storage


Not enough people are smart about storage. They use boxes or drawers and stuff anything inside. There might also be piles of items hidden inside your cupboards that will collapse if you even dare look at them. 


This can make it difficult to keep your home organized, so consider creative storage ideas that offer a multifunctional appeal. There are plenty of surfaces both vertical and horizontal that you can use, whereas versatile furniture, such as tables, cupboards, and your bed can give you extra space to store items around the house. 


Clear The Floor Space


It isn’t just toys that cause clutter. Your interior design might not be as functional as you initially expected. If you need to twist and turn to get around your home, you’re better off clearing the floor space and arranging furniture differently. 


In the living room, you can pull back the sofas to make it easier for you to walk through. You may also realize you don’t need the coffee table, and side tables will take up less space and still offer the same benefits. Similarly, installing hooks to hang jackets on will make the entrance clearer and more welcoming whenever someone steps through the door. 


Mirror Mirror


Mirrors are an almost magic solution for homes that lack space. Although they don’t increase the size of your home, they can make it feel bigger. Multiple mirrors will reflect the light, which gets rid of the dark corners that can make your home feel small. 


You can set these mirrors up all around your home, from the living room to the hallways to your bedroom. The illusion might seem unlikely if you’ve never used them before, but you’ll eventually feel like your home has doubled in size, even if you can’t precisely explain why. 


Use Low Furniture 


Towering furniture reduces visibility around the home, which is why low furniture is a great way to make the house feel bigger. Instead of peering around high-backed chairs or tall tables, you will be able to see from one side of the room to the other without interruptions, 


Like mirrors, this creates an illusion that the house is bigger than it is. You can also look for chairs that have open legs, as this adds further storage ideas and that won’t take up potentially vital real estate within your home. 


Space to Roam 


An open home will make it easier to clean and stop the house from feeling so claustrophobic. If you and your family always feel your jostling for space, these ideas can do wonders for making your home more comfortable and satisfying, giving everyone somewhere to relax when they need to. 


  1. Love the creative storage idea section. I’ve been tryin to declutter.

  2. Nice suggestions. As an interior designer and tile contractor, if I may suggest a good flooring/tiling would also do the job. Using the correct tile patterns, sizes, and colors, a great wall and floor tiling can make your room appear a lot bigger and more spacious.

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