Well as most parents know Hatchimals has been a hot toy for the last few years.  This year is going to be no different.  So, I am going to start this with head out know and get yours.  Last year I saw so many posts of people who knew they were a hot toy and still waited for the last minute to buy them.


Don’t wait go now and have it covered.  We got to check out the Season 4 set Hatch & Bright.  There are over 80 different ones you can collect.  This set came with a 4 pack of eggs and a Bonus.


This set was perfect for our trip to my sisters there was an egg for each of the boys and I got one too.  Now with three boys they would not wait for the eggs to warm up in our hand they smashed them lol.  They were so excited to get to their new friends inside.

The eggs are not only great cute colors, but the little guys inside were so adorable. Now for the holidays make sure to pick up one of the big eggs and an few of the little ones for their stocking.  They have play sets and so much for.  I love that each egg bog or little is a mystery.  You never know what you will get.

Make sure to check out the whole Hatchimals collection here.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

$50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

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INCREDIBLES 2 – “Auntie Edna” Short

  Who else is so excited for INCREDIBLES 2  to come out.  My son has been talking about it non stop for weeks. INCREDIBLES 2 – “Auntie Edna” Short

Our favorite Auntie Edna is a fashion visionary and she has pulled an all-night endeavor to design a suit to best harness baby Jack-Jack’s expanding super powers! Take a look at the all-new “Auntie Edna” short out on the Incredibles 2 home entertainment release. Fans can watch on Digital in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and on Movies Anywhere on Oct. 23, and on Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD,™ Blu-ray,™ DVD and On-Demand on Nov. 6.When Bob Parr visits Edna Mode looking for help with his high-energy toddler, Edna designs a dynamic suit to fit his seemingly limitless powers. Look below for a sneak peek!



Top Tips for an Awesome Fishing Trip – What You Must Know

Are you going on a fishing trip this weekend? As an angler myself, weekends are my most favorable time to devote in the water and chase the game fish.

One of the best things I do that makes my fishing trip extra rewarding and successful is to scrutinize the list of the tips I must know to have an awesome fishing trip.

Today, I’ll share to you the list of my top tips.


Plan for a Perfect Time

Fishing activity depends significantly on the water temperature. The fish are inactive upon dip temperature and may dive deep in the water during hot climate. Then they are very active when there are plenty of bugs since they eat bugs.

What I am saying is that fishing depends greatly on the type of seasons. Thus, it’s essential to be aware of the ideal climate to go for a fishing trip. Note of the season that the type of fish that you plan to catch is most active in.

Let’s say that you want to do ice fishing. At this point, make sure that that you’ll go when there is no indication that comparatively, warm weather will be visible.

Never let anything come on your way. Be aware and careful by planning a perfect time!

Experience Fishing at its Best

My experience in an awesome fishing trip involves hiking. In fact, much of them are the best. Fishing is a great sports activity that gets doubled when I involve hiking. It’s gratifying on my part. Its benefits go beyond the vistas and the seas.

Of course, you don’t have to carry too much stuff. Remember that an ounce is equal to pound and a pound is equal to body pain. I’m sure you want to have a manageable load and an excellent sleep.

Since I want to fish hard and rest comfortably, I bring some Baitcasting reels to improve my catch and a good hammock underquilt for my comfort in winter.

As a whole, the benefits of both fishing and hiking to me go beyond an aerobic exercise. It reduces the risks of diseases and gives an excellent feeling to live a happier life.

Think of your Perfect Fish

What is the perfect fish for you? One, two, or three of you may have similar or different answers. Exactly! The type of fish that you want to catch varies greatly, and this determines the “perfect fish” that you want to go for.

While some fishers prefer trout, others may want the bass. Since these types of fish are found in two different bodies of water- the trout in the cold while the bass in warm water, you may become disappointed if you’ll not consider the kind of fishes you want to catch before picking your fishing location.

Check the Weather for Safety


A fishing trip is not worth if it’s worth risking your life. It’s vital that you check the status of the weather over time. Looking at a small area in a limited time span may make you blind of the hazards nearby.  

I highly recommend checking the weather updates during the following situations to be assured that your trip will go smoothly.

  • Days in advance – Before the fishing trip, consult the extended weather forecast. This way, you’ll know when and where it is best to go fishing.



  • The night before –Checking for weather updates a night before your trip is one of the critical consideration if you’re going out to fish in the following day. This will give you ample information to decide to go or postpone your trip.


  • On the Day – During the day, observe the weather. Check for warnings, check the forecast for storms, and view current conditions. In the fishing sport, watch the winds and the waves.


Complete the Equipment

Do not overthink this aspect of your fishing trip. Make it as easy as possible. Prepare your equipment: rods, reels, lines, and terminal tackles.

Rod and Reels

In determining the fishing rods and reels that you’re going to bring, decide for the size of fish that you’re considering catching.

There are actually hundreds of choices for rods and reels available at the market today. However, below are four primary types that may help you decide which one to bring.

  • Spinning reel: It’s famous because it’s easy to use and allow long cast.


  • Spin casting reel: This is similar to the spinning reel that leaves and returns at one end of the spool. It is released by a thumb button.


  • Baitcasting reel: The spools of this reel sit perpendicular or cross-ways to its rod rather than parallel. It’s the opposite of the first two reels.


  • Fly casting reel: This reel is light that makes it impossible to cast with almost all rods and reels. It uses a special kind of line that allows catching even the smallest flies at a long distance.


Make sure to check your fishing line. A fishing line is one of the most essential equipment for fishing. It is the cord that connects fish hood to the fishing rod and reel. If you’re using mono, check if it looks cloudy or kinked. If it is, change it.

I used to have a couple of reels; I take the older line then strip it off the reel. I take my new line that looks cloudy on the top then tie it to the empty reel winding the cloudy ones on top. As you see, the line at the bottom of the fishing reel is virtually new since you don’t get to the bottom of the spool.

I used the above trick several times before, and it worked!


Terminal tackle

Depending upon the type of species that you target, bring with you an appropriate terminal tackle. A fishing terminal tackle is a tool attached at the end of the fishing line.

Say you want to fish for tuna, use a circle hook and regular J-hooks. One of the tricks I do when I used live bait is using a hook; circle or J hooks with rings welded on them. Tie your line on the ring and the ring will make your bait looks more natural and lively.

On the other hand, a circle hook also keeps the line away from the mouth of the fish that lets you lessen the tendency of line fray.

Some styles of terminal tackles include sinker-below, sinker –above, and no sinker, or floated. Always choose the suitable fishing tackle.

Remember that the artificial lures a well as the live baits do not qualify to be terminal tackles.


Other Tips that Help

  • Create a travel pack to fill it with your essential lures, flies, and terminal tackles.
  • Make sure to have the perfect flies, lures, and terminal tackles.
  • Bring a spare line and leader.
  • Pack your clothing in a waterproof bag.
  • Use item with interior dividers.
  • Bring a portable and waterproof camera that is point and shoot if you want to capture the best memories.
  • Carry a small waterproof bag for your phone, key, and wallet.
  • If it’s hot, polarized sunglasses will protect your eyes.


My Final Thoughts

Before leaving your home for your fishing trip, make sure that you’ve loaded yourself with the information about the weather for your safety and the season for your catch. Of course, never forget your equipment.

Check out this video for more awesome fishing tips.

Taking the considerations I mentioned above as your tips, you may have an awesome fishing trip.

Do you have any recommendations for my next sports fishing trip?

Write your advice below and share this post if you find this helpful.


About the Author

Hi! I’m Demi – founder and editor in chief at Outdoorsdoc. Here, I will share everything I know about enjoying and surviving the outdoors and sports. Whether you love to go outdoors, you will find interesting and informational articles on this blog.


Twisty Petz #TwistyPetz #SpinMaster

  Well I can tell someone has been reading my blog because they sent me what they knew would be my favorite the MAGICOOL UNICORN.  We know that if it’s a unicorn it is a must have in our home and this cute little girl was no different.  This cutie can become a Bracelet and twist into a pet.

  What I would not have given to have this when I was in school.  I could have brought my friend with me as jewelry and twisted it around to play with during breaks.

Twisty Pets

  Now you have to twist them back into a pet which takes a few times to get a hang of but they have very clear instructions for you to follow on the box.  As soon as you have done it a few times its so easy.

  This little girl goes from unicorn to bracelet in no time at all.  All you have to do is match the pieces up and twist and you have your cute friend right back.

  They have a wide range of cute animals you can choose from and different sets.  So, no matter what your little ones loves you are sure to find a cute one for them this year. Make sure to check out the Twisty Petz and pick a few of your favorites.

I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

Chrissy’s Thigh High Socks

Chrissys Knee High Socks

As you all know I love a great fashion piece.  This can be anything from jewelry to purses to socks and Chrissy’s Thigh-High Socks is perfect for my wardrobe.  When I lived in Colorado I loved them because they gave me a little extra layer in the winter. Plus being short my boots and bottom of my pants were always wet.  Having higher socks made sure my ankles were not always freezing.

Now that I live in Arizona I am not willing to give up my summer clothes.  A cute Thigh-high sock keeps me a little warmer and looks so cute with the right shorts or skirt.

Thigh High Socks

Chrissy’s has so many cute designs you can mix and match your outfits and they always look great.  I love that they had a very easy site to order from.

If you are looking for a more out of this world design or a very simple design they have something for everyone.

Now for the fit.  I am short with smaller feet so buying socks normally means the heals are way to small or they go half way up my ankles.  With Chrissy’s you will not have to worry about that.  They only have one seam on the toes so you know which way is up but no where else.  So, these are really one size fits perfect.

They did not slip down at all I even wore these to bed and I toss and turn and they were still right where I left them when I went to bed.

If you are looking to step up your fashion game or just want a little more layer make sure to get ahold of Chrissy’s Thigh-high socks before the ones you love are gone.

Don’t forget to check them out for the last touches on this years Halloween Costume.


I got these free in exchange for an honest review.

Hot Diggity Dog Dance & Play Mickey

Hot Diggity Dog Dance and Play Mickey

    Its funny Mickey is one of those charters that have stood the test of time in our home and my sisters.  No matter what Mickey is a must have.  The Hot Diggity Dog song has been sung forever and is always a crowd pleaser.   When this Mickey came out I knew it was a must.

  Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey has 5 interactive sequences that will get your kids involved. Boogie to the beat, choo choo like a train, soar like an airplane, and giggle at Mickey’s hilarious jokes! Give Mickey a high five after he wiggles, spins and takes a bow. I love a great toy that gets our little ones up and moving. These days it can be hard to find a toy that involves your kid’s favorite TV show but also gets them up and moving.

Just Play Mickey

Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey says for ages 3 and up but this was can go way up. This was fun for our whole family and my nephew is going to go completely nuts for him when I go visit next week.  When you have a Mickey lover and find one that will get him up laughing and paying it is a must.  This holiday season there is no doubt on my mind that this is going to sell out fast.

Just Play has always been a leader in toys for the Holidays and all year round and this year is no different.  Make sure to check out their whole line of toys this year and buy early.  You don’t want to be the one running out the night before still looking for the perfect present.

We got this free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling To Sell Your House

When you first put your house on the market you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s going to get snapped up in no time. Everybody is always saying how there is a shortage of good housing so surely, selling a house will be easy? The thing is, people are saving up for years and spending everything they have on the house so they’re going to be picky. If you’re struggling to sell your house, it might just be that there aren’t that many people looking for houses in your area. But more often than not, the house isn’t selling because you’ve got something wrong. These are the most common reasons why nobody wants to buy your house.

Image Source


It’s Too Small


If somebody is viewing your house and it doesn’t have that much space, they’re not likely to go for it. Nobody wants to live in a cramped house after all. But you can’t magically make the house bigger, so what do you do? Often, it’s not that the house is too small, it’s just that you aren’t using the space that you do have properly. Decorating a small space is different from decorating a larger space and you need to make sure that you’re using the space efficiently. There are plenty of simple tricks you can use to open up the rooms and make them feel a lot larger than they are. Make good use of light and be careful with your furniture arrangements so you’re not cluttering up rooms. You don’t need to actually make the space bigger, you just need to make it look that way.


The Kitchen Is Outdated


The kitchen is the most important room in the house for a lot of people. It’s not just a space for cooking anymore, it’s a place where you can eat together as a family and entertain guests. That’s why you’ll really struggle to sell the house if you haven’t done any work on the kitchen for a long while. Get a company like A+ Construction Pro to refurbish the entire kitchen and replace all of the units. It’s also worth putting some new appliances in as well because people are going to be concerned about the energy efficiency of the house. Older appliances are going to cost a lot to run and that will really put people off. If you invest in some newer ones that are more efficient, you’ll find it a lot easier to sell the place.


It’s Too Personalized


When a buyer is looking around your house, they’ll try to imagine themselves living there. You need to make that as easy as possible for them. If it’s filled with all of your stuff, you’re just making their job harder for them. Obviously, you’re still living there so some of your things are going to be in the house. That’s fine, but try to remove a lot of the clutter and just keep the essentials in there. It’ll make the rooms look larger as well.


You’ve got to remember that selling your house is a lengthy process and sometimes, you just need to be patient. But in some cases, you might be making mistakes that are stopping you from selling the property.

How to Create a Happy Home

Many people dream of one day having a wonderful family to share the rest of their lives with, where you can grow together and form some beautiful memories. For some families, this seems stress-free, but for others, achieving this dream may be much harder. In fact, without a stable and happy home, many children can fall into dark places, which can impact them for the rest of their lives. Fortunately, there are countless ways you can navigate these struggles. Following some useful ideas will enable you to navigate the problems and joys that family life can bring so that you and everyone else can live in a happy home.


Spend dinnertime together


When you are part of a large and busy family, finding the time where you can all be together is a challenge. For example, if your partner spends evenings working late with work, or your children attend afterschool clubs. This time is essential for catching up on what is happening in everyone’s lives. It can also act as a great way of supporting someone in the family who is working through some difficulties in life. Ideally, you should try and spend dinnertime together at least once a week. To make this experience even more special, you can cook some wholesome meals together before eating them.


Use effective conflict resolution


Every family encounters conflict at some point. Whether it be between siblings or you and your partner, this can affect the overall mood of the house. The trick to making sure this doesn’t impact the whole house is by turning to effective conflict resolution. Writing letters and expressing feelings is a good way to avoid arguing, and you can also address any problems better by approaching them calmly. In some cases, arguing between parents is a sign that your home would be happier if you were separated. When you want to make sure your kids are affected by it as little as possible, you should turn to a reliable divorce solicitor for help.


Have an open-door policy


There are many children who feel as though they cannot speak to their parents when they are feeling upset. This could be because you lead busy lives, or because they are worried about being judged. This can happen in any home, whether you are rich or poor, and has been a problem that every family has faced over the years. In any case, you should have an open-door policy in your home, where you promise your children that they can come and talk to you about anything, without the fear of being judged. Though there will be some times when they must be disciplined, it’s always best to think about why they may be acting out when this is not something they usually do. With mental health problems in teenagers on the rise, this is an essential part of keeping your children happy. Although you will be dealing with your own problems sometimes, making the time to listen to them helps them to feel comfortable in their own home.

You Can Now Stream Your Favorite Shows With Google Chromecast

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Did you know you can now stream your favorite shows with Google Chromecast.  What is better then to be able to watch your shows anytime any where. You can Start streaming with just your voice Just say what you want to watch from compatible apps and control your TV hands-free, with Chromecast and Google Home working seamlessly together.

Google Chromecast Streaming

Works with the streaming apps you know and love Enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, songs, games, sports and more from over 2000 apps like Netflix, YouTube, YouTube TV, and HBO NOW.   I know my son is so excited for this he goes from room to room and we are always searching for his show and where he was in it.
High-speed wireless connectivity Built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi connects to the Internet through your wireless home network (wireless router required and sold separately). So make sure to get the accessories so you are all set to enjoy your new system at home.
This system is made to make all your shows and apps just a tap away.  You can be streaming in no time with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player.