Have you found yourself in a pickle?

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Boy have times changed. Years ago what was fun kids playing around is no longer fun and games.  We have all been scrolling through the internet and see a new law case about something that we always did as a kid.  Now they are getting into big trouble for something that we all did and always thought was just something small. It seems like everyone these days get their pantys in a bunch over everything. Not to even mention all the new and old crazy laws.

Now i am not talking about kids hurting each other or bullying I am talking about stuff in our day that would have been considered a prank.  Now your kids can be looking at real jail time for something that they probably learned from stories we have told to them.

When we were kids in our high school every year for homecoming we would fill the High School with pumpkins from local farms.  No we did not get permission it was something that had been done for like 50 years. This was a tradition that nowadays can no longer be done.  It is now a felony and people are more than happy to press charges if the kids even try.

This is something that was done every year for like 50 years now that times have changed so have the rules.  Being a parent and a kid these days can be a battlefield trying to figure out what can and can’t be done. When you do find yourself in a pickle there are lawyers like Sam Davis  that can help.  

As times change sometimes we can find it hard to catch up with the law.  We have to always make sure to be on top of what are kids are doing and just try and make the best decisions that we can for them. For when we find ourselves making the wrong decision make sure to get the legal help we need.  

There is actually a case in the Uk where a guy got sued for driving by and splashing a mom and two kids with water.  No I am not kidding it can happen to anyone for any reason and you should always be prepared. There are so many strange things going on out in the world make sure you have a lawyer who is prepared to deal with it.

Floogals: Season 1 Volume 1 Giveaway

We love Floogals.  My son is autistic and there is a lot of things he does not understand.  Floogals cartoon is just what he needs.  They are little aliens trying to figure out the world just like him.  He gets so excited when he sees them being just as confused about everyday things like he is.   I love that it also helps teach him.  When they discover something, he is now learning with them and it helps explain it to him.

This is a perfect show for any kids.  It is fun to watch and even draws me into it.  These cute little aliens will find a place in your heart and leave you wanting more.  If you want a cute show for your little one that you don’t feel bad about putting on this is it.  Want even better news one of our readers will win their very own copy head to Instagram to enter.

Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery as they explore Earth and the funny “hoomans” who live there! Each day, Captain Fleeker, First Officer Flo, and Junior Boomer encounter something that sparks their curiosity, setting in motion the day’s research “project” and triggering an exciting adventure!


Includes 26 Super Adventures!

Available at Walmart on 5/7/19

We got this free in exchange for an honest review.

The Hairdryer you are going to love

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Ok so I might me out of the Hair Dryer game a little, but when did they become so much better.  When I got the chance to try out the Stylecraft 2000 full size hairdryer I was Blown away. Pun intended lol.  But seriously I was truly impressed.  I have a little guy at home and I have to admit I don’t have a whole lot of time to do my hair and makeup.

First thing I noticed with the Stylecraft 2000 was that it is so much smaller then my old full size was.  The last one was kind of a challenge to hold with one hand.  Now you are all going to think I am crazy but I have never had one that I can really change the setting on. Yes, speed but that was it.  So, I turned it on and though the air is cold.  Then I discovered not only can I change the speed, but I can also change the heat level. OMG awesome

Some other perks it comes with is a cool shot button, a removable filter in the back, tangle free card (which I Love) and even attachments so I can get the perfectly straight hair I wanted. I am love.

If you are a mom that only gets a few chances to shower and live off of dry shampoo the rest of the time make sure to get the StyleCraft 2000 it dryers you hair in no time and your hair really does look fantastic with dry shampoo the rest of the days.   People will think you have been doing it every day.  Take the few extra minutes the first day and you will be happy the rest of the days.

Weather you work at a salon or you just need the StyleCraft 2000 at home it is the perfect plus to your beauty routine and it is affordable.

Spruce up your home for summer

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I know a lot of people do it for Spring.  Let’s be honest in our home I don’t have time during spring.  I get some cleaning during spring, but I like to put some fun summer touches this time of year. My son will help out and we love to make our house summer ready.  People will be coming over for BBQ and just to visit.  We love to make out home clean, bright, and friendly for ourselves and visitors.

Bed Rooms

Now we do have blackout curtains for obvious reasons but we like to make sure we have some cute pull backs for them.  That way we can open them up and let the summer light and air in.  We love to get new sheets.  A little thinner for summers in Arizona but they still have to be quality.  As you can see, they have to stand up to two puppies, in bed movie night and just every night.  The sheets from California Design Den are perfect.  They have a great range of colors, they are comfortable and they can stand up to the whole family.



Add a few bright and fun colors.  I love to add pink and yellow.  Of course, I know these are not everyone’s colors, but think about what summer means to you and add a pop of those colors.  If you have a little window in the kitchen think of planting a few fresh herbs and put on the window sill.  Not only can some of these herbs keep bugs away, these will also be fantastic in some of your summer BBQ recipes.  Having a clean space for summer get together will make a huge difference.  Everyone seems to end up in the kitchen hanging out.  Make sure there is some extra kitchen space cleared off.




When people are not gathered around the kitchen, they tend to be outside sucking up the wonderful weather.  Now if you can have a beautiful backyard is a must.  For people like me I rent so I get what I get.  We are not allowed to change his backyard in any way and it is all dirt with a few rose bushes.

This means we like to add some touches that make it more comfortable for our guests. First, we bought a cute throw rug for outside.  Then a table big enough to fit a few friends and both are very easy to clean with just a hose.   If you can add a little lighting even better.


When getting ready for summer opening up your home a little and adding a little color can make a huge difference.

It’s Sock season in Arizona


I know a lot of people are wondering what is sock season.  No, I am not saying wear socks with sandals.  I am saying its just warm enough to wear a cute pair of shorts and a cute tennis shoes, but it’s still cold enough you want to be covered a little more.  So, it’s sock season.  I love that Chrissy’s Socks has some very cute Knee highs and Thigh high socks they are perfect for this season.  They add a little more flair to your outfit yet you are keeping warm while the weather makes up its mind. Lol

Chrissy’s Socks has a great line you are going to fall in love with.  If you like a more conservative look, they have you covered.  Yet if you are like me and love bold beautiful colors then they also have you covered.  I love that they have so many styles and colors I can match any outfit.

Chrissy’s Socks now have animal you should see the cats.  They have neon and rainbow its like I am in sock heaven.  If my husband would let me free on this site, I would go nuts.  If you are like me and think that socks are truly one of the best accessories you can have then this is a must go to online store.  They have beautiful socks the quality is fantastic.  I have a few pairs and I love them.

Now while shopping online the web site is very easy to navigate you can find exactly what you are looking for in no time.  They even have free shipping on all order over $50.00.  They are also always adding new things to their sale section so make sure to check that out.

If you are looking to step up your sick game you can not go wrong with Chrissy’s Socks, they have a great selection and great prices.


We have worked with Chrissy’s Socks in the past and have tried them I love working with them again on a great post

Style, Beauty, Class Cate&Chloe

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We do a lot of style and beauty review on the page.  Style is always changing, but every once and awhile we have an item that will be the look of style, beauty and class for years to come.  Cate & Chloe have really got that down.  Every piece I have ever gotten from them will be a part on my wardrobe for years.


Cate & Chloe

Now as most of you know I love my bling.  Know what I don’t love the price to get the bling I am like most of you I am not rich.  Any extra money I normally have goes to my little one.  That is one thing that is fantastic about Cate & Chloe I can spoil my self with a little bling and not feel bad after.  They have fantastic prices want even better news.

Cate & Chloe

Cate & Chloe jewelry

You can get 20% off site-wide at CateandChloe.com. (Discount code: tabby20) 

That’s even more beauty and bling for your money.  With 20% off you can get another piece.

These beautiful Ivy 18k White Gold Drop Earrings are beautiful. They are part of the Cate & Chloe bridal collection.  You should see this collection I want it all.   I can wear them to work or even a night out and I get tons of compliments.  The shine on these alone is magnificent.  It was actually hard to get a picture because they were so shinny.  They are great quality they are not flimsy or falling apart.  As we all know I am not gentle on my jewelry and these have really lasted.

Cate & Chloe

If you are looking for quality and beauty then make sure to check out Cate & Chloe you will not be disappointed.

Looking to enter a giveaway they are always doing awesome ones check it out below.

chance to win up to $600 in Free Cate & Chloe Jewelry on our instagram page @cateandchloe

Give Mom or Dad the gift of a personalized platter from JustSoPosh GIVEAWAY

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Give Mom or Dad the gift of a personalized platter from JustSoPosh.com.   While you’re at it, make one for yourself too. These attractive platters can be displayed or used to serve at meal time or special occasions.  They are perfect for BBQ season! Choose from an assortment of different patterns and colors.

On some of the wood grain platters, you can customize each accent color, font and font color.  So you can match your home beautifully or the home of the recipient.


Here are a few of my favorite patterns:


Olive branch

Personalized Wood Grain Platter – Old Grey

 Personalized Wood Grain Platter – Nautical Flags – Bluewash Wood

Free Shipping applies to orders shipped on USA.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Made in the USA


Be sure to check out Just So Posh for all of your personalized gifts including:


Beach Towels– Now you can upload photos to add to your towels! Learn more

Canvas Wraps


Nursery Decor

Shower Curtains





Stay Connected








3 Winners will win their choice of a Just So Posh platter (RV $34.99). See below for terms and conditions. Open to U.S. residents of the United States. You must be 18 years old to enter to win. This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on 5.27.19.


All entries will be verified. Only one entrant per mailing address per giveaway. If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Any person who has won a prize (or whose household has won a prize) in any promotion sponsored by sponsor in the thirty (30) days before this contest start date is not eligible to win a prize in this contest. Entrants who have created social accounts purely for the purpose of entering Competitions or Sweepstakes will not be eligible to win. All social accounts used must be public.


The winner will be chosen randomly through Giveaway Tools and contacted via email. A reply to the winning email is required within 48 hours before a new winner is chosen. Void where prohibited by law. One person entering per household, please. The Review Wire and Chatty Patty’s Place is not responsible for shipment of prize.


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Make your mornings Keto friendly #morningpepxylitol


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I know a lot of people can’t make it through the day without their coffee.  For me its my morning Tea I like to add sugar and I am ready to go.  I wanted to try out this Keto thing everyone is talking about, but I ruined it every morning by starting off with pure cane sugar.  Trust me I tried to cut it out but I am just not as strong as a lot of other people.

Then I got the chance to check out xylitol and now I am on track.   Now a lot of you know me I do not do sugar substituted, no diet nothing I hate the after taste so I was very weary when I was trying this one.  I have to say I LOVED it. No after taste just the sweet sugar taste I know and love.

This 100% Pure Natural Sweetener is low calorie, Low Glycemic, and low Carbohydrate. Now would I suggest eating a whole bag of this NO it won’t keep you on your Keto or low sugar diet.  Now having a spoon full or two in the morning is not going to hurt.  This is the way to go.  I know even if I was not trying the diet, I would make this part of my day.

You can use in it your drinks or even your favorite recipe.  Better news you can get it on Amazon so just set it up to auto deliver and never worry about running out.

I was truly impressed with xylitol and would suggest it to everyone.  One More Time For The Cheep Seats NO AFTER TASTE.


Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection’ on DVD May 7

Featuring fun segments with Sia, Pharrell Williams, Maya Angelou, Tori Kelly, Chance the Rapper, and many more!
Los Angeles (March 11, 2019) – It’s time for A to Z with Sesame! Elmo and his SesameStreet friends explore every letter of the alphabet in this new collection, brought to you in Sesame Street’s 50th anniversary year. Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection comes to DVD and digital download May 7, 2019 from Shout! Factory and Sesame Workshop.
Kids will love to practice their ABCs withAwesome Alphabet Collection. Highlights include classics “The Beetles Perform Letter B” and “C is for Cookie,” animations, pop culture parodies, and favorite segments from recent seasons. Exploring the alphabet alongside their furry friends is an all-star lineup of celebrity guests. Norah Jones duets with the letter Y, Tori Kelly tries a little kindness, and Pharrell Williams belts it out for the letter B. Maya Angelou stops by to talk hugs, Sheryl Crow helps “I” soak up some sun, and Ricky Gervais tries singing a lullaby to a sleepy Elmo.
The spectacular A-Z compilation has a runtime of two hours, including Elmo’s Amazing Alphabet Race as a bonus feature. ABC-themed printable activities round out this one-of-a-kind collection. This title is available for preorder at Amazon.com, Walmart.com, and other e-retailers.
Awesome Alphabet Collection is being released during Sesame Street’s yearlong 50th anniversary celebration. The anniversary will celebrate the timeless lesson that Sesame Street has always taught: everyone, no matter who they are or where they are from, is equally deserving of respect, opportunity, and joy. Throughout 2019, families everywhere can join their favorite furry friends in celebrating Sesame Street’s past, present, and future with a nationwide road trip, celebrity- and fan-fueled social media campaigns, new social impact initiatives, and a star-studded primetime special that will kick off the show’s 50th season.
Fans are encouraged to share their favorite Sesame Street memories across social media this year using the hashtag #ThisIsMyStreet.

We love a great new Sesame Street my son is 8 and still is on love with this show.  It is always teaching him something new.

When it’s time for Divorce


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No one wants a Divorce.  I have never meet anyone that went into a marriage saying ohh I can’t wait till we get divorced.  With that being said sometimes there is nothing left to do and this is your only option.  For the purpose of this post we are not talking about abuse.  Now if you have no kids and really no assets then it is a little easier.  Notice I said a little because divorce is never easy, when you add in kids a house and all that its no so much as a walk away situation.

With kids you will always be connected there is no way around it.  For the rest of your life you will have to see each other.  So, making the divorce as nice as possible is a must.  People like Tampa Divorce Attorneys can help.  You want someone that is on your side but also knows that you two will be in each other’s life forever.  You want it to be over and so go smooth.

When this decision is made a must thing to do it to sit and talk to your kids together.  Remember they did nothing wrong they are not part of the fight so don’t make them a part.  After you have talked to the kids and explained that this is not their fault and you will both love them then step 2 comes.  Step 2 is critical in a family situation.  DO NOT put the kids in the middle.  There is no reason to talk bad about the other spouse to the kids.  These is not reason to have them spy.

Your kids should feel safe and loved on each house.  Turning them against the other spouse is not the way to go.  Every child needs as much love on life as they can get.

Now let’s say you have assets.  This is a big one for a lot of people. Remember when splitting things up don’t fight for something you do not want. If you don’t love it why are you fighting for it.  I know some want revenge and this is a normal feeling. I would like to ask for you to sit back for one minute and remember why you are there.

You are there to get a new start. A new life with no more hate and a lot more love.  This is not going to happen if you spend months fighting over a set of golf clubs that you really do not want anyway.  By all means if it is something you really love or need then fight for it, but if not let it go.  Start your new life out clean fresh and ready to meet your forever partner.

Its ok to mourn the life you had, once you do that get back up and make an even better life for you and your kids.  I wish all the best of luck.