Why Your Family Could Be Safer

There are a few things that all parents share in common, and a desire for their family to be sad is absolutely one of them. If you are worried that your family are not as safe as they could be, then there are a thousand different angles from which you might choose to look at it. But no matter which one you do so from, you will find that it is always possible to improve the safety of your family to no end, and that is something that is worth considering. In this article, we are going to look at some of the possible reasons why your family might be a bit safer, which could give you an idea or two of what you should be doing to improve their safety in the future. Focus on these, and you will hopefully be able to feel much safer with your family in the near future.


Your Area


It might be that you live in an area which is not entirely safe, and if that is the case then you will find it hard to feel as though your family is safe. That makes perfect sense, but it can be hard to know what you should do in order to fix that problem. The truth is that it is relatively simple to get around this – if you really don’t feel safe, then you should consider moving to somewhere that does feel safe. Of course, it often takes money to move home, and it is an upheaval which you absolutely need to be ready for before you do so, otherwise it might cause more harm than good. But if you are in a position to do so, and you are unhappy with the area you live in, then it could be absolutely worthwhile, and possibly even one of the best things you have ever done for your family.


Your Windows & Doors


A big part of your home security is ensuring that the windows and doors are safe and secure and stable. If they are not, then you will probably not feel that the home is particularly stable either, and for that reason you might want to think about ensuring that your windows and doors are in the best possible condition. If you can do that, you will find that you feel a lot safer – but what should you actually be doing here? If they are bad enough, then replacement windows might be in order, or it could just be that you need to repair them. Make sure you are doing whatever is necessary without skimping if you want to keep your family as safe as possible in their home.


Locking Up


Finally, if you used to live somewhere far where you were used to not locking your door, you might not find that that has changed. It is vital to ensure that you lock up at all times when you are not there, and at night when you are sleeping. Doing so will ensure that you are doing everything to keep your children as safe as possible, and is definitely necessary to consider.

Monster Match from North Star Games #NorthStarGames

Hug A Monster

So, me and Patty are waiting in line at Sweet Suite scrolling through twitter and at almost the same time we look at each other and said “OMG I want to hug a monster” So of course we did.  While we were at the North Star Booth we got to play Monster Match and I knew right away my son would love it.

Monster Match

North Star Games explained it so easily we were playing in a few seconds.  My little guy loves games but unless the rules are few and easy to learn we normally have to play our own way.   Roll the dice and point to the right monster card that matched the dice.  Roll monster with 1 eye, point as quick as you can then you get the card.  Try and collect the most cards.

Monster Match

This is a great learning game for my son.  Monster Match rules are easy, I can say we have to play by the rules which helps him learn to follow direction.  Plus being the fastest at matching will not only help his memory but also his reflexes.  Besides all this it is fun.  This is a fun way to help your child learn to play by the rules and work on coordination at the same time.

Monster Match

This was a game that is not only for kids, Hubby and I also had a blast playing it. If you love family game night then make sure to have this one ready for your next night.  Everyone will be excited when you pull this one out.  I have to also note I love that it is all small and fits into this little cute package.  No need to store a huge box they packaged this one up right.

I got this in my Swag Box from Sweet Suite.

What is Cupcake Surprise

Cupcake Surprise

As you know I have been looking high and low for some of the best toys for this holiday season.  Cupcake Surprise is a must on that list.  Where were these cuties when I was young?  Ok to be honest I don’t have to be young to love them.  I have one sitting on my desk and love to pop her in and out while working.  Its kind of a great stress reliever for me.


The Cupcake minis are so cute. They remind me of a proper southern girl.  They have their fancy dresses and their very cute hats.


The bigger ones come in a few different ones.  They have the Classic Tales, Masquerade, Bridal, and Fairies.  Each one of these are so cute.

Cupcake Surprise

The Fairy Tale ones I got were so cute. They came with a brush, and, and crown.  You can choose the crown or the cupcake hat.  I am a princess girl so of course I went with the crown.  These also have scents.  I love that the wand and crown fold right up in them when you have them in Cupcake form so no little pieces laying around.

Cupcake Surprise

When you fold them up they are also a very cute Cupcake and even better they are scented. Little guy is special needs and scents calm him down.  He sniffs everything.  He has picked the mini to keep for himself.  He loved to sniff the great scent and pop her up and down.

Cupcake Surprise


I love that they are easy to fold up and down so I don’t have to worry about little ones being able to do it.  I remember when we were kids and some of the fold out toys you needed the Jaws of Life and the muscle of a high school football player to get them open and closed.  No more these beauty’s just pop right open.

Cupcake Surprise

Cupcake Surprise has definitely made it on must have list for this holiday season.  Not only do I love them but so does my son.  Pick these up before they sell out for the holidays.  Make sure to check out the Holiday Gift Guide coming this October to see all the great new toys.

Cupcake Surprise

Disclosure: I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

Buy A Car Your Family Will Love

                                                Buy A Car Your Family Will Love

Picture Credit

In 2017, 6.3 million passenger cars were sold in the United States. While all these cars are not suitable for families, there are a plethora of options to fit your family perfectly. Minivans and sport utility vehicles (SUV) are among the smartest and most cost-effective options while hybrids and specialty SUV’s have become very popular in the last few years. Breaking down their positives and negatives will give you the perspective you need to make the best choice for your loved ones.

Ride In Style

The first thing to consider when purchasing a family car is what your financial limitations are.This will help determine what characteristics are more important in your selection process than others. Once all that is organized, the first vehicle on your list should be an SUV. Sport utility vehicles biggest upside is the stylish look. As opposed to minivans, riding around in your SUV is deemed much cooler than in your van. The market for SUVs also hold many more options in terms of make, build, and style. Along with these stylistic advantages, they also offer more performance such as 4-wheel drive that allow you to go anywhere. But what is gained in style is lost in functionality. Cargo room, gas mileage, and even seating room can all be compromised with the more fashionable SUV models; while bigger SUV models can prove to be too bulky and hard to maneuver.

The Classic

Minivans are the traditional family car. Built for the comfortable seating and storing of families and their cargo, minivans have been synonymous with families for decades. While the often seven or eight seats is an obvious advantage, minivans also tend to have significant storage space perfect for hauling things to and from sports games or road trips. Sliding doors offer an underrated safety feature that eases the mind of its drivers. With automated sliding doors being the norm in modern vans, accidents closing car doors with small children are mitigated. The obvious drawback for minivans are aesthetic. The minivan design has never been hailed as cool and won’t anytime soon; driving it sacrifices style for functionality. Also while minivans may be the cheaper option to SUV’s, they are still generally more than the average vehicle. With families that need minivans due to their size, insurance prices may also be pushed higher and require additional research and learning in order to ensure that your vehicle is protected.

The Alternatives

With an emphasis on saving money, the environment, or space; younger families in urban settings are choosing different options than their parents and elder generations have used. Small SUV’s, hybrid cars, and sedans have all become alternative options in today’s market. Smaller SUV’s offer even more style than larger SUV’s with all the features, but they are more compact and efficient. Hybrids save money on gas that allows you to dedicate that money elsewhere, while sedans are perfect for smaller families. Of course, all these options lack the functionality and space that traditional SUV’s and minivans offer.

Find The Right One

Between minivans, SUV’s, hybrids, and sedans, there are plenty of options for you and your family. Whether you are looking for the style of an SUV, the space of a minivan, or the efficiency of a hybrid the perfect car is waiting.

Muppet Babies: Time To Play

Have you been missing the Muppet Babies. I loved this when I was a kid now my son can watch too. Muppet Babies: Time To Play will be released on Disney DVD Aug 14th. These are the same great Muppet Babies you knew as a kid they are cute and fun , just with better picture quality lol.  I love the adventures they go on.  There is nothing like a fantastic imagination.


Muppet Babies Make Their Dreams Come True!



Bring Home on Disney DVD August 14th


Includes 2 Bonus Episodes, 10 “Muppet Babies: Show & Tell” Shorts and 6 Music Videos!


Synopsis:                      Almost 30 years after the Muppet Babies first won the hearts of kids and families around the world, Disney Junior’s reimagined “Muppet Babies” chronicles the hilarious playroom antics of a young Kermit the Frog, Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Gonzo and Animal – plus a brand-new Muppet Baby, Summer Penguin. Under the watchful eye of Miss Nanny, the Muppet Babies use their imaginations to embark on countless adventures that take them to the farthest corners of the universe and demonstrate to young viewers the power and potential of imaginative play.

Voice Cast:                   Matt Danner as Kermit the Frog; Melanie Harrison as Piggy; Dee Bradley Baker as Animal; Ben Diskin as Gonzo; Eric Bauza as Fozzie Bear; Jessica DiCicco as Summer Penguin; and Jenny Slate as Miss Nancy

Executive Producer:       Tom Warburton

Supervising Director:    Matt Danner

Songwriter:                  Andy Bean

Composer:                          Keith Horn


Episodes:                     Sir Kermit the Brave/Animal Fly Airplane

Super Fabulous vs. Captain Icecube/Piggy’s Time Machine

The Great Muppet Sport-A-thon/You Say Potato, I Say Best Friend

Hatastrophe/Fly South

Bonus Features: 2 Bonus Episodes-

How Kermit Got His Groove/One Small Problem

Playground Pirates/The Blanket Fort

10 “Muppet Babies: Show & Tell” Shorts-          

Kermit’s Show and Tell

Piggy’s Show and Tell

Fozzie’s Show and Tell

Gonzo’s Show and Tell

Summer’s Show and Tell

Animal’s Show and Tell

Kermit and Piggy’s Show and Tell

Kermit and Fozzie’s Show and Tell

Piggy and Gonzo’s Show and Tell

The Great Muppet (Short) Musical

6 Music Videos-

“What’s So Scary About The Dark?”

“Never Have To Say Goodbye (To The Summer)”

“Get Back In The Game”

“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

“You Can Be A Dancer”

“Muppet Pirate Shanty”

Release Date:               August 14, 2018

Ratings:                                TV-Y (US)

Run Time:                           Approx. 92 minutes (not including bonus)

Aspect Ratio:                     1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions)

Audio:                                  English 2.0 Dolby, Latin Spanish 2.0 Dolby

Subtitles:                      English Line 21, English SDH, French S & Latin Spanish

Closed Captions:              English

Planning an Outdoor Wedding


When it comes to wedding’s these days you have so many choices.  A lot more people are choosing to have an outdoor wedding.  There is so much more you can do with a wide-open space.   An outdoor wedding will also be a little more work, you will have to think about what time of year and where you want it.

If you hate the snow you will want to make sure you are not heading to Colorado in the winter.  On the other hand, you will also want to make sure you are not getting married outside in Texas in the middle of the summer.  Either of these options could make you and your guests very uncomfortable. If you do choose one of these options or any other you will want to make sure your guests will be prepared one way is to get the right outdoor wedding invitations .


Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

With great themes to choose from these days you will have a wide range to pick from.  I also love getting the Seal & Send Wedding Invitations.  I had these for my wedding and it made it so much easier to know they were ready to go in no time.

Wedding Websites is something that is new for a lot of us old married couples.  My cousin had one and I loved it.  We got to keep up on all the great wedding news.  Being a few states away I loved that I felt like I could still be part of it.  With a great web site, you can let your family and friends also know about weather conditions, where you are registered and all the other fun stuff going on.  Also, please don’t forget to let you guests know what kind of shoes to wear.  You would not want 100 ladies showing up to a beach wedding wearing 6 inch heals lol.

When you are having an outdoor wedding, a permit may cost a whole lot less than a venue fee, but please remember then you will have to rent the chairs, tents and, lights and so much more.  Make sure to weigh the costs of having an outdoor venue or getting a permit and doing it on your own.  The food will also be a little trickier.  If there is no kitchen you will have to pre-plane with the caterer to make sure the food stayed fresh and ready.

No matter where your wedding is make sure to have all ducks in a row on the big day so you can have fun with your family and friends celebrating your love.


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DeskCycle 2 Giveaway


Welcome to the DeskCycle 2 Back To School Giveaway!

Sponsored by 3D Innovations
Hosted by A Modern Day Fairy Tale

Looking to get healthier this fall in a way that fits your schedule?
Wanting to incorporate more movement into you day, despite you desk job?
Want to be more energetic & productive during the work day?
Have a child who thrives on motion to keep them calm and focused?

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, DeskCycle 2 is for YOU- an under the desk pedal exerciser that you can do as you work!

A Modern Day Fairy Tale is giving us a breakdown at some of the unique features that make DeskCycle a great option to increase your daily movement- at home, at work or at school:

  • Smooth Motion. Many stationary bikes use a friction resistance that can cause jerky movements as you pedal. This isn’t ideal for allowing you to focus on your work, not to mention your joints. The DeskCycle uses magnetic resistance so the pedal motion is smooth— allowing your to truly focus on the work, not the motion. You can also pedal in forward or reverse motion- both with the same smoothness- to better target different muscles.
  • Quiet Operation. I’ve been on many a good stationary bike throughout the years and some of them can get a little loud. That’s just fine for home or the gym… but at work or school can be quite the distraction. Honestly, I didn’t notice the noise at all when in use. There was perhaps a very small humming noise (think as much noise as you might find from a very small desk fan— or even a computer fan)… but nothing that we found to be of a distraction at all.
  • Wide Resistance Range. DeskCycle has 8 resistance settings to best fit your fitness goals and abilities. At a 1-2, there is very minimal if any resistance. I found this great just for long term movement… easy, but constant. My daughter at almost 5-years-old likes to use it at this setting as well. At a 3-4 it’s a little more of an effort put forth, but still within my ability to maintain my focus on work with a good constant movement. This tends to be my most used setting. At a 5+, I find that I truly get a great cardio workout, increasing my heart rate and feeling it in my legs. Again, no matter your goals or needs, these resistance levels will help you reach those and provide just the workout YOU need— be it just moving, or getting your heart rate going and working those muscles hardcore. I find myself doing intervals at various speeds and resistance levels to get the ultimate workout myself.
  • Clear Display. The DeskCycle comes with a display that includes distance, speed, time and calories burned. It is very clear and easy to read and understand. Beyond that though, it’s versatile, you can keep it on the DeskCycle itself, OR put it on the optional stand that will allow you to keep it on your desk, easily visible while you work. I also found it very helpful that they offer a calorie counter on their website. While the tracker on the display can be a fair estimate, there are many factors that keep it from being a truly accurate count- age, size, resistance, speed, distance etc are all factors that cannot be measured without more expensive technology. This counter on their website takes all of those factors into consideration so that if burning calories is a high priority, this can help you to do so.
  • Stable Base. Have you ever seen a stationary bike that seemed to wobble from side to side when you pedaled? Chances are this was due to a more narrow base and higher center of gravity. The DeskCycle offers a wider base (20 inches wide in the front) with lower center of gravity. Even going top speeds, it was very stable…again making it an ideal option wherever you plan to use it.
  • Comfortable Pedals.From my kids or my own small feet to my husband’s much larger size, these pedals truly were comfortable for all of us. They’re very wide, so there’s no slipping. They also feature Velcro straps to keep you comfortable even when pedaling for longer periods of time.
  • Low Under Desk Profile. Regardless of which version you choose, they offer the lowest profile of any other magnetic bike by at LEAST 5 inches. The highest pedal height on the original DeskCycle is 10 inches. This means it can be used under a 27 inch tall desk (from floor to underneath bottom of desk) but anyone 5’8″ or shorter. Taller people will need a taller desk for more clearance. This is the difference in the DeskCycle and the DeskCycle 2. While all other features mentioned are the same, the DeskCycle 2 has a 9 inch max pedal height…making it more ideal for those who are a bit taller OR who have shorter desks. You can adjust it to fit your needs. At just under 5 foot myself, I found either worked very well for me, but I love that the DeskCycle 2 provides another option for those that need it.

Regardless of which option you choose, the DeskCycle or DeskCycle 2 can be a great way to incorporate more movement into your day to day. It will improve your health, your focus and you productivity. For home, school or at work, the DeskCycle is ideal.The DeskCycle retails for $189 and the DeskCycle 2 for $199. You can learn more and connect at the links below:

Visit the Website.
Like on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter.
Follow on Instagram.

And DeskCycle is giving one very lucky reader the chance to win a DeskCycle 2 of their own. Enter using the giveaway form below:


A Modern Day Fairy Tale and promoting bloggers are not responsible for prize delivery. 

Ryan’s World Has Come To Our Home


Ryan’s World blind bags, Giant Mystery egg, Slime, Putty and so much more will you get the whole collection get them now at Walmart.

Is you child as obsessed with Ryan’s World Videos?  My son can not get enough of them.   I am so excited to help announce Ryan’s World has now come to your world. You kids can get their very own Ryan’s world toys at Walmart.  Can you just picture the look on your kids faces when they come down Christmas morning and see the Ryan’s World collection under the tree?  Even better most of them are surprise toys and you wont even have to wrap them.

Ryans World


What my son got

Mystery Slim

Mystery Putty

Mystery Squishy

Ryan’s Racers

Ryan’s Mystery Figure

Ryan’s Sky Fighter

Ryans World

When we were walking around Sweet Suite we turned the corner and saw Ryan’s World toys I knew right then and there they were going to be a Holiday hit this year.

Ryans World

When they showed up at my house it was all I could do to take a picture of them.  Little guy wanted to open them all right away.  I was chasing him around with the camera trying to take pictures of what he got lol.

Ryans World

They even have a giant roaring dinosaur and a giant mystery egg.  Your little one can be like Ryan when they unbox their Giant Mystery Egg. None of the eggs are the same so go ahead and pick up a few. Some of the awesome stuff you might find exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special goo and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush and more.

Ryans World

Ryan’s World had a wide range of toys that your kid is going to love.   Make sure to head to Walmart to stock up these are going to sell out in no time.  They are released Aug 10 2018.

Ryans World

Disclosure:  this is a sponsored post all opinions are my own.

Have you checked out Megalopolis #megalopolis #toyoverlord


As most have you seen I love to collect toys.  Of course, living in a small town there were a lot of great ones I could never get.  Little did I know I could find a lot of the awesome ones I wanted at Megalopolis.  This is the go to store for collectors.  I love that they have a very easy site to order from.  My son loves Captain America and the Avengers, I can look up what they have very easily and find the perfect gift for him.   A quick search for the name or category and you can find great stuff you did not even know was out.


Now I don’t usually buy collector toys for kids but my son is very picky so finding the perfect toy for him and the perfect toy for my collection all in one spot is a must.  They have great prices and even frequent buyer perks.


Want something to make this even a little more awesome.

They have their own Mascot

“The Toy Overlord is, foremost, the mascot of Megalopolis. He adorns the company logo and imagery. He sees himself as far more, however, and his far-reaching aims include complete control of the City of Collectibles, widespread celebrity, and to be loved by all. He would be a supervillain, but he lacks the wherewithal to actually carry out any of his evil schemes.”  You are going to want to add him to your collection.


The reward system is awesome come check it out here.  You can get your favorites with the rewards you gather by buying stuff and social media shares once a week.  Save up your points to get that special something.


I love Megalopolis and will be shopping here for sure for the holidays.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review.