Four Common Illnesses and How to Treat Them

From the common cold to foodborne diseases, what may start as a simple, seasonal flu can grow worse and develop into serious conditions.

Therefore, it is best to take the necessary actions to prevent and treat the illness as quickly as possible. There are many ways you can do this, from prescribed medication to simple treatments, here are four common illnesses and ways to treat them.

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The Common Cold

Symptoms for the common cold include a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough and/or mild fatigue. This is usually not serious, and symptoms can be relieved by doing a few simple things.

This can be inhaling steam to help loosen the mucus and clear your head and can also be done as you take a warm shower or simply by sitting in the bathroom with the shower running. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated, including warm liquids such as soup to help clear mucus. The best you can do is get a lot of sleep and rest. And if you consider nonprescription cold medication, please consult your healthcare provider.

Influenza (Flu)

If the symptoms worsen and include fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, extreme tiredness, cough and sometimes a runny nose then you may have contracted the flu.

The CDC recommends that everyone older than six months get a yearly flu shot and similar to the common cold, avoid close contact with sick people and wash your hands often. Germs spread easily so avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Disinfect frequently touched items, such as keyboards, telephones, remote controls and doorknobs.

It is best to prevent and treat the cold and flu as early as possible as if the symptoms worsen, they could lead to more serious conditions such as hypothermia, especially in the early. If you find your symptoms worsening, it is best to consult your doctor to see how best to approach this.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus)

This a virus that damages the cells in your immune system and weakens your ability to fight everyday infections and disease. It is spread through contact with blood or sexual fluids, therefore anyone can get HIV. But you can take steps to protect yourself from HIV infection.

Make sure to get tested and know your partner’s HIV status. You can find HIV testing locations near you with a simple search online as well as advice on how to approach the subject and ways to prevent or treat HIV.

Talk to your healthcare provider about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). Truvada is a type of treatment called pre-exposure prophylactics (PrEP) and helps in the prevention of contracting HIV in the first place. A combination of two medicines, emtricitabine and tenofovir, Truvada has been used for ten years as part of a drug regimen that suppresses HIV in people who already contacted the virus. Truvada blocks an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, which HIV uses to copy its genetic material and reproduce. Moreover, this drug can also be used to prevent infection in the first place.

Truvada is taken once a day and can help you prevent HIV. Your doctor or nurse can help you decide if PrEP is the right treatment for you and produce a medication plan best suited for you.

Foodborne illness

This includes the likes of norovirus and salmonella which affects 48 million people per year, according to the CDC. The symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and occasionally, a fever. This can be contracted through raw animal foods, which have higher risks of contamination, but also fruits and vegetables washed in contaminated water. Most cases of salmonellosis are self-limited. They require no medical intervention. If the fever lasts longer than three days, if the person becomes weak and dizzy or if abdominal pain is intense, then it is best to seek medical help.

If in doubt, it is best to consult a trained professional on how to tackle the symptoms and provide a treatment. It is best to spot the symptoms as early as possible to make sure treatment processes are conducted at the earliest, to increase the likelihood of success.

3 Tips for Avoiding Bad Personal Loans

Sometimes you need extra money to make a big purchase, or a major expense catches you off guard. Personal loans are often called “unsecured loans,” as they are made against your credit score and not against a form of collateral. If you need a personal loan, be sure you’re getting a fair shake by following these three tips.

Be Wary of “No Credit Check” Offers


Image via Flickr by free pictures of money

Loan offers that don’t run a credit check may sound tempting if your credit score is low, but you put yourself at a high risk of falling for a scam or paying exorbitantly high interest rates. If a lender does not check credit scores they risk not getting repaid, and they pass that risk on to you with interest rates that are far above average.

One scam which can result from a “No Credit Check” offer is the lender demanding a loan origination fee or prepaid debit card to “secure” the loan. Often that fee or the contents of the prepaid debit card disappear … along with the lender. While some lenders do charge a fee to run a credit check or process an application, that fee should come out of your loan once it’s approved.

Compare Interest Rates

Interest rates that are significantly above average are a sign of an unsavory personal loan. High interest rates not only cost you more but can be a sign of risky practices from the lender. Reputable lenders will give you an interest rate range upfront, which will then be narrowed down once your credit check is complete. Be wary of any lender who tries to gloss over their interest rate information or bury it in piles of paperwork.

Do your research before choosing a personal loan. Use an online tool to compare personal loan rates and make note of what the average interest rate is for the amount of money you are requesting, the time frame in which you intend to pay it back, and your credit score.

Check the Lender’s Business Credentials

When searching for a personal loan keep an eye on the lender’s business credentials. All lenders — even online companies — must register in the states in which they do business. Each state keeps track of lenders to ensure they are providing legitimate and legal lending services. Take the time to research the lender and make sure they are registered and operate in good standing. Check the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been made against the lender and if the lender has taken steps to resolve those complaints.

When looking for lending options online, be sure to only utilize secure websites. Secure websites will begin with “https” and have a padlock icon in the address bar. Remember you are providing the lender with personal information that, if not secured, could easily be used to facilitate identity theft.

Personal loans can be a powerful tool to help you deal with an expected expense, consolidate existing debt, or make a big purchase. By being wary of “No Credit Check” offers, comparing interest rates, and checking the lender’s business credentials, you’ll feel confident that you are working with a reputable lender for your personal loan.

Organizational Tips And Tricks For A Less Stressful House Move


When it comes to moving house, what can go wrong will go wrong, unless you are properly organized of course. There is so much to think about, and it can be easy to forget the essentials if you don’t commit to a little planning and preparation. From accidentally packing the cat into a cardboard box to breaking your valuables en route to your new home, all manners of disaster awaits. Thankfully, we are here to help. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure your house move goes as smoothly as possible.


Find ways to save money


When it comes to organizing your house move, your finances need to be the priority. From buying a house to dealing with all the expected fees, your bank balance will have taken a knock. A home loan will help, of course, as will any savings you have accrued over the years. Still, the expenses continue long after the house sale has gone through, and the moving day costs themselves can be steep. You can save money on the day, however, so follow the linked tips to better manage your finances.


Make a moving checklist



There are 101 things to do, or thereabouts, and you are liable to forget something essential. To help you remember, a moving checklist is indispensable. Seeing everything written down will focus your mind, and there is great stress-relief when you start ticking off each thing in turn when they have been completed.


Keep all paperwork in one place


We have already advocated the use of a household binder on our site, and this is something else that will be indispensable when you move. Include all the essential paperwork for your house move, and have pieces of paper with all the important info needed for moving day. This can include the phone number of your removal firm, any security codes you need for getting into your new property, and any other details that you consider to be relevant. Just don’t accidentally pack your household binder into one of your boxes, as this is one thing that needs to be accessible during the move.


Pack essentials in a clear storage box


You will probably have a sea of cardboard boxes on moving day, and while practical, you can still forget what is buried within them. For the essential items – we are thinking eating utensils, phone chargers, plates, toothbrushes, and so on – store them in a clear storage box so you never lose sight of those things you might need the most when you finally arrive at your new property.


Protect your breakables with your clothing


Let’s kill two birds with one stone (not literally, that would be horrible), with this idea. While you could wrap your breakable items in thick tissue paper or bubble wrap, you can save on box space by wrapping your breakables with your clothing. You may not want to use your best outfits, of course, but an old pullover around your plates, or your socks for your glassware, may be just the thing when you are trying to avoid damage (and save space) when you’re packing away your belongings.


Label boxes room by room


It’s a no-brainer that labeling boxes is useful, but if you include a label for the room they are heading into, you are doing yourselves and the removal firm an extra favor. Be sure to put the labels on the side of the boxes as well, as if you label the tops, you will have a harder time trying to work out what’s inside them when they are all stacked on top of one another.


Remember sandwich bags are your friends


Sandwich bags are perfect for your packed lunch when you’re travelling en route to your new destination, but they are also fantastic for storing those little items that can often be overlooked when you’re packing. We are thinking of such items as curtain hooks, screws and nails, small knick-knacks, and those other things that are essential/inessential to your everyday life. Another useful tip is to tape any sandwich bags containing wires/screws to the item they belong to, such as your tv or bed frames, to make your life easier when you are assembling your belongings later on.


Take a photo of electronic items


If you followed the last tip we mentioned, you will have all the wires and bits you need in one place, all ready for assembly. But do you remember where each item goes? Possibly not, so unless you still have user manuals handy, take a photo of the back of your tv, as an example, so you can make easy work for yourself when getting everything set up at your new home. After all, you don’t want to miss a moment of your favorite tv show because you got your wires crossed!


Cut down on the number of boxes you need



One way to cut down on the number of boxes you need is by throwing/selling/donating any of your old belongings that are surplus to requirements. This will cut down on removal costs too. For those things you do need, however, you should make thrifty use of other storage items in your possession. You may be able to leave your clothes in your drawers. You may also have suitcases, laundry baskets, beer boxes, picnic hampers, etc., that can store a large bulk of the items you need to carry.


Hire friends and family


Don’t go through with the move on your strengths alone, and forego the use of expensive services, by getting those people closest to you to help on and around moving day. Give them a list of jobs to do, be that cleaning particular rooms in your house, or asking them to transport items to your new home. Of course, you should do the kind and generous thing by rewarding them for their generosity, so buy them a pizza at your new place, or give away any items you were previously thinking about donating as a reward for their hard work.


Tips for those in rental properties


If you’re moving out of a rented accommodation, you don’t want to be hit with any unfair charges dictated by your landlord. Before moving, you do need to ensure the property is cleaned as thoroughly as possible, and you should make any repair work necessary. If nail holes are going to be a problem with the landlord, you can fill them in with soap, toothpaste, or wall putty. You should also take photos of the property just before you leave, ensuring the landlord doesn’t present you with any cleaning or repair bills that are unwarranted.


Don’t forget the little ones


Moving day is stressful enough for you, but if you have children and pets, the move can take its toll on them, as well. If possible, consider hiring a childminder to keep your children out of harm on moving day, and book your cats and dogs into a pet shelter until you are ready to retrieve them again. If they are around on the day, be sure to child and pet proof areas where there are likely to be accidents, as you don’t want to end up calling emergency services right before you move to your new home.




Moving day is stressful, and the occasional mishap may happen. It’s inevitable, but by following our tips and tricks, you are at least alleviating some of the potential issues that may befall you on the day. If you have any pieces of advice of your own, be sure to let us know, and bless all of us with your helpful words of wisdom. Thanks for reading!

The Secret To Road-Trips As A Single Mom

You probably have memories of road-trips as a kid, long hours spent staring out of the window or annoying your siblings. Later in life, these turn into some of our most treasured memories, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to pass such a gift onto your own children. If you’re a single mom and worried at the idea of taking your kids on a road-trip, here are three essential steps to making your road trip as enjoyable as possible.

Know Your Car And How To Look After It

The first and most important aspect of any road trip is safety and the best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is to know your car and how to look after it. You don’t need to be a mechanic to know how to upkeep your car and sense when something has gone wrong. Researching how to check for bad wheel bearing or how to change out your tires can prevent serious breakdowns later down the line, which is not something anyone wants on their road trip, least of all with little ones in the back.

Plan Diligently

Plan, plan, and plan again. Planning a road trip takes skill and a little bit of time, but with some research, it’ll save you a lot of stress in the long-run! Look up popular road trip routes, especially those that work well with kids (e.g. they have a lot of fun rest stops along the way) and plan your route around those if you can. If you have a particular destination in mind, remember that the quickest route is not always the best one. Highways can get tedious, especially for kids, so picking a slightly longer route with more scenery and fun pit-stops can really amp up the game and make the road trip a lot more enjoyable.

Learn To Relax

All that planning is likely to get you a little stressed out at some point, don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Taking kids on a road-trip is no easy affair, but it’s important to try your best to relax and remain calm. After all, this is as much an adventure for you as it is for them! Your kids will emulate your mood, so if you’re stressed out and grumpy, the likelihood is they will be too. Investing a few minutes of your day to meditate can really help calm any nerves, and increase your patience (which let’s face it, is necessary when you’re alone in a car for hours with children).

Keep Things Interesting With In-Car Games And Snacks

Many parents, especially those of us going solo, resort to screen-based entertainment to keep the kids quiet and content during the road-trip, but research has shown that this probably isn’t the best option for a number of reasons. Making up games along the way is often half the fun of a road-trip, and can keep the kids entertained for literally hours at a time. Audiobooks are another great option to keep the kids satisfied, as well as (of course) plenty of snacks.

For many single moms, taking a road-trip with the kids seems like a completely overwhelming idea, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Hopefully, this article inspired you to pack the kids into the back and head off into the wild.

8 Things to Consider Before Buying Jewelry Online

Nothing expresses a unique taste, style and fashion personality better than a beautiful, well-chosen piece of luxury jewelry.

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Buying jewelry online offers many benefits for the modern-day consumer.
Improved convenience, free shipping, no pressure from pushy salespeople, the ability to explore a large variety of styles and compare different items, prices and sellers are just some of the key advantages.
In addition, it’s a great way to save money, since many popular online retailers offer special sales, discount deals and attractive promotions.

However, the high cost of fine jewelry leads to legitimate fears or concerns about getting scammed, lost shipments or issues such as safety, quality and value for money.
Here are a few vital tips that can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience, better investment security and greater peace of mind.

Buy Only From Trusted Sources

Shopping from a well-known national brand, rather than an unfamiliar company that has not established its legitimacy nor reliability – is a safe strategy.
With big-ticket items, the trustworthiness of the seller should always be the number one criteria to explore.

Basic questions to be asked when evaluating a given online jeweler include: how long has the vendor been in business? Can you easily find their contact info on their website? Does the store have a phone number where you can speak to customer service? How does their Better Business Bureau record look like? Are there any complaints or negative reviews from customers, when you search the website’s name on Google?

Know What You’re Buying

Educate yourself and learn about the basic factors that influence any given item’s value: precious metals and their quality grades, the 4Cs of diamond quality, etc.
Doing homework, conducting proper research and becoming a more informed shopper will help ensure that you will receive what you pay for.

Use Websites that Present Information Accurately

Purchase only from websites that transparently offer a full item description.
Information must include all important aspects of an item such as accurate measurements, materials, gemstone identity, third-party validity certifications and grading reports from leading gemological laboratories, etc.
Also, the vendor must offer extensive and detailed images, showing the piece from all possible angles clearly.


The extensive jewelry shopping sites and their never-ending virtual catalogs can be exhausting to sift through.
It’s OK to generally explore the website first, but to be efficient, try to develop at least a basic idea of what type of jewelry you’re looking for, in item characteristics and budget.

Are your interested in a modern piece or a traditional one? An expensive diamond ring or one with a more affordable gemstone? A gold, silver or another metal-made piece?
Getting focused will help to avoid becoming overwhelmed with the endless choices.


The largest online jewelers offer an extensive variety of payment options, other than the traditional credit cards, enabling their customer more freedom, choice and security.
For example, more major jewelry retailers are offering PayPal as one of the methods for receiving payments from shoppers.

Return Policy

Read the site’s return policy carefully (including all the limitations, aka ‘the fine print’).
A bracelet that looks stunning in a website photo may not lay well on the wrist when the customer tries it on at home.
If you are dissatisfied with a purchase, the ability to return the item (for any reason) in a hassle-free process and get a full refund is important.


Verify that the vendor ships the package using credible insured carriers, such as UPS or FedEx and that the shipment is covered for the value of its contents if damage occurs, theft, or loss.

Additional Services

Another factor to consider is whether the jeweler provides additional services that might be required.
This can range from custom design options, engraving, express shipping, financing options or gift-wrapping.

Satellite Girl and Milk Cow DVD out on June 5th #giveaway

I have to say I was really intrigued after reading what this was all about.  It sounded like some of the crazy drams I have had in my life.  I was just as sucked in to this movie as I could be.  With everyone turning into something else and the adventure how could you not love it.

ON JUNE 5, 2018
“Exhilarating and hilarious! A one-of-a-kind tale!” – Hollywood News
Los Angeles, CA – GKIDS and Shout! Factory have announced the release of the charming fantasy/science fiction romance Satellite Girl and Milk Cow on Blu-ray/DVD on June 5, 2018. Bonus features include the short film Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword, and trailers.
The debut feature-length film from Korean director Chang Hyung-yun, acclaimed creator of animated short films that have premiered and won prizes at festivals worldwide, the highly original Satellite Girl and Milk Cow was produced by Cho Young-kag (The Fake, The King of Pigs), and received an Asia Pacific Screen Award nomination for Best Animated Feature.
An out of commission satellite picks up a lovelorn ballad on her radio antenna and descends to Earth to find the source of such sincere emotions. But on the way she is caught in a raging magical battle and transforms into Satellite Girl, complete with rocket shoes and weapon-firing limbs. Meanwhile, the balladeer in question – a loser twentysomething at a café open mic – meets the fate that befalls all broken-hearted lovers: he is turned into a farm animal. But love knows no bounds, and aided by the wise and powerful Merlin – a wizard who has been turned into a roll of toilet paper – our duo must evade the all-consuming incinerator monster, the wily pig witch, and other nefarious adversaries in an attempt to be together.
Bonus features
·        Coffee Vending Machine And Its Sword Short Film
·        Trailers

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Satellite Girl and Milk Cow DVD



We got this in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

DuckTales Destination Adventure on DVD June 5th #Disney

My family is so excited for more DuckTales adventures.  I grew up watching DuckTales and I am so excited that I can not watch them with my little guy.   Your family is going to love the adventures Huey, Dewy, and Louie go on with of course Scrooge McDuck.   This is the first time these adventures have been on DVD this will make a great family movie night DVD.  It also comes with 2 classic episodes which I love I knew them as soon as they started.  If you were a DuckTales fan when you were younger make sure to pick up these great episodes.


DuckTales DVD

Join Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby on Their Global Adventures!



 DuckTales DVD

Bring Home Over 2 Hours of Humor on Disney DVD June 5th!



Synopsis:                      An ancient tomb in Toth-Ra, the mountain peak of Mt. Neverrest, a vacation island for Greek gods…global expeditions await! Thanks to Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby, trillionaire Scrooge McDuck is back in action, leading the way to death-defying exploits stretching all the way from Duckburg to legendary destinations around the world. Let the greatest family adventures begin!

Voice Cast:                         David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck; Danny Pudi as Huey Duck; Ben Schwartz as Dewey      Duck; Bobby Moynihan as Louie Duck; Kate Micucci as Webbigail (Webby) Vanderquack; Beck Bennett as Launchpad McQuack; Toks Olagundoye as Mrs. Beakley; andTony Anselmo as Donald Duck

Guest Voice Cast:            Lin-Manuel Miranda as Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera aka Gizmoduck (featured in one episode*)

Executive Producer:      Matt Youngberg


Story Editor:                       Francisco Angones

Episodes:                            The Beagle Birthday Breakout!

The Living Mummies of Toth-Ra!

The Impossible Summit of Mt. Neverrest!

The Spear of Selene!

The Missing Links of Moorshire!

Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!*

Bonus:                                 2 Classic DuckTales Episodes:

                                                New Gizmo-Kids on the Block

Ducky Mountain High

Release Date:               June 5, 2018

Ratings:                                TV-Y7 (US); G (CE/CF)

Run Time:                           176 minutes (including bonus)

Aspect Ratio:                     1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions)

Audio:                                  English 2.0 Dolby Digital

Subtitles:                      English SDH, French & Spanish

Closed Captions:              English


We got this in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

Flowers of the Month Giveaway



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Welcome your Furry Family Member with Personalized Cart

I am so excited to say we have a new family member Apple.  Apple will be my sons service dog and my son could not be more excited.  One thing we always worry about is Apple getting out and her tags falling off.  We might never find her.  I know what people always say when they are trained right that will never happen.  This is wrong no matter how much training they have, they are still animals the unexpected can always happy.  Then Personalized Cart got ahold of me and I found the perfect solution.

This personalized collar is not only cute its perfect if she ever goes missing.  My home number and her name are engraved right on the collar.  Even if her ID tags fall off which I have seen happen to other dogs her info is right on the collar.

I love that they even had a matching leash to go with the collar.  As you can see Apples Mommy Willow is modeling the leash and collar.  Apple is only 8 weeks so she has to grow into the collar.  It is also adjustable so it can grow with her.  We love how the red checkered looks against the dark black fur she just looks fantastic.

Personalized Cart has a wide range of gifts for anyone in your life.  There is nothing like a great personalized gift for the someone special in your life.  If you are looking for the perfect gift this year make sure to check them out.  They have quick shipping, reasonable prices, and their pieces are beautiful and high quality.  I will definitely be shopping here in the future.


We got this in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

EARLY MAN Movie Claymation kit #Giveaway

I was so excited when these showed up.  Not only did i get a great movie for me and little guy we also got a fun project to do together. This was a fun movie about DUG and his best friend Hognog as they try to unit the early caveman tribes.  This was funny and entertaining to watch.   The Claymation kit was fun for me.  My son kind did his own thing with the clay , but that’s the beauty of it they can do anything their imagination can come up with. With the help of a smart phone it can become your very own Claymation movie.   If you are looking for a whole day of fun then this is a perfect way to go.  Play all day with the kit then relax with a great family movie at night.

Star-Studded Animated Comedy for the Entire Family!

The Hilarious Tale Rolls onto Digital on May 15 and 

Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD on May 22 from Lionsgate®

SANTA MONICA, CA (April 17, 2018) – Meet the team that rocked the Stone Age when Early Man arrives on Digital May 15 and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack (plus DVD and Digital), DVD, and On Demand on May 22 from Lionsgate. From Aardman, the award-winning tribe that brought you Wallace & GromitChicken Run, and Shaun the Sheep Movie, this prehistoric romp tells the epic story of Dug the caveman and his goofy friends who challenge invaders to a game of soccer in order to win back their home. Perfect for the young and young-at-heart alike, the cheerful tale told in charming, well-crafted claymation is Certified Fresh™ on Rotten Tomatoes and is full of “abundant delights” (Ella Taylor, NPR). Starring in the film are Oscar®-winner Eddie Redmayne (Best Actor, The Theory of Everything, 2014; Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Tom Hiddleston (Thor: RagnarokKong: Skull Island), Maisie Williams (TV’s “Game of Thrones”), as well as Timothy Spall (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetHarry Potter Franchise).

Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures roamed the Earth, Early Man tells the story of courageous caveman hero Dug (Eddie Redmayne) and his best friend, Hognob, as they unite their tribe against a mighty enemy — Lord Nooth (Tom Hiddleston) and his Bronze Age City — to save their home.

The animated world of Early Man has extensive special features including never-before-seen featurettes that reveal the love, passion, hard work, and magic that goes into creating an Aardman Studios animated film. Early Man will be available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD for the suggested retail price of $24.99 and $29.99, respectively.



  • “Before the Beginning of Time: Creating Early Man” Featurette
  • “Nick Park: Massaging the Funny” Featurette
  • “The Valley Meets the Bronze” Featurette
  • “Hanging at Aardman Studios: A Workshop Exploration” Featurette

For Artwork:



Instagram: @earlymanmovie

Twitter: @earlymanmovie



Year of Production: 2017

Title Copyright: Early Man © 2018 Studiocanal S.A.S. and The British Film Institute. Artwork & Supplementary Materials © 2018 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Type: Theatrical Release

Rating: PG for Rude Humor and Some Action

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family

Closed-Captioned: N/A

Subtitles: Spanish, English SDH

Feature Run Time: 89 minutes

BD Format: 1080p High Definition 16×9 Widescreen 2.39:1 Presentation

DVD Format: 16×9 Widescreen 1.85:1 Presentation

BD Audio: English Dolby Atmos, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, English Descriptive Audio

DVD Audio: English 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio, English Descriptive Audio


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EARLY MAN Movie Claymation kit


I got this free in exchange for an honest review