A “Special” Situation… When Caring For Someone With Special Needs Becomes Too Much


It certainly feels unique, but it’s not in the grand scheme of things. If you are looking after a child with special needs, or anybody in your family requires a bit more help, your family unit can be solidified and improved as a result. But, in making sure that you put in extra work to be a stronger and more resilient parent, the signs of strain can show up. There are going to be times when looking after someone who requires a lot more help can be too much. This becomes more apparent as you get older, but there are solutions in making sure that your loved one is sufficiently looked after, but you don’t feel weakened as a result…


There’s No Shame In Professional Help

If you’re a parent of a special needs child, you can, naturally, feel overprotective. This can have many negative effects on you after a while. And this need to look after them 24/7 begins to wear you down. You need time away, so you can decompress and rejuvenate yourself. There are many options now, from respite care overnight, to day centers. But there’s no shame in having that little bit extra help if you need a break. You can’t expect to think that you can do for years on end without any respite yourself. And there is so much professional assistance out there, that you should take advantage of this. This doesn’t mean that you’re admitting yourself as a failure, and you will do a better job as a parent if you rest and recalibrate.


Are You Keeping Your Energy Up?

You spend so much time focusing on the needs of someone else, you might completely neglect your own. It’s a very obvious thing to state, but if you’re not fueling yourself properly, with diet, exercise, and vitamins and minerals etc, you might feel that you are running on empty a lot of the time. Not only this, but it’s not just a physical energy you need to replenish. The mental energy to look after someone with special needs is completely draining. So this means you need to find things that help your frame of mind. Depression and anxiety are so common in caregivers, but so many feel that they don’t have the time in which to seek help for themselves. It doesn’t have to be going to a counselor, it can be taking the opportunity to have a proper night’s rest, or sitting down for 10 minutes, and doing some deep breathing. This has been shown to have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system, which in turn, has a benefit on every aspect of the human body, including the brain.


Do You Have Emotional Support?

If you don’t like the idea of cuddly hippy type practices, then a problem shared is a problem halved. Having emotional support is important for any caregiver. It gives you the opportunity to unload in an emotional sense, which helps you to talk through your problems, and turn these problems into logical solutions. Being a carer can be very isolating, even if you are surrounded by people. You might feel you’re on your own, but when caring for someone with special needs becomes too much, it’s important to know that there is a solution out there for you.

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Medical Malpractice: Suing for Emotional Distress

Medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for 400,000 deaths each year. Aside from the physical trauma of being misdiagnosed or wrongly treated, medical malpractice has a less noticeable effect on the emotional well-being of patients, their friends, and families.


The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania has ruled that patients can sue physicians and hospitals for emotional distress. Medical malpractice in Pennsylvania has now been expanded to include a host of emotional conditions, which is also true in many other states.


While harder to prove, it’s still just as important for your well-being. That’s why we’ve written this article to help you understand how you can prove emotional distress due to medical negligence and receive compensation.


Establishing Emotional distress


This is obviously harder then determining physical trauma and abuse because there’s no physical evidence left behind. Most likely, you’ll need to file a claim under ‘pain and suffering’ to state your case.


While harder to prove, that doesn’t mean there isn’t proof for emotional distress. Emotional distress can be defined as an altered mental state characterized by stress, panic, guilt, and a host of other factors, as a result of a traumatic experience. This makes it important to talk to a therapist and friends/family about any suicidal thoughts you may be having, anxiety, or even nightmares as a result of medical negligence.


Proving Emotional Distress as a Result of Medical Malpractice


To prove emotional distress you’ll need to have the support of a psychiatrist and other medical staff. This involves active evaluations, as well as testimony from friends and family about any changes in your behaviour after malpractice. Many states have statutes of limitations, meaning that you need to file suits as soon as a purported injury has been identified.


You’ll need to prove that your emotional distress is persistent and severe. The more egregious the medical negligence and the more extreme the distress, the easier it will be to prove. For example, if you were diagnosed with cancer and suffered stress as a result that would not be negligence. But, if you were misdiagnosed cancer and distressed as a result, you would qualify for a suit.


Unfortunately, some states require physical trauma as a result of emotional distress to qualify for suit. While seemingly subjective and difficult to prove, it’s important that you fight for your right to compensation. Work with an attorney who can help you argue your case and walk you through the process of filing and proving a suit.


Just like any other sport, whether amateur or professional, golf will take up a lot of your time and effort for you to achieve success. This sometimes puts your body under stress and lead to injuries. Golf injuries can be caused by a lot of factors such as too much practice, poor swinging mechanics, poor warm up exercises, bad grips and over-swinging.

Picture Credit

Golfers need to take safety precautions to prevent avoidable injuries. This means having the correct footwear, attire and towels. Towels although often neglected keep the clubs dry for a good grip. You can even have personalized Funny Golf Towels.

Identifying injuries in time and managing them before they get worse is key to getting back on the course. Which are some of the common injuries you can suffer on the course and how do you handle them?

Injury to the lower back

Strains to the lower back is the most common injury in a game of golf.  It mostly occurs when taking a power swing, with the rotation of the pelvis pulling tendons, ligaments and muscles between the lumbar spine and the pelvis. It can also lead to wearing away of vertebrae discs in the spine.

You can avoid lower back injuries by trying to rotate your hips and shoulders in unison when taking a swing. It is also advisable to not always go for the power swing.

Wrist injuries

Wrist injuries are most common with amateurs who don’t have the strength to use the back of the wrist to lead the club into impact, or constantly hit the ground which causes stress to the tendons.

You can avoid injuries to the wrist by rotating your hand down the right side of the grip away from the target.

Elbow injuries

Just like to the wrist, the tendons on the elbow are stressed by shock impacts and tear away. The tearing is caused by repeated rotation and straining of an arm. It is easy to avoid this kind of injury by keeping your arm straight and relaxed at your side.

Shoulder injuries

Most parts of your shoulder are at risk of injuries when playing golf, with the rotator cuff exposed to the biggest risk. Torn cartilages, resulting from backswings, are also becoming a common occurrence. It is characterized by pain at the back of the shoulder.

Knee injuries

When you shift forward to take a swing, the inner side of the lead knee takes a great deal of compression. Locking the knee in a position in which it can only rotate internally increases the shearing force on the joints. It can lead to arthritis. You can avoid this kind of injury by keeping your thigh vertical or leaning outwards from the target when taking a swing. Anti-inflammatory drugs are however enough to take care of such injuries.

Neck injuries

Neck injuries are most common with newcomers to the game. They are especially common after spending hours on the golf course twisting the body in ways it is not used to. The neck muscles spasm and freeze painfully. New players should take frequent breaks from the course and slowly work their way to longer periods of practice or play. Let the body get into it instead of trying to force it.

Puppy Dog Pals Viewing Party

My son loves dogs and his new service puppy was just born two weeks ago.  The Puppy Dog Pals viewing  was perfect for my little guy. The party helps get him excited for his new puppy that was coming home.  Our fiends all came and helped us celebrate the new show and soon the new family member.  As you can see even the Colorado dogs came out to celebrate.   Dylan is even more excited by his new puppy that is coming home.  He says Bingo is just like his puppy.

Having a Puppy Dog Pals viewing party was right up his alley.    I was so happy to see his face.  He does not get excited by much.  When he saw his little party, he was on cloud nine.  Even better we sent my nephew pictures of the stuffed animals and he is now requesting a Puppy Dog Pals Party for his birthday next month.

The Puppy Dog Pals DVD has over 2 hours of episodes.

There are so many cute idea’s for your party.  First I would print out the free printables, direct link below. Step two take a look at the Pinterest page for some great DIY ideas.  Step 3 have some fun creating with your little one.  Remember when doing crafts they don’t have to be perfect for the party they just have to be fun for you all.

A few ideas

– use puppy training pads as place mats

–  Baby puppy bowls for snacks or pop corn holders

– Collars with names instead of name tags (use construction paper)

– Mini Tennis balls as favors

– Bone shaped Coco crispy Treats

Download Puppy Dog Pals Activity Pages


If you are looking to have a small party for your little one, I say go ahead and do it.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money for them to feel special and have fun.  Puppy Dog Pals is perfect for any little one.  They are not only cute every show has a lesson to learn and is children of all ages friendly.


I got these cute little guys in exchange for an honest post.

Google Home: Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying One

Google is a very powerful search engine. You just type in what you wish to know and voila, you’ll get your answers. But what if you do not need to type in your questions and instead ask “Google” and it will answer you back? It’s amazing, isn’t it? Well, it’s called Google Home. Let’s find out more about this device and why you should consider buying one for your home.


Google Home is a brand of smart speakers that is powered by Google Assistant. You can ask questions, command it to do things and so many more. It’s unbelievably good and smart.


Here are some features that you will surely enjoy when you buy Google Home:


Get answers from Google


Do you wish to know the weather before you go out of the house? Ask Google Home about the weather and you’ll get the necessary information you need. Do you want to know more about the latest news about your favourite celebrities or artists? Ask and you shall receive the answers. It’s definitely like “googling” things without the hassle of opening your computer or phone browser to search in Google. You can just ask your questions as if you’re looking for answers in Google. Imagine how helpful that is to you. And the best part is that it’s a lot more convenient than typing your questions and reading the answers. With Google Home, you can ask about so many things like news, weather, finance, nutritional information and even translations. You can ask about anything and everything.


Play music


In just a simple voice command, you can tell Google Home to play your favourite songs through different services like Spotify, YouTube, Google Play Music and more. You do not need to scroll and search for songs because the device will play it automatically for you.


Have your own “secretary” and diary at the same time


You can tell Google Home your schedules, travel itinerary and they can discuss it with you as a reminder. You can ask the device what you need to do for the day and just like having your own “secretary” expect to be reminded. This is indeed very helpful for busy people who have a lot going on on their day. And yes, you can even ask Google Home “tell me about my day” and you will get some blow by blow details.


Control your smart home


With Google Home, you can easily control your smart devices at home like switching the lights on or off. You can also command the device to stream movies or shows that you want to watch through your compatible streaming services like Netflix.


Above all the features that this device can do, what’s more amazing is that it can distinguish your voice from the others in the house that are also using the device since it supports multi-users feature.


In case you’ve decided to get this cool and amazing device, you can check out best Google Home deals at Harvey Norman. You will surely not regret buying one for your home because having this device in your home is more like having a very smart assistant that can accommodate your requests 24/7.

Real Estate: Benefits Of Investing In Multi-Family Property

Image via PixaBay


If you have your eye on a future as a real estate investor, then you are likely thinking along the lines of a single occupancy home. This is the classic, conventional form of property investment— but it’s not the only one.


One of the best ways to maximize your return from property investing is to look to investigate multi-family dwellings. Rather than buying a single unit, which you let to a single family, you may actually find it more beneficial to buy a unit that can be split and rented to multiple parties.


Not convinced? Worried that such an idea would actually make life harder? Perhaps these simple facts will change your mind…


1) One property, multiple income streams


To buy a multi-family unit, you will pay a single set of purchase fees; a single mortgage; a single set of property taxes… yet you receive income from multiple streams.


Not only does this help to ensure the best return on your investment, but it also offers a level of protection. If you invest in a single-family property and you struggle to find a tenant, then your income stream is zero until you do. However, if you invest in a multi-family development, you have multiple potential tenants. This means that if one unit is not occupied, you’re still going to be able to rely on the income from the other units in order to pay your mortgage.


2) Easier maintenance when compared to multiple separate properties


Real estate investment is all about expansion and making the most of the properties you have. That’s why many investors choose to expand their portfolio, buying multiple properties in the hopes of securing their financial future.


If this idea appeals to you, it is worth remembering it has a substantial downside: you have to deal with the regulations, maintenance, management, and tax burden of each individual property.


With multi-family properties, you have no such concerns. The management is simpler, as all of your investment is based in a single location; and you’ll find it easy to organize tasks such as apartment renovation and tenant management when you only have one building to focus on. Compared to multiple individual properties, the management of multi-family units is a drop in the ocean.


3) The potential for tax breaks


While this point is somewhat dependent on the city your property is based in, it is far from unusual to find tax breaks for multi-family property. There are numerous deductions that you can take advantage of; government likes to incentivize multi-family properties due to how useful they can be to the local community. If you want to maximize your return on investment, then the financial justifications for choosing a multi-family over a standard single dwelling are persuasive.


In conclusion


If you really want to make your way in the world of real estate investment, the benefits of multi-family properties cannot be overlooked— and such a choice could deliver the returns that you are hoping to achieve.

Tips For Overcoming Family Setbacks

Families are composed of those nearest and dearest to us, and its this factor that can make family traumas so dramatic and difficult to deal with, be they arguments and splits, bereavements or financial difficulties. Overcoming the setbacks on the long road ahead is a case of binding together your family unit with love and mutual understanding, and knowing the ways in which a situation can be rectified to ensure the healthy workings of a family after emotional stress. Here are some tips for achieving familial solidarity in the face of challenges and issues.

Picture Credit

Pay Attention to Childrens Emotions


Children of all ages deal with emotional difficulties in a vast range of ways. Younger children may not be able to understand the grief of a lost family elder, while older children will likely be confused and upset by divorce. While as a parent youll be tied up in your own emotional turmoil when a family setback hits, its important to monitor the moods of your children to recognize if they are in need of support, being there for them in their time of need.


Notify Your KidsSchools


Its important for schools to be notified when trauma has hit your family as children may be behaving differently at school as a result. As kids spend a good amount of time in school, knowing that the support structure thats in place at their place of education is alert to their changed behavior and moods will ensure they can receive support and kindness beyond the confines of your home. Teachers are trained to pick up on negative or destructive behaviors in children and will be able to report back to you if they believe your children are having a hard time.


Know the Institutional Support


As a parent, youll need to take care of yourself and your responsibilities to be able to fully engage with your children in the face of a family setback. If youre having a tough time yourself, seeking counseling or therapy might be a mature move. Likewise, knowing the services of a high net worth divorce lawyer in the event of a split from your partner will mean youre well-equipped to deal with the legal side of this particular trauma, getting you quickly to a place in which you can attain a happy and fulfilling family dynamic.


Continue Having Family Fun


In the immediate aftermath of a traumatic event that hits your family, its understandable to need some time to process and reflect, calling off your social life to deal with the emotions that the event has raised. However, for the benefit of family cohesion and happiness, its important to continue partaking in fun and fulfilling activities with your family to keep things positive for your children, who will value this time in their own progress. Itll also teach them the valuable life lesson that life goes on,’ and how important it is to find happiness in sad situations.


No matter what the family trauma, following these tips should help ensure the future happiness of a family that has hit a setback.

How To Have a Calming Home Environment

In order to create the best life for everyone you love, you will need to maintain complete control of your household. Instead of taking each day as it comes, it is vital that you plan ahead. This will give you the chance to evaluate your options and to choose a path that is sure to benefit all of your family members. If you are overwhelmed by the task of taking control of your household, don’t worry! Below are six useful tips that will get you started.

Picture Credit

Hold regular meetings

If you are determined to keep each and every member of your household on track, it is important that you hold regular family meetings. This is the perfect opportunity for you to create positive plans for the future and to resolve any underlying issues. Furthermore, a family meeting is a great way to get everyone viewing themselves as one part of a bigger picture. Instead of making selfish decisions, all of your loved ones will have an incentive to make the family unit a priority. In your role as the head of the household, you will need to take control of the meetings. You could do this by creating an order of service or a simple checklist that you need to get through. You could even implement rules that will prevent people from talking over each other and stop arguments breaking out.

Resolve any issues

Over time, it is possible that you will notice serious issues that your family is facing. It could be that one of your loved ones have fallen in with the wrong crowd. Or, maybe a family member is struggling to get motivated in regards to their career path. Whatever the situation, it is vital that you find a suitable solution as soon as possible. For instance, if one of your loved ones is overcome with addiction, you should consider alcohol treatment Dallas. This is a fantastic way for you to confront the problem head-on and to make positive changes to the running of your household. It will be impossible for you to create a happy and healthy home if you are burying your head in the sand. That is why you need to face up to any pressing problems and work hard to secure a resolution.  

Boost your energy levels

If you are going to make it through all of life’s ups and downs, you will need to have incredibly plentiful energy supplies. Otherwise, you could risk running yourself into the ground and letting your loved ones down. In order to prevent this from happening, you should schedule in plenty of time off. You should also improve your sleeping routine so that you are getting an appropriate amount of rest. In addition to this, you should evaluate the meals that you are preparing for yourself and your family. Ideally, you need to be creating healthy meals that provide an impressive amount of energy and nutrition. Finally, you should put together a workout regime and use exercise to boost your energy levels. If you achieve this, it is likely that you will find it much easier to power through your workload and handle your hectic schedule.

Manage your finances

One of the most important aspects of running a household is managing your finances. In order to secure a bright future for everyone you love, it is essential that you evaluate your spending habits and look out for opportunities to cut costs. You should also consider setting up savings accounts for each individual family member. This is a great way for you to stay on top of the exact figures that you are working with. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to encourage your loved ones to take responsibility for their own finances. Perhaps you could go with them to the bank to make a contribution at the end of every month. Or, maybe you could reward their success with a generous donation to their savings. In addition to this, you should have numerous family funds set up. For instance, you could have a bank account for future holidays, household renovations, and emergency situations. Taking this step will give you the financial freedom you need to make decisions that will benefit everyone involved. It will also help you to keep your family out of debt and even bankruptcy.

Keep your environment clean and tidy

The next step is to keep your living environment clean and tidy. This is a fantastic way for you to ensure your household is running smoothly. Organizing your possessions and streamlining your spaces will definitely come in handy when you are rushing out the door to make an important appointment. Furthermore, regular deep cleans will help to protect the health and well-being of you and your loved ones. This is especially true if any of your family members suffer from allergies. Instead of allowing your home to become stale, stuffy, dirty, and dusty, it is important that you maintain extremely high standards. Have no fear; you don’t have to carry this burden alone. Why not create a chore chart and encourage your nearest and dearest to get involved? Not only will this help you to maintain a clean household, but it is also the ideal chance for you to teach your loved ones a lesson in responsibility and reward.

Give everyone their own space

Last but not least, you should seriously consider providing all of your loved ones their own space to enjoy. Of course, you will want to spend plenty of time together as a family. However, it is also important that everyone has a safe space to escape to. This will help to prevent disagreements and fractured relationships. Giving everyone their own space will also assist you in staying on top of your household. Instead of managing a mismatch of rooms, you will have a clearer idea of where to find your loved ones and their possessions. You will also have your own space to enjoy, whenever you are in need of a few moments to yourself. Why not raise this idea at your next family meeting? Then, you can work with your loved ones to bring your plans to life.

How to Encourage Your Child’s Love of Baseball

It was once said that there is “nothing more American than baseball and apple pie,” and for many this is still the case even though other pro sports have surpassed baseball in viewership. However, as a baseball fan and a blue blooded American, you still hold true to that way of thinking. You also want your children to have an appreciation for the sport as well.

Maybe you aren’t hoping they’ll hit the pros one day, but it sure would be fun to have an adult son or daughter to attend the games with, wouldn’t it? Here are some ways you can encourage your child’s love of baseball without shoving it down their throats. As all parents know, this could cause a rebellion and when it comes to baseball, you want anything but that!

Picture Credit

Start Taking Your Kids to Live Games Early On

If you talk to most pros, you will often hear them say it was their father’s love of the sport that ignited an interest in them. In fact, there are pro players out there whose fathers also hit the big leagues and as we know it runs in families, why shouldn’t it be yours?

By taking kids to games even before they reach kindergarten, they begin to enjoy the thrill long before they understand the game. The crowd cheering along with “peanuts and Cracker Jacks” is enough to thrill any child, isn’t it?

Baseball Video Games

While young children can’t really handle controllers very well, as they reach elementary school you’d be amazed at what they can do! If you have a home gaming system, start your kids young with easy games and at the same time, let them stay in the room when you play online baseball simulation games. These will allow you to build teams with players dating back to the early days of the sport.

Your enthusiasm for players, many of whom are no longer on the field, will shine through and in time, your kids might just know as much about baseball as you do. Sometimes all it takes is seeing just how much mom and dad enjoy something to inspire them to learn what excites them so much. Baseball just happens to be one of those contagious addictions hard to resist.

From Apparel to Baseball Cards

Another way to encourage your child’s love of baseball is to keep them supplied in team and player t-shirts as well as collectible baseball cards. Some children never lost a card that came in a pack of bubble gum and those collectible baseball cards are worth huge sums of money on today’s market. Even so, it’s hard to part with a collection, so they may not be easily obtained!

Just don’t overdo it. Kids learn by example so keep that in mind. While you love sitting at the computer playing those online games, don’t let that consume you. Play them with the kids watching but always be talking about what you’re doing and why. Make the kids part of the action and once they’ve gone to bed, play to your heart’s content. What’s better than a cold beer and a game of baseball at the end of a long day?