Looking to Become a Nurse Here are Your Options

Nursing is an exciting, fast-paced and honorable profession, which is well suited to anybody with a caring disposition. If you are looking for a career path in which no two days are the same and you get to spend every day being there for and helping others, nursing could be the perfect choice for you. Today, good nurses are in demand all around the world to help people in need and their families. Here are the top ways to kick off your career in nursing today.

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Go to College

The best way to become quickly qualified as a nurse is to attend nursing school and get a degree. Nursing degrees tend to take around 3-4 years to complete and you will likely need to spend some of this time gaining on-the-job experience in a clinical setting. Many good nursing schools are in partnership with local hospitals and clinics where students are given the opportunity to gain work experience. You can study nursing full- or part-time at most schools but bear in mind that part-time study will take you longer.

Study Online

Recently there has been a huge increase in the number of people studying to become a registered nurse online. For example, you can study for a nursing program from Regis College Online with the added benefits of cheaper tuition and increased flexibility. Since online nursing studies are more self-led, this is the best option for anybody who needs more autonomy as a student, for example, if you’re working full-time or have kids. Online study is also a great option for current nurses who want to improve their employability with a Regis DNP Degree.

Through Your Employer:

In some cases, aspiring nurses may be able to gain their qualification and registration through their employer. For example, if you are already working as a caregiver or medical assistant, your employer may be able to help you qualify as a nurse along, along with offering you future promotions. Most employers today will offer online programs or evening courses whilst allowing for some flexibility with your hours if needed. If you work in a healthcare setting, speak to your employer today about helping you progress to the role of a nurse.

Further Education

After completing your bachelor’s degree in nursing, you will have a greater range of options available to you. Opting for further education can greatly increase your likelihood of finding a career path that you enjoy. For example, you may want to pursue a master’s degree in nursing or branch out into a specialty such as mental health or pediatric nursing. If you crave more responsibility in your role, you may consider studying to become a nurse practitioner or taking the healthcare and nursing management route.

Today, the U.S. needs nurses more than ever before. If you are a caring person who is passionate about helping others, you might have what it takes to be a nurse.

Were you aware that these options were available to nursing students? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Shampoo

I have been using some of the Maple Holistics products for a while now.  One of my new favorite for my family is the Tea Tree Shampoo.  Not only does it leave my hair clean it has another plus that every parent should know.  Tea Tree oil is known to repel lice.  This is a huge deal for my family.

With a special needs child if he ever did get it, this would not be an easy process. I can not even cut his hair without a meltdown so getting rid of lice would be like Chernobyl.  Anything I can use that is gentle enough to use on my son’s hair and can help prevent these little creatures is a huge plus in my book.

I also love that I can just use this shampoo on him.  I don’t have to use conditioner.  This leaves his hair soft and shiny.  That means a lot less work for me.

My whole family has been using the Tea Tree Shampoo and we all love it.  My hair is left bouncy and shinny and it smells fantastic.  I love that I have found a shampoo that works for my whole family and can help a disaster before it happens.  If you are looking for a great shampoo for your whole family that make sure to give this one a try.  Still want a conditioner no worries they also make a great Tea Tree Conditioner. This conditioner makes a great companion with the shampoo.

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Thor: Ragnarok, available Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD

My son loves Thor.  We are so excited they have come out with a great new movie for my son to watch over and over and over lol.


BURBANK, Calif., Jan. 10, 2018 — Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” the God of Thunder’s third installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, electrified both audiences and critics alike reaching over $845M at the global box office. Now the colorful cosmic adventure, loaded with action, humor, drama and spectacle, bursts into homes Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™, and Movies Anywhere, on Feb. 20 and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand on March. 6.




In Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is imprisoned on the other side of the universe without his mighty hammer and finds himself in a race against time to get back to Asgard to stop Ragnarok – the destruction of his home world and the end of Asgardian civilization – at the hands of an all-powerful new threat, the ruthless Hela (Cate Blanchett). But first he must survive a deadly gladiatorial contest that pits him against his former ally and fellow Avenger – the Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) – and grapple with his silver-tongued adopted brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston), the fierce warrior Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) and the eccentric Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).

Fans who bring home the Ultimate Cinematic Universe Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital) of “Thor: Ragnarok” will experience all the thunderous action and lightning-fast wit in stunning 4K Ultra HD with next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) visuals and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features include deleted scenes; hilarious outtakes; an exclusive short: part three of the mockumentary “Team Thor,” retitled “Team Darryl” and featuring an eccentric new roommate; the evolution of MCU’s heroes culminating in “Avengers: Infinity War;” numerous making-of featurettes which explore the unique vision of director Taika Waititi; the story’s unstoppable women; the effortlessly charismatic Korg; the tyrannical leader of Sakaar, the Grandmaster; and the film’s comic-book origins;  audio commentary by Waititi; and more.

 Marvel Studios’ “Thor: Ragnarok,” electrified both audiences and critics alike and now fans can enjoy the colorful cosmic adventure at home. Fans who bring home the Ultimate Cinematic Universe Edition (4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital) of “Thor: Ragnarok” will experience all the thunderous action and lightning-fast wit in stunning 4K Ultra HD with next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) visuals and Dolby Atmos immersive audio. Exclusive, never-before-seen bonus features include deleted scenes; hilarious outtakes; an exclusive short: part three of the mockumentary “Team Thor,” retitled “Team Darryl” and featuring an eccentric new roommate; the evolution of MCU’s heroes culminating in “Avengers: Infinity War;” numerous making-of featurettes which explore the unique vision of director Taika Waititi; the story’s unstoppable women; the effortlessly charismatic Korg; the tyrannical leader of Sakaar, the Grandmaster; and the film’s comic-book origins;  audio commentary by Waititi; and more. The action, humor, drama and spectacle, bursts into homes Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™, and Movies Anywhere, on Feb. 20 and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand on March 6.

Family Game Night with Goliath Games #GoliathGames

Have you heard of Goliath games? Chances are that a few of their games are already some of your family favorites.  They have a great line of games that your family is going to love.  When this box showed up my son was so excited.  It does take a lot to get him excited.  We played them all in one day and loved them all.

Barbecue Party

If you have a little one that loved to play with food this is the one for you.  This was so much fun you push down the timer in the middle and put on the griddle.  As you pick your card you use the tongs to place the food on the griddle.  You keep on going around and if the food is there you can pick up and place on your card.  Your goal is to get 3 on your card before anyone else does.  You have to be fast though if it pops all the food goes flying and you have to pull more card to put them back on.  When this would pop my son would get so excited.



Zoom Ball

This one was a little too old for my little guy.  He does not really get the concept for this one but hubby and the guys at work love it.  I did not get a chance to get pictures because I take the pictures and I was playing lol.  The goal it kind of like keep away.  You want it to stay away from you so you send it zooming to the other person to hit their handles.  This is a more interactive game with a friend.  Make sure you have enough room and you will have a blast with this one.


Doggie Doo

Ok this one is funny.  I also think it’s a great way to help tech your kids to pick up after the dog.  So, you place one in the dog’s mouth and insert the bone.  Then you spin the spinner and it tells you how many times to squeeze the leash.  When the dog poops it out then that person scoops it up and puts in the bin.  That person gets a token and we are trying to collect the tokens before the other people do.  We thought this was not only fun but it’s so funny.


Gooey Louie

Let’s be honest all kids have picked their nose at one time or another.  So as a parent this is just funny.  You load the brain and the boogers and roll the dice you pick as many as it says.  Be careful not to pick the one stuck to the trigger or his brain will pop out.  Now one mistake we did was take the protective coating off the brain do not do this.  That spring really fly’s and this is to protect you when it goes.  My husband thought this was so funny he brought it to work and the guys love playing it during their free time.

Gooey Louie


Gooey Louie         Gooey Louie

I love the Goliath Games.  We will be looking for more of them for family game nights.  Most of them my little guy could play and we had fun with them.  They are great for the whole family.

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Are you losing heat in your home

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Review Wire Media for BlindSpotz


How are your energy bills during the winter?  If they are anything like mine then they about triple in the winter.  Did you know that your house may be losing heat without you even knowing it?  The typical energy efficiency audit can cost between $300 and $500 If I had that kind of money to spare my bill would not be that big of a problem.  For people like me that live check to check having a few hundred extra dollars to spend is really never in the budget.


Well I am not the only one because BlindSpotz has come out with a product that will help you find the spots that are colder in your home for a fraction of the price.  Best of all no appointments to make no waiting for people, you can do it when you have the time.

BlindSpotz are so easy to use.  Each package comes with 8 so you can spread them around the house and see where you are really losing the heat.


These are so easy to use.

Rub the sensor until it turns grey

When outside temp is below 32, place where you want to check

Take picture of BlindSpotz that measured below 55

Then e-mail pictures into get more information on how to fix and even retailer coupons


Three areas checked in one Window , Door, and outlet

Its that simple these can be put next to doors, windows on walls, next to outlets, even on woods floors, and basement entrances.  There are tons of places that could be losing heat in your home you can cover these areas with no problem.   I love that these were not only easy to use they also came with 8 in the package so you are not buying a ton of packages to check the areas.

If you have won the same prize on another blog, you will not be eligible to win it again. Shipment make take 4-6 weeks. Prizing provided by BlindSpotz.  We will have 3 U. S winner Good Luck All


I got these free in exchange for an honest review

Reasons Why Socializing Is Good For You

Some people like big social gatherings and others prefer much more intimate get-togethers, but whichever is your preference it’s always great to spend time with friends and family. In fact, as well as being fun, socializing is actually good for your health. Here are some reasons why.

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Fewer Colds

The more time you spend with other people, the less likely you are to catch a cold. This is because your immune system is subjected to as many different illnesses as possible, and becomes stronger for it. Extroverts have highly functioning immune systems, and that means they are much healthier.


Reduce The Chances of Depression

When you’re feeling down, you may not feel as though going out and seeing other people is what you want to do. However, studies show that spending time with other people, connecting with them, interacting with them, can make you feel much happier, even if you didn’t think it was possible. Remember that it’s face to face meetings which have the most impact, so try to meet up with friends rather than emailing or telephoning. If you’re worried about falling short in conversation, check out funattic.com for icebreaker ideas. Talking through your problems with your friends can help you feel a lot better when you’ve got the blues. If this doesn’t help, then it’s a good idea to see a doctor for additional help.


Better Sleep

Socializing can even help you to sleep better. Those who are more isolated in their day to day lives have been proven to also be more restless at night. Even if they get a full eight hours of sleep, it may not be deep enough, or of good enough quality, and that can make them very ill indeed. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, or if you find that you wake up feeling as tired as when you went to sleep, it might be because you aren’t spending enough time with other people.


More Productivity

Thanks to a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we now know that employees who work with other people tend to be much more productive than those who work alone. It is because they are happier; they get their work done more quickly, and they feel more satisfied with their jobs. So if you work alone, you should make sure you find the time to go and meet up with friends for a coffee or lunch from time to time. When you go back to your desk, you’ll feel better for it.


Sharper Brain

As we get older, our brain function degenerates, and we begin to experience memory loss and confusion. Unfortunately, it can even lead to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Active socializing delays the onset of these problems and being around people can help our brains stay more healthy.


Longer Life

The more friends you have (and the more time you spend with them), the longer you’ll live. A study has suggested that those with plenty of social relationships live up to 50 percent longer than those who don’t socialize quite so much.


2018 Beauty Resolutions You Must Adopt

To become more beautiful – this is definitely what most of us want to happen this year. Admit it, physical beauty is important to have improved self-confidence. To achieve this, keep on reading and learn more about some of the beauty resolutions that you have to follow this 2018.

Be Wiser with Beauty Products

One thing that you need to do is to be an intelligent buyer. Yes, there are many products that are available and they have a lot of promise, but you should not choose carelessly. It would be best to use only natural beauty products, such as those that you can find at Well Within Beauty. To take care of your skin, use only products that are made of organic ingredients. Look at the label and see to it that it does not contain harsh ingredients that can lead to adverse effects.

Know your Skin Type

If you are looking for the best products to use on your face, the first thing that you have to do is to determine your skin type. Is it dry or oily? Is it sensitive? This is important to determine which product is right for your face. For instance, if it’s oily, you have to stay away from heavy creams. If it’s dry, you need a moisturizer. At all times, use only natural skin care products to prevent irritation.

Wear Sunscreen Every Day

We all know how harsh the heat of the sun can be. The UV rays can cause skin cancer, yet a lot of us are guilty of not wearing sunscreen every day. This 2018, make it a habit to apply sunscreen on your face and neck before you go out, especially if it’s between 10 am to 4 pm. Use a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Also, re-apply when necessary, especially when you are at the beach.

Try Home Remedies

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If you want a budget-friendly alternative to staying beautiful, try hacks at home. You will use natural ingredients that are readily available in the kitchen. Fitness Magazine recommends some of the best beauty treatments that you can try at home, such as feeding your face with cucumber, using berries as a face scrub, taming frizzy hair with banana, and using natural oils.

Remove your Makeup before Going to Bed

When we get home at night after a tiring day, all that we want to do is to go to sleep. More often than not, we sleep with our makeup on. This is one more thing that should change this 2018. Invest in a high-quality makeup remover. When you sleep with makeup on your face, this can clog the pores and cause other serious skin problems.

There is no better way to get started with 2018 than following the beauty resolutions that have been mentioned above. By keeping these things in mind, it will be easier for you to stay beautiful and confident

10 Tips For Thicker-Looking Hair

Ever wished your hair was fuller? You’re not alone. The desire for thicker hair is high on many women’s hair wishlist, reflected in the number of volumizing products that are appearing on the market.

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If you weren’t born with a head of horse mane locks, then achieving fuller-looking hair is going to take some work. There are many tried and tested methods to help your hair look thicker and more volumized, which you can read more about below.


Help take your hair to new heights with these ten tips for thicker-looking hair.

  1. Get the right cut

The first step to achieving thicker-looking hair is to get the right cut. The right hairstyle can help to make your hair look fuller, either through movement or by blunting the ends, that will also make it easier to style. Take a look at hairstyles for thin hair to give you an idea of the types of cuts that will add volume. Speak to your stylist about which cuts will work well for you and make sure you pay attention to how they style your hair.

2. Take supplements

Taking hair supplements can be a good way to stimulate hair growth as well as make hair stronger and fuller. There are some recommended hair supplements on the market that are used by many A-listers to grow their locks thicker and longer. Having children and getting older can cause your hair to thin, so many women have turned to supplements to try and help restore what’s been lost. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and talk to your doctor if you have any concerns about taking supplements.

3. Use hair extensions

Hair extensions are a popular way to add volume and thickness to your hair, and can add length too if needed. If you want volume in a hurry, then apply clip-in hair extensions to help you achieve that volume in minutes. More permanent hair extensions such as pre-bonds and micro-loops can be expensive to have put in and maintained, so think about your budget and patience before you take the plunge.

4. Use volumizing products

As explained earlier, there is a growing market for volumizing products, which makes it easy to pick up some great products to create thicker looking hair. Volumizing shampoos and conditioners are ideal for thickening the fibers in your hair, while thickening sprays are fantastic for adding bulk while styling. With top volumizing hair products to suit all hair types, you’ll find something to suit your needs and budget.

5. Get teasing

Teasing your hair is another cool way to add some instant volume and make your hair look thicker at the roots and the ends. If you want to know how to tease your hair, it’s actually quite simple. All you need is some sectioning clips, a tail comb and some hairspray to help tease your hair to perfection. Backcomb at the roots underneath your section of hair, then you can lay hair above it to keep your style looking sleek and flawless. Adding hairspray will help to lock the style in place for volume that will last all day.

6. Use rollers

Rollers can help you create some volume as well as adding a wave to your hair for a bit of glamor. Rollers come in velcro and heated varieties, with each working to create volume in your hair. A sneaky tip to add some volume to your hair is to put in some rollers at the roots and crown of your hair while you do your makeup so that you can take them out afterwards for additional volume. Avoid using heated rollers too often, as like all styling tools they can begin to damage your hair.

7. Nourish your hair

It’s important that you nourish your hair in order to keep it in a healthy condition that makes it easier to grow. Use hair oils regularly as a mask or applied to the ends of your hair to help keep it looking strong and shiny. The right hair oils for healthy hair can make a big difference to its texture and appearance, so try to apply them 1-2 times a week for glossy, thicker looking hair.

8. Add waves

For fine-haired beauties, it’s great news that the latest hair trends favor waves and curls instead of the poker-straight styles of the 00s. Waves make hair look much thicker, as hair that’s laid flat can look particularly thin. You can add cool, natural-looking waves by spraying your hair with sea salt water or you can use a heated tool to add in some waves, before brushing them out with your fingers to create the volume.

9. Try balayage

Balayage is the latest coloring technique that uses hand-painted colour to create subtle tones and highlights. Having highlights can make hair look thicker, particularly as adding lightening products to the hair makes the cuticles swell. When done right, balayage can frame the face and give hair volume in all the right places, so it’s a technique worth trying if you’re looking for a colour change.

10. Up your blow dry game

If you’ve ever been for a salon blow dry, then you’ll know how much volume it’s possible to achieve. With a bit of practice and the right tools, you can recreate the perfect blow dry at home and enjoy long-lasting volume with sleek results. Round brushes are the perfect tool for creating the perfect blow dry, so make sure you’ve got one to hand. If you’re truly terrible at blow drying your own hair, ask your stylist for a blow dry tutorial the next time you’re in the salon.


Having fine hair might get you down from time to time, but the good news is that there are things you can do to help give it a fuller appearance. Use the tips above to transform your hair into a style you can be proud of, leaving you looking and feeling like someone out of a shampoo advert when you walk down the street.

Plugging In To Your Home Office

It’s wonderful when a home office starts to come together. Finally, you have space where you can get a decent amount of work done. Forget the distractions of working at the kitchen table. You’ll now have the choice of closing the door, and even locking it if you want to.


But, before you reach that stage, there are a lot of things to consider to get your office ready for use. On a fundamental level, that means taking care of furniture and making the place look how you want. But, that’s not all you need to think about. It’s also important to acknowledge the role technology plays. With that in mind, it’s worth considering this during your preparation stage. Otherwise, you may find the room isn’t fit for purpose. To ensure that doesn’t happen, we’re going to look at three of the primary power pointers you need to think about.

Plenty of sockets

Electricity Electric Light Power Energy Plug

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The first thing to think about is, of course, your sockets. You’re going to find it hard to switch on in your office without these. In fact, to make your life easy, you want as many sockets as you can fit. You should aim for at least two double fittings on each wall. After all, you need space for your laptop, lamp, printer, and possibly even your phone. It all adds up, and minimal socket space won’t cut it. Of course, getting this right isn’t as easy as buying a good paintbrush. In fact, your best bet for this job would be to hire an electrician like the ones recommended on www.homeadvisor.com. This task is going to involve significant electrical work which has to meet regulations. So, save yourself the risk and leave it to the professionals.

What about wifi?

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In a modern office, not having wifi isn’t an option. You’d certainly find it impossible to do business this way. Of course, most of us have internet connections at home already. But, don’t think that will be enough for your office. A slow connection may still give you trouble. Instead, head to sites like suddenlink.com and look into faster options. Your business and the rest of your family are sure to thank you for it. And, you’ll save yourself the risk of looking unprofessional when your connection drops in the middle of a meeting.

A phone socket

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It’s also essential you consider getting a phone socket installed. This may seem like an unnecessary step in the modern age. After all, who uses the landline anymore? But, this is actually vital for two main reasons. For one, you won’t be able to install internet without one of these in place. Internet cables run from a phone socket. There’s no way around that. On top of which, a landline number will make you look much more professional. Anyone can buy a mobile and call themselves a business. It’s an untraceable and so untrustworthy, way to do business. A landline, however, is a stable and trusty source of business communication.

Design the Heart of Your Home with a New Den

Your living room or lounge is the space where you might host guests when you come to visit. It’s at the front of the house, and it’s where you can sit and talk to family and friends. But if you’re lucky enough to have another lounge space in your home, you might turn it into a den. A den is a little different in that it usually gives you a comfortable and cozy place for everyone to relax. It might not be as fussy as your living room, and maybe it’s where you hang out on a normal evening or weekend. If you want to rethink your den or maybe create one for the first time, it should be a fun place that everyone loves.


Get Some Comfy and Casual Seating


A den needs to be a comfortable room where you can relax and feel comfortable. The right seating is crucial, whether you live alone or you have kids and pets to contend with when it comes to grabbing somewhere to sit. Plenty of seating in the form of sofas and armchairs can ensure that everyone has space to sit down. But if you want something a little different, maybe a giant bean bag can provide an alternative, for both kids and adults. You might also want to consider a futon or sofa bed. The den is the perfect place to transform into a spare bedroom when you have guests to stay.

Image from Pexels


Include Entertainment


Your den should be a fun place to be, so you obviously need something to entertain everyone. You might have different ideas of what should be in there, though. For some people, it’s a place to watch TV and movies. Other people would prefer to keep the TV out and focus on having books or perhaps a quality sound system in their den. You might make sure you have plenty of board games or maybe a toy chest for the kids. It depends on what you think you need to create fun.


Add a Bar or Kitchenette


Why not combine your den with a home bar? If you want to create somewhere you can truly relax, you don’t want to have to leave the room to get a drink or something to eat. You can keep supplies for mixing drinks or even have a small kitchen area where you can make hot drinks or snacks whenever you want them. Or for something on a smaller scale, maybe you just need a mini fridge and a bar cart.


Choose Something Quirky


You might think your den is comfortable enough, but perhaps you want to make it a bit more interesting. If you add some eye-catching features, you can make sure the room isn’t too drab and boring. Maybe an aquarium with colorful fish could brighten things up, or some interesting artwork will give your den some more personality.


Your den can be the heart of your home, but you need to make it a place where everyone loves to be. Think about everyone’s needs when you design it.