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We are so excited that we got to check out Venom.

One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex, and badass characters comes home in VENOM, which will make its debut on Digital December 11, and on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, and DVD on December 18! This must-own comic book blockbuster, which has grossed more than $822 million in theaters worldwide to date, is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and features an all-star cast including Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight RisesMad Max: Fury Road), Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman), Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, TV’s “The Night Of”), Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and Woody Harrelson (ZombielandThe Hunger Games franchise).



The Blockbuster Comic Book Hit

Starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams and Riz Ahmed

Comes Home for the Holidays


Includes Over an Hour of Special Features including “Venom Mode,” Deleted Scenes, Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, Symbiote Secrets

and more!


Available on Digital December 11

On 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack

and DVD on December 18

CULVER CITY, Calif. (November 26, 2018) – One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex, and badass characters comes home in VENOM, which will make its debut on Digital December 11, and on 4K Ultra HD™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, and DVD on December 18!This must-own comic book blockbuster, which has grossed more than $822 million in theaters worldwide to date, is directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and features an all-star cast including Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight RisesMad Max: Fury Road), Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman), Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, TV’s “The Night Of”), Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and Woody Harrelson (ZombielandThe Hunger Gamesfranchise).

The perfect holiday gift, VENOM arrives filled with engaging bonus materials that will give fans even more of the action that they loved in theaters with over an hour of new content. The special features include an exciting Venom Mode, where fans will be able to engage with informative pop-ups throughout the film to reveal hidden references to the comics, deleted and extended scenes, a mini documentary called From Symbiote to Screen that covers the history of Venom in comics and his journey to the big screen. Also a behind-the-scenes peek at some of the stunts, a look at Ruben Fleischer’s journey behind the lens, a featurette about what it took to create Venom on screen called Designing Venom. Symbiote Secrets reveals Easter Eggs and hidden references in the film Other bonus materials include multiple pre-visualization versions of some of your favorite scenes, Eminem’s incredible video for his hit song “Venom,” “Sunflower” from Post Malone and Swae-Lee (from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse), and an early sneak peek at Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.


VENOM tells the evolution story of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass character Venom! Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) is a broken man after he loses everything including his job and fiancée. Just when his life is at its lowest, he becomes host to an alien symbiote which results in extraordinary superpowers – transforming him into Venom. Will these powers be enough for this new lethal protector to defeat great evil forces, especially against the far stronger and more weaponized symbiote rival, Riot?


VENOM is directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Jeff Pinkner & Scott Rosenberg and Kelly Marcel. The film is produced by Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach and Amy Pascal.

Bonus Materials Include:

  • Venom Mode: When selecting this mode the film will engage informative pop-ups throughout the film to provide insight on the movie’s relationship to the comics, and to reveal hidden references that even a seasoned Venom-fan may have missed!
  • Deleted & Extended Scenes: These deleted and extended scenes will give fans even more of the Venom action they loved in theaters!
    • Ride to Hospital – Eddie and Venom take a ride to the hospital.
    • Car Alarm – Let’s just say that Venom is not fond of car alarms.
    • San Quentin – Extended post-credits scene at San Quentin.
  • From Symbiote to Screen: A mini documentary about the history of Venom in comics and his journey to the big screen. Interviews with Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Ruben Fleischer, Oliver Scholl, and Director and Comic Fanboy Kevin Smith.
  • The Lethal Protector in Action: Go behind the scenes with the production crew and learn the secrets behind the awesome Motorcycle stunts, wire stunts, and drones.
  • Venom Vision: A look at how Ruben Fleischer came to the project, gathered his team, and made Venom a reality. Utilizes interviews from cast, crew, and producers as well as Fleischer himself.
  • Designing Venom: Designing and creating Venom meant a huge challenge for VFX artists; follow the amazing journey.
  • Symbiote Secrets: Blink and you may have missed it! Enjoy the hidden references throughout the film.
  • 8 Select Scenes Pre-Vis sequences: See the progression of the visual effects, storyboards and fight chorography compared to the finished film.
  • “Venom” by Eminem – Music Video
  • “Sunflower” by Post Malone, Swae Lee (From Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse)
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Sneak Peek: Meanwhile in another universe…

4K Ultra HD™ Includes:

  • Feature film presented with Dolby Vision high dynamic range and Dolby Atmos sound
  • Also includes the film and special features on the included high-def Blu-ray

VENOM has a run time of approximately 112 minutes and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, and for language.


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) is a Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) company. SPE is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment Inc., which is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Corporation. SPE’s global operations encompass motion picture production, acquisition, and distribution; television production, acquisition, and distribution; television networks; digital content creation and distribution; operation of studio facilities; and development of new entertainment products, services and technologies. SPE’s Motion Picture Group includes film labels Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Sony Pictures Classics. For additional information, visit

Who Wants To Win their Own Blu-Ray and T Shirt  t-shirt (Adult Small) This is open to U. S Good Luck All.  Hat not included


Venom Prize Pack


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LUGZ for Men


Are you looking for the perfect present for the man in your life? Then look no farther Lugz makes a great line of shoes they are going to love.  Now you might think LUGZ are just work boots , but you would be so wrong.

They are a whole line that your man is going to love.  Weather he is on his feet at work all day or has to dress up at the office Lugz has when he needs. Lugz are not only stylish , but they are also comfy.   Your mans feet are not only going to look great he is not going to come home sore and ready to end his day.

With Lugz there are so many styles and colors to choose from you are going to find the perfect pair.  I love that their prices are also fantastic,  You can actually afford these shoes so yo can get a few pairs.


If you have an outdoors man like me you can send them out for the day hiking or fishing and not worry about their feet freezing.

“Our water resistant footwear utilizes a water resistant coating on the upper, helping to keep your feet dry in light rain and weather conditions.”


Make sure to check out Lugz for all your shopping need .  Right now they have awesome sales for the holidays do not miss out.  Get your order in before its too late.

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The Fishing Caddy

Fishing Caddy

You know when it comes to hubby it is so hard to find the perfect gift.  He only does 2 things he golfs and he fishes.  Seeing how he even owned his own bait company I did not think there was much more I could buy him.  I though he had it all  that was until I saw the perfect present for him this year The Fishing Caddy

Fishing Caddy

Now if you have a hubby like mine he will go long and far to find the best fishing spot. Yes, I have even been know to go on these adventures with him.   One thing i never bring with me is a place to sit.  Now I know I can sit on the ground but now I wont have too.  The Fishing Caddy  not only has everything I will need but the top is not a seat.  Bam this girl is now a happy one.

Fishing Caddy

Now for me the seat is the best part but for hubby there is so much more. The Dual Rod holder attachment is by far his favorite on the caddy.

There is so much more

  • 1 Fishing Caddy
  • (Holds up to 30 lbs of water weight for stability)
  • 1 Dual Rod holder attachment
  • 1 Led light Attachment
  • 2 Bright LED lights (Batteries included)
  • 1 Universal Bracket
  • 1 Padded handle
  • 1 Quick Release Water Spigot
  • 1 Plush Padded Seat (Free Upgrade to our 360 Thicker Swivel Seat)
  • 1 XL Detachaole Cupholder

Fishing Caddy

Think of how much more relaxing your next trip is going to be when you have everything right at your fingertips.   We love fishing in our family and The Fishing Caddy is going to make it so much more organized and fun this year.


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Google: Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

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With this year coming to a close we are all thinking about what we want to change in the New Year.  One thing that is at the top of most peoples list is getting healthier.  When this is a goal in your life you can use a little help.  The Google: Fossil – Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch can be there for you.

Not only is it going to help keep you on track this year it is going to make you look good while doing it.  This rose gold watch is beautiful and keeps you on track. This Fossil Watch will record information about your exercise session.  Monitors heart rate and location.  The beautiful watch design will look great at the gym or at the office. The Fossil watch will also communicate with both the iPhone and Android for easy data collection.

You will have Googles help right at your fingertips with proactive help from Google assistant and coaching from google fit you will be on your way to a healthier lifestyle in no time. Motivates you towards a healthier life with coaching and activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization.

I love that now we no longer have to give up style if we want a smart watch.  I have given up my cute watches for a smartwatch and I was always a little sad about it.  Not any more now I can have great style and keep track of everything.   Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch  $275

I got this free from Best Buy in exchange for an honest review

Lumps The Elf Coal Dice Game

Its that time of year have they been naughty or nice this year?  Either way maybe what they need is a little coal in their stocking. Lumps, The Elf Coal Dice Game  might be just what the whole family needs.  As most of you know we love a great game night.

What is even better a family theme game night.  So get out the Hot Coco, blankets and get ready for a little Elf Coal Dice game.   this is a little but might game.  By might I mean mighty fun.  My husband first fell in love with the different dice I loved that the whole game fit right in this little stocking.

With this game you are trying to match the numbers so roll pick your number and roll the other and try and get them all, if they all match then you get extra points.  What makes this so hard?  Well first of all you have to match the numbers second they are different dice.

Lumps, The Elf Coal Dice Game  is going to be a great stocking stuffer this year.   Make sure to pick your up.


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NEW TRAILER – DreamWorks 3Below: Tales of Arcadia Is Premiering December 21st Only On Netflix

OMG Who else is ready for all the awesome new episodes. Netflix is bringing us some great new episodes of 3Below  this December.  If you are ready for a little relax time then look no farther you can veg this holiday season with a comfy blanket some hot coco and the new 3Below episodes.



DreamWorks Debuts 3Below: Tales of Arcadia Season 1 Trailer

Premieres on Netflix December 21

DreamWorks Animation Television has released the full trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s highly anticipated Netflix original series 3Below: Tales of Arcadia, bringing an out-of-world experience exclusively to Netflix December 21.

Featuring an all-star voice cast including Diego Luna (Narcos: Mexico), Tatiana Maslany (Orphan Black), Nick Offerman (Parks and Recreation), Glenn Close(The Wife) and more, 3Below: Tales of Arcadia follows two royal teenage aliens, Aja (Maslany) and Krel (Luna), and their bodyguard Vex (Offerman), as they flee a surprise takeover of their home planet and crash-land on Earth – in Arcadia, the same town where the events of Trollhunters take place. Now on the run from intergalactic bounty hunters, they must blend in and adapt to the bizarre world of high school all while attempting to repair their shipt to return to and defend their home planet.

From the seven-time Emmy Award-winning team behind Trollhunters3Below is created and executive produced by Guillermo del Toro. Rodrigo Blaas, Marc Guggenheim and Chad Hammes also serve as executive producers. The star studded voice cast also includes Andy Garcia, Nick Frost, Alon Aboutboul, Chris Obi, Uzo Aduba, Cheryl Hines, Tom Kenny, Haley Atwell, Danny Trejo, and Ann Dowd. Additionally, The Crystal Method created the main title theme that can be heard in the main title sequence. Returning talent fromTrollhunters includes Emile Hirsch, Charlie Saxton, Lexi Medrano, Steven Yeun, Cole Sands, Kelsey Grammer and more in epic crossover episodes that bridge the events of Trolhunters and 3Below in surprising ways.

All 13 half-hour episodes of 3Below’s first season will become available to Netflix members worldwide on December 21, 2018.


Sneakz Protein Drink Mix


If you are anything like me the only thing that helps me from gaining 100 pounds this time of year is a great Sneakz protein shake.  Some may think I am kidding but nope, I try and keep moving all year round, but for bloggers this is the busiest time of year.   I am lucky if I get one hour few a day to cook for my little guy.

All that plus all the goodies from this time of year does not make a great mix.  With a good protein shake I can at least remember to grab a shake and get to work.  Otherwise I am grabbing a box of candy and off to work.  These shakes are just as quick and easy and also taste pretty good.

“By adding beets, spinach, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, peas, and carrots, we are able to fit in a full ½ serving of vegetables per scoop and 14 grams of protein. Each scoop contains all 10 essential amino acids, fiber, and at least 500 million CFUs of probiotics.”

I got to choose which flavor I wanted to try they have Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry.  Of course, I choose Chocolate and I was not disappointed.  This time of year, I really need to keep my sweets down.  I should pick up the other flavors because I love mixing.  Like of course chocolate always goes with Strawberry, and adding the vanilla with either of the other two would make then creamier. So, I would suggest picking up all the flavors and mixing them up a little.

If you are like me and really have to watch yourself this time of year make sure to pick up Sneakz.

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3Doodler Create+


Our family loves the 3Doodler now it became even better we can make creations with wood.  How cool is that I am working on a coaster of course I’m still working on it lol.  The good thing about the 3Doodler is that you just get quicker and better with time but it really does not take too much time to get good.

Thanks to us reengineering our four different wood filaments, you can now 3D print in Cherry, White Birch, Walnut and Natural Wood. From sculptures, phone cases, frames, and even flooring. The possibilities are endless.

both wood filament and the 3Doodler Create+ can be purchased in our online shop.

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Dc Super Friends HeroDrive

I love DC want to know what I love even more is the little DC charters and DC Super friends are just too cute to pass up.  This bat mobile HeroDrive is just way too cute.  Any Dc lover is going to want this for their little one.

They have a whole collection with the HeroDrive.  So, they have stuff for your really small ones and your bigger ones.  I have to say I am so jealous of kids these days.  I would have loved these toys when I was a kid.  Of course, I still love them as an adult. Lol

The Batman racer is awesome push the Batman logo to activate lights and theme music. Push the logo twice to send watch the racer take off. Convert the vehicle into race mode by moving the windshield forward to make the wings pop out.

If you have a little DC lover or a little Batman lover then the HeroDrive collection is a must on your list this year.

We got these free in exchange for an honest review