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There is nothing worse than knowing that you may not be in the best financial state, and yet aren’t sure what you’re supposed to do to make things better. It’s exhausting because you constantly have to be on the ball to ensure that you don’t overspend, and that can be especially difficult when you have kids to look after that always ask for the latest things on the market – it’s a handful. But as soon as you lose your head and start to stress, the sooner everything gets even harder because not only are you trying to deal with your money issues, but you’re also then having to deal with being on edge all the time in your mind, and that’s not healthy for anyone. So instead, you should be focusing your time on how you can sort out your finances and manage them better, before it’s too late.


Here are some suggestions.


Clear up your debt

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to find yourself stuck in debt, then you will know by now that the longer you wait, the worse it gets. Having said that, sometimes you’re just not in the right circumstances to be able to pay back what you owe, because you have no spare money coming in other than what you have to pay the bills and get the groceries with. One thing that you can do is consolidate your debt with options at Consolidating means taking out a final loan that is used to pay back all of your outstanding fees in one go. Once they’re all cleared, you only have to put your attention on this one final bill to pay back gradually over time.


Open a savings account

Believe it or not, most people will actually have a savings account already, but just don’t use it because they forget it’s there, or they find it all too complicated. But it is in fact very simple. As soon as you have any spare money coming in – put it into your savings. When you receive your income, if you’re able to, take a percentage out of those earnings and put it into your savings. If you can do this every month, you will slowly be able to accumulate a nice sum of money. The key to this working is to forget what you’re doing. Set up an automatic bank transfer from your normal account into your savings account, and have that happen once every one or two months. This way you won’t be tempted to tap into it.


Financial advisor

If you still aren’t too sure how to go about managing your finances, or you know that you’re simply no good with handling money, then you may want to arrange a meeting with a financial advisor. These are professionals that can have a look at your circumstances, and then work out the best plan of action to ensure that you are able to keep your head above water.



New friends , new places finding yourself and your family.  This movie has it all.  We watched this for our family movie night and loved it.  I love a great movie that has it all and this one did.  With the adventure at a island and a mysterious friend this movie will have you guessing what is going to happen the whole time.  I love a cartoon that is great for the whole family.

Starring Martin Sheen, J.K. Simmons, Dane DeHaan, and more
The Film’s Release Comes On the Heels of the 75th Anniversary Of the Beloved Book Series
Los Angeles, CA – Small island. Big adventure! The beloved Boxcar Children are headed to Blu-ray and DVD on August 7thwith the release of the new animated feature film THE BOXCAR CHILDREN – SURPRISE ISLAND, courtesy Legacy Classics and Shout Kids. Fans can now pre-order their copies on or
THE BOXCAR CHILDREN – SURPRISE ISLAND, the highly-anticipated movie adaption of the popular children’s book of the same name, stars Golden Globe®-winning actor Martin Sheen (The West Wing) as James Alden, Oscar®-winner J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) as Dr. Moore, Dane DeHaan (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets) as the mysterious Joe, Joey King (Independence Day: Resurgence) as Jesse Alden, Carter Sand (Frozen) as Benny Alden, Gil Birmingham (Twilight) as Lonan Browning, Griffin Gluck (Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life) as Henry Alden, Stephen Stanton (Star Wars Rebels) as Capt. Daniel and Talitha Bateman (Love, Simon) as Violet.
THE BOXCAR CHILDREN – SURPRISE ISLAND follows the adventures of the orphaned Boxcar Children as they spend an entire summer living on their Grandfather’s small, nearly uninhabited island. There they meet Joe, who is friendly and helpful, and inexplicably living on their island. Does their new friend have a secret?
THE BOXCAR CHILDREN – SURPRISE ISLAND is fun for the whole family, and is Dove approved for all ages. It is directed by Dan Chuba and Mark Dippé, and is produced by Legacy Classics and co-produced by Shout! Factory, Albert Whitman & Company and Blueberry Pictures. THE BOXCAR CHILDREN – SURPRISE ISLAND is the first of three new animated features to be adapted from the “The Boxcar Children” book series, as part of apartnership between Shout! Kids and Legacy Classics.
“The Boxcar Children” by Gertrude Chandler Warner is one of the best-selling children’s book series of all time. Having just marked its 75th anniversary, over 70 million books have sold world-wide. There are 150 books in the series, and over 1 million kids read the books in schools across North America every year.


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Ok lets first start this off with where do I get a Jaquin.  they are so cute I need a Skylar in my life, a great best friend to any princess.  Which of course I think I am.  You will get to go on a great adventure with Elena and her best friend Skylar to save the Sunbird Oracle to save the kingdom.  Now I have to say Elena is one of my favorite princesses.  Not only her style but her love for life and attitude. If you are looking for a strong princess charter you don’t have to look any farther.

Join Elena as She Travels to the
Magical Land of the Jaquins!



Bring Home on Disney DVD August 7th


Includes 10 Bonus Shorts!


Synopsis:                      Join Crown Princess Elena as she soars through a hidden gateway into Vallestrella, the mysterious, dazzling domain of the jaquins. On the way there, she accidentally releases a mythical forest sprite that could endanger Avalor! Now Elena must find the jaquins’ magical, legendary Sunbird Oracle to save the kingdom!

Voice Cast:                   Aimee Carrero as Elena; Jane Fonda as Shuriki; Lou Diamond Phillips as Victor Delgado; Cheech Marin as Quita Moz;Noël Wells as Marimonda; Carlos Alazraqui as Skylar; Yvette Nicole Brown as Luna; and Chris Parnell as Migs


Executive Producer:       Craig Gerber

Co-Executive Producer/

Story Editor:                      Silvia  Olivas

Episodes:                     Realm of the Jaquins (44-minute episode)

Three Jaquins and a Princess


Bonus Features: 10 Bonus Shorts-          

                                    Adventures in Vallestrella – Flight of the Butterfrog

Adventures in Vallestrella – Sleeping Sunbird

Adventures in Vallestrella – Fast Food

Adventures in Vallestrella – Peabunny Boogie

Adventures in Vallestrella – Human Nature

Scepter Training with Zuzo – The Heist

Scepter Training with Zuzo – Royal Treasury Escape

Scepter Training with Zuzo – Nothing But Blaze

Scepter Training with Zuzo – Stoway

Scepter Training with Zuzo – Don’t Be Our Guest


Release Date:               August 7, 2018

Ratings:                                TV-Y (US)

Run Time:                           Approx. 90 minutes (not including bonus)

Aspect Ratio:                     1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16×9 Televisions)

Audio:                                  English 2.0 Dolby, French 2.0 Dolby & Latin Spanish 2.0 Dolby

Subtitles:                      English Line 21, English SDH, French S & Latin Spanish

Closed Captions:              English

World Premiere of DOG DAYS #DogDays


presents the World Premiere of


WHAT:                           World Premiere of DOG DAYS

WHO:                             Attendees included cast members Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Rob Corddry, ToneBell, Jon Bass, Michael Cassidy andFinn Wolfhard; Director Ken Marino; and LD Entertainment Executives Mickey Liddell and Pete Shilaimon.


Additional cast members included Elizabeth Caro, Jessica St. Clair, Matt Cordova, Tony Cavalero, Phoebe Neidhardt and Toks Olagundoye.

Additional attendees included Dr. Evan Antin, Iain Armitage, Parker Bates, Julie Bowen, Austin Butler, Beth Dover, Laya DeLeon Hayes, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, Leli Hernandez, Wesley Johnson, Chris Kelly, David Koechner, Chuck Liddell, Esai Morales, Allison Munn, Adina Porter, Rachel Roy, Sarah Schneider, Adam Scott,Jessica Szohr,Mila & Emma Stauffer,Karan Soni,Tori Spelling, Drew Tarver, William Valdes, David Wain and Matt Walsh; with Dog Influencers Golden Loutreiver, Manny The Frenchie, and Tofu Corgi.

WHERE:                          The Atrium at Westfield Century City,

10250 Santa Monica Blvd.,

Los Angeles, CA 90067


FILM:                              From acclaimed production company LD Entertainment (The Zookeeper’s Wife,

Jackie, and Megan Leavey) and Director Ken Marino comes Dog Days. Dog Days is a hilarious and heartfelt ensemble comedy that follows the lives of multiple dog owners and their beloved fluffy pals around sunny Los Angeles. When these human and canine’s paths start to intertwine, their lives begin changing in ways they never expected.


Running Time: 113 minutes

Rating: PG

DOG DAYS Official Channels

Twitter: @DogDaysTheFilm

Instagram: @DogDaysTheFilm

Facebook: /DogDaysTheFilm


Should you Try Softer Than Brittle

Softer Than Brittle  As most of you know I have terrible teeth.  I once broke a tooth on a piece of pizza.  What does this mean it means that even though I love Brittle I could never have it.  I was always afraid that my teeth would break.   Now I am so excited to say that I can enjoy Brittle and not be worried.

Softer Than Brittle

  Yes I know I still can’t eat nothing but brittle but I can now snack on it when I am craving some brittle goodness.   Softer Than Brittle comes in 4 varieties: Peanut, Cashew, Pecan and Almond.

Softer Than Brittle


  I loved every flavor.  I sat here writing all weekend snacking and could not be happier.  You still get a little crunch but not teeth crushing crunch.   I was surprised to find out this as dairy free, Gluten free and vegan.  This is really the better choice I don’t feel guilty about snacking this fantastic brittle.

Softer Than Brittle

As we get on in years we still want out comfort treats I love that I can now actually eat it and it’s a great choice when I need something sweet to snack on.

  Normally in our house the holidays are the time for brittle now I can actually have it all year round.  This will also be added to my Stocking Stuffer list this year.

  I got this free in exchange for an honest review.

The Journey To Confidence In Your Appearance

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It can be hard to maintain confidence in your appearance and abilities at all times. That’s fine. It’s all part of being human. On occasion, we’re going to doubt ourselves. But many of us are unnecessarily critical of ourselves. You should love yourself physically and mentally. You should be proud of the person you see in the mirror, both in terms of appearance and your intelligence. It’s not vain to love who you are – it’s crucial to your overall wellbeing. In this article, you’ll find some suggestions to help you on the journey to confidence in your appearance.


Body confidence.

The most important thing to realize about body shapes is that there is no perfect size. Being incredibly skinny is a goal for many people, but that can be just as unhealthy as being incredibly overweight. A healthy weight lies somewhere in between, but it doesn’t matter whether you have curves or a narrow physique. All that matters is you take care of your body; a healthy appearance will follow. Exercise, most of all, can make a huge difference. A 10-minute run every day could keep you fit and healthy. You don’t need to go to the gym for 5-hour sessions to get results.


Of course, body confidence is a multifaceted thing. We’re not just talking about weight here – we’re talking about your overall appearance. You should be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with the person staring back at you. It’s about embracing your appearance just as it is. Still, if you’re struggling with body confidence for medical reasons then you might want to pursue other solutions. You could watch these breast reconstruction videos if you’ve suffered from cancer and you’re worried about the surgery to repair your breasts. It can be incredibly distressing to deal with severe health problems, but there are options out there for you.


Hair confidence.

Another aspect of appearance with which many women struggle is their hair. It’s understandable because our hairstyles have a big impact on the way in which we perceive ourselves. Again, in much the same way as your body image, there is no perfect hairstyle or hair color. You just need to find the style that suits you. If your hair is greying then roll with it. If short hair suits your face shape then stick with it. In terms of the health of your hair, however, you might want to avoid blow-drying it and washing it excessively. Give it a break from the beauty regime, on occasion; it could put an end to annoying frizziness or split ends. You might even want to use hair oils if you’re looking for thicker hair.


Fashion confidence.

Another big thing that affects your appearance is your attire. This causes stress for many people. Fashion can be a very confusing thing. Sometimes, you’ll see a picture of an outfit that looks amazing on someone, but it looks awful when you try it on. But you need to tailor-make your outfits to your body shape and stylistic preferences. Well-fitted clothing is the key. Get belts for those baggy dresses, and go for the jeans that accentuate the shape of your legs. Be confident in your fashion decisions – it’ll pay off.

Bondi Beach Tea Co

Bondi Beach tea

If you are anything like me you love this new tea craze going on.  Teas that are great for your body and mind.  Trying to find the best ones for you can be hard these days.  I not only want the benefits, I also want it to taste great.  When I got the chance to try out Bondi Beach Tea I was excited.  When I checked out the reviews first and they had some great ones, people were raving about them so I knew I had to try them too.

Bondi Beach tea

The Bondi Slim you make like any loose-leaf tea then for the first 28 days drink one cup in the morning before breakfast and one cup about 3 hours before dinner.  After the first 28 days you then just drink one cup a day for maintenance.

Bondi Beach tea

The Colon Cleanse Tea like the other make like you normally would.  Then drink 1 cup at night one hour before bedtime.  Now normally when it says drink at night this makes for a very bad night for me I am up all night running to the bathroom.  I though well let’s give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised.  I did not wake up one time during the night to run to the bathroom.  This is one I can actually take at night like they say.

Bondi Beach tea

SO far, I am very pleased with the results and the taste of Bondi beach tea.  After drinking this I could tell after day 2 my bloating was way down. I have more energy and best of all I am not living in the bathroom for these results.

Bondi Beach tea

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Great Games Coming From Goliath Games

My son gets so excited when new board games show up.  I love that the games Goliath Games sends are not only fun, but also great for his imagination.  These great games are going to be released tomorrow. Make sure to add these to your collection for family game night.  A little popcorn some great games and family what else can you ask for.

pop rocket     Pop rocket

Pop Rocket was a blast.  My son loves stars and this was right up his alley. You fill it with the stars and pull the string then you put out the cups where you think they will land and let the fun begin.  If you have a little one that loves stars and stuff that will explodes then this is a great way to go.  I also love that they did not fly too far when this popped so we did not have to rush to pick them off the floor before the puppies got them.


Do you have a kid that knows everything?  Then Kids Know Best is the one for you.  Kids vs adults in our house.  I hate to say that when ever we have one like this my nephew always wins.  I think he secretly study’s everything beforehand, but to be honest he is just way to smart for is age. Lol This is going to be a great game to get everyone involved and having a blast.


As you all know we are a huge fan of Goliath Games they have a wide range of games for your younger ones, Pre-teens, teens and even adults.  If you have a game lover in the house you are going to find a wide range of games here one for everyone.  Family game night is going to be a blast when you shop with Goliath Games.


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Mental Hacks- How to Feel Way More Confident In Yourself as a Woman

If you find it hard to try and push yourself or if you know that you are not entirely happy with the way that you feel about yourself right now then this could all be down to your confidence. You may find that you are limiting yourself and that you are constantly putting yourself down as well. This is not how it should be at all, and if you want to put an end to all of this then take a look below to get some useful hints and tips.


Find Inspiration for Yourself


If you need to feel better about yourself then it helps to find an inspiration. When you are able to do this, you can then look to your inspiration when you are finding it hard to push through something and you can also use their confidence to build yours. This is a fantastic way for you to really take things to that next level and it may even help you to see yourself in a new light. If you are struggling to find some inspiration then check out the Arizona secretary of state.


Don’t Set Any Limits


As a child, you probably think that you have the ability to do just about anything. You may even feel as though nothing could possibly limit you and that you could go out there and get any job you want. This isn’t some childhood belief, and it is more than possible for you to do this. It is only as you get older that your dreams will be squashed and that your confidence deteriorates. If you want to get around this then try and find your limits by exposing yourself to different situations. You then need to push through whatever makes you uncomfortable and when you are able to do this, your confidence will be higher as a result.


Be Curious


Curiosity is important if you want to be successful. Curiosity helps you to grow and if you are able to remain curious then you will remain teachable. If you want to ask someone a question then you should never feel as though you can’t do this, and you should never feel as though you are unable to encourage new ideas. You also need to push yourself to be more active as well, as this could really help you to get out there and see the world.


Don’t be Minimalistic


Minimalism is a sign of low-confidence. You may find it hard to dress eccentric, to push out your

ideas and you may also be more inclined to take a back-seat when in a conversation. It’s

important that you are able to move past this and start having more trust in yourself. This is easier said than done, but try and wear clothing that is a little more “out there”. You should also try and accessorise, and most of all, don’t be afraid to show your true colours. This will work wonders for your confidence and your lifestyle in general.