4 Easy Ways to make your Kids more Active

In this day and age, it can seem like a challenge to keep your kids away from their screens. As a matter of fact, it has been estimated that only one out of three American children spend time on physical activity every day. But many times, parents are at fault for not instilling the love of physical in their kids at an early stage. The sooner you get them to enjoy physical activity, the greater the chances they’ll develop into active young adults. Here are some simple tips you can use to make your kids more active.

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Be Active Yourself

The best way to get active is to be a good role model and lead by example. Kids naturally want to emulate their parents and be more like adults, so if they see you being active and enjoying the benefits of an active life, they will want to join in. Try to constantly talk about the benefits of exercise so they might be intrigued and see it as a positive thing.

Make it Fun

Physical activity doesn’t always have to be about exercise. If you can, try to make your home more conducive to fun physical activities. A backyard pool is a great way to get them into swimming, and swimming is one of the best physical activities you can partake in. You could also go to a site like Trampolinify.Com and learn how to find an affordable trampoline that you can add to your backyard. Most children love trampolines, so you know it will be put to good use. And not only that, but trampolining can be deceptively demanding and a great way to improve overall fitness. Any way that you can associate fun with physical activity will increase the chances of them voluntarily being more active.

Listen to them

Also, you should listen to your child and find out what he enjoys. Maybe he wants to grow up to be a professional basketball player. That would be a great opportunity to add a basketball net to your driveway or even get them to join a league. But make sure that they actually want to join since they might lose interest and actually come to resent the sport if you push them too hard.

Limit Screen Time

This one can be a little more delicate. If your child has already formed an addiction to screens, then getting them to unplug might be a challenge. However, by taking baby steps, you can reduce their dependence. You can start by instilling rules like no screens during dinner. Or hold a family game night every week where everybody unplugs from their devices. This way, they won’t associate time away from their devices as punishment and you’ll also be able to form a much closer bond as well.


With these few simple tips, getting your child to be active should be a breeze. Just remember to start early and try to make it as fun as possible if you want them to make it a habit.

Secrets of a successful website

Anyone and everyone can make a website if they so choose, but not all are considered successful. A successful website is one that attracts many visitors, possibly creating sponsor revenue, and, if you are a business, it is one that converts those visits into sales, or clients.

Looking good

An attractive, professional site will give visitors confidence in your product from the outset.  Your site can be vibrant, if that reflects your business, but don’t go overboard by opting for clashing colours and thinking you need outlandish designs. Before you design your site, take a look at other successful sites and businesses for inspiration.


Clear content

Potential customers want to know certain things from the beginning: what you can offer , why they should choose you over your competitors, and what it is going to cost. Ensure your page is user-friendly so that visitors can see exactly what you offer and what they need to click to get the precise information they are looking for. Concise content is always preferable to hyperbole, so keep unnecessarily complicated descriptions off your site. One example of a completely stripped-back website is Lolhit.com which presents visitors with a joke when they click on a big red button. The concept is simple, yet effective.


Great images

Pictures can be attention grabbing, and clear, interesting images keep site visitors interested and will draw their attention to your content. It is important that you don’t infringe any copyright laws so use your own images, edited to the best quality for web pages, or use sites such as Pixabay.com that allow you to download and use images for free.


Know your audience

This applies to all content and images used on your website. Consider whether your audience will be drawn to a more casual approach with witty writing and imagery, or if your product or business requires a much more professional writing style.


Switch it up

Keeping content fresh with regular blogs means that visitors will want to return to your site to see what’s new. Your static content can benefit from updates too every so often as this can push up your ranking in google searches.


Search Engine Optimisation

Also known as SEO, search engine optimisation is what gets your site to the front of the queue when people conduct online searches. Including keywords in your content is a wonderful way to improve your ranking and each page should contain several instances of a key word of phrase applicable to your business that people are most likely to search for. For example, if you sell clothing, you can assume that potential customers will search using the phrase “cheap fashion”, or “cheap dresses”, or even, “dresses for weddings”. There was a time when website creators would simply create hidden pages upon pages of just keywords, but Google soon put a stop to that, so be careful not to overdo keyword usage in your content.


Regular updates and attention to your website can reap fantastic rewards.

Ultimate tips for safeguarding your Brazilian hair

You’ve just bought a new Brazilian wig or a bundle of hair extensions from a site like Hot Brazilian Hair. Normally, you would love for it to look as good as possible and to last for a long time. If the product starts shedding, we are quick to judge the manufacturer blaming quality of the product. However, we need to consider that it may also be due to our negligence.

All these hair items are prone to damage. In most cases, the damage done depends on how we took care of it. If you want your wig to last longer, you should follow these instructions.


Proper daily care


Wigs and hair extensions require constant care each and every day. Prior to putting them, make sure to detangle it by using your finger. Whenever you comb it, make sure to do it slowly as you don’t want to shed hairs. Like with real hair, it’s necessary to brush it from the top to bottom.


Hair washing


Similar tricks work when you’re washing hair. Again, you need to start by properly detangling the product and again, you need to be very gentle. Weaves should never be rubbed against each other. In that sense, Brazilian wigs and extensions are different from your own hair. Oil deposits are constantly being created on the top of your head. They can easily damage the extensions and in worst case scenario, they may even cause an infection. Because of that it’s necessary to wash your hair regularly.


Be careful with tools


People may go overboard when it comes to styling. Have in mind that by simply having extensions, you have the wanted style; there is no need to combine it or to try new things. Even though you’re able to dry them and use various tools, you shouldn’t actually do that. Hair extensions are very similar to real hair and they take damage from the same sources. Using a hair iron may seem cool and may revamp your extensions but it will also cause extensive, irreversible damage.


Use natural products


If you’re washing hair extensions, make sure to use natural products. Anything that has too many chemicals can be counterproductive so make sure to shy away from such items. Instead, try going for natural solutions as well as products on a natural basis.


Make sure to properly wash


When washing your extensions, you will have to use conditioner first and shampoo afterwards. Also, whenever using products (even if they’re natural) make sure to rinse them properly.


Additional tips



  • Washing and conditioning is something you need to do all the time
  • Do not be too fancy wish your hair; there is no need to rub it or twist it
  • Detangling is a must
  • It’s much better if you’re able to dry your hair naturally, without using a hairdryer
  • Too much sun can cause damage
  • Make sure to brush your Brazilian wig and extensions downwards as you would with real hair
  • Don’t forget to comb curly hair lace closure with your fingers


  • If in doubt, always check things with your stylist, hairdresser or anyone who knows better


There is a good reason why these products are so popular: they allow us to have hair from our dreams. Even though these bundles are not that expensive and you’re able to buy them on a constant basis, there is no need to lose money on them. In other words, there is no need to ruin your wig before it has run its course. By properly maintaining your products they will last longer, you will have more fun with them and ultimately, you will be more stylish.

Black Panther Movie Out May 15th #BlackPanther

I have to admit I did not know if I would like Black Panther.  This charter is new to me.  I of course had seen him a few times but really did not understand his origins.  I loved that this movie went into the history.  We get to find out how the Black Panther came to be and why.  This is a must for me to love a character.  The movie was action packed and fantastic.  I am so excited that I now have this one in my collection.

Black Panther

Black Panther was an action-packed movie from beginning to end.  It really told the story and keep me sucked in to what would happen next.


To celebrate the in-home release of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, we’ve uncovered 10 stellar secrets from the making of the epic super hero saga. The mighty new Marvel movie is released Digitally in HD, 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere on May 8 and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™, DVD and On-Demand onMay 15. Wakanda forever!



When it comes to the inspiration behind the story of Marvel Studios’ Black Panther, director and co-writer Ryan Coogler admits that he delved deep into the history of the acclaimed Marvel comic book series. “We pulled from all of the comics,” Coogler explains. “When you watch our film, you will probably see something from every writer that has touched T’Challa’s character in the Black Panther comics. Everything from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s initial runs through to Don McGregor, Christopher Priest, Jonathan Hickman and Brian Stelfreeze. We grabbed from it all. Each writer left their own mark, so Agent Ross [played by Martin Freeman in the movie] came from Christopher Priest’s run and the character of Shuri came from Reginald Hudlin’s run. Each run left something for us to pull from, but we pulled from absolutely all of them.”




“It was incredible to walk on to the Wakandan sets,” enthuses Danai Gurira, who plays Okoye in the movie. “Our production designer, Hannah Beachler, was amazing. I remember walking into the Tribal Council room and thinking, ‘This room is stunning.’ The floors were see-through. There were massive, beautifulpanther statues. The throne was very African. The entire décor was very African. It was an amazing experience, which was very rich for my character because I stood there and I thought, ‘This is like nothing else on the planet and it’s my character’s job to protect it.’ Hannah pulled from lots of awesome traditional African esthetics. You don’t get to see it in the movie, but she also designed T’Challa’s office, which was another amazing room on set. We shot some scenes in there, which were left out of the movie – but the office was constructed and it looked amazing.”



“We took a really important trip to South Africa to do a ton of research for Black Panther,” reveals production designer Hannah Beachler. “We went up and down the country, which helped immensely when we started to create the sets. It was incredible to see all the colors, the textiles and the way things were built. In the end, we shot a lot of plates and second unit footage in South Africa. We shot footage in Uganda, which was used to show the farm land and open space of Wakanda. It was beautiful. We also shot at Victoria Falls in Zambia. When the fighters come flying through the falls and get to the challenge pool; that flight through the falls is Victoria Falls. But when you get to the challenge pool, what you see behind them is a bit of Iguazu Falls, which is in South America. We smashed the two together because we wanted a horizon.”



“The tag scene with Bucky [played by Sebastian Stan] at the end of the movie came as a wonderful surprise to me,” explains Letitia Wright, who plays Shuri inBlack Panther. “I was so happy when I read about it. Props to Ryan [Coogler] for adding it to the movie. This scene was shot quite late in the production, but I really enjoyed it. It was a beautiful day on set and I thought it was a great way for us to find out where Bucky had been hiding in Wakanda. We shot the scene in a forest area somewhere in Atlanta, but it only took a day. Sebastian was really great to work with. He’s a good chap.”



Marvel fans can delve deeper into the wondrous world of Wakanda with the exclusive bonus features packaged with the in-home release of the movie. Not only are there behind-the-scenes featurettes and never-before-seen outtakes, but there are also a number of deleted scenes. “There are a couple of scenes with Okoye and W’Kabi [played by Daniel Kaluuya] that I would love people to see,” explains Danai Gurira. “There’s a scene between Okoye and W’Kabi, which takes place after Killmonger tells us what he’s going to do with the kingdom. Okoye is very disturbed by her man seeming to positively respond to Killmonger. There’s also a scene where W’Kabi and Okoye go head-to-head. Okoye pushes W’Kabi to a place where all the rage he had towards T’Challa comes out. I hope some of those moments end up in the deleted scenes.”



“The African language that we speak in the movie is Xhosa, which is a Bantu language from South Africa,” reveals Lupita Nyong’o, who plays Nakia in BlackPanther. “It has the clicks which my native tongue does not have, so I had to learn it for the movie. I worked very closely with a dialect coach to get it right. I also speak Korean in the film, which was a doozy. A week before we shot the scenes in South Korea, they finalized exactly what Nakia was going to say, so all week I kept practicing the lines over and over again. However, I slipped up from time to time. At one point, the Korean extras laughed because they told me I’d said something about a barbecue by mistake – but we got there in the end.”



“The audition process was really interesting,” admits Letitia Wright. “I sent over two tapes from London and I didn’t think anything would happen – but then I got a call asking me to fly out to Los Angeles for a screen test. That’s where I met Ryan [Coogler] and Chadwick [Boseman, who plays T’Challa]. Thankfully, we had an immediate connection. I went home and I didn’t hear anything for a couple of weeks – but then I was called back for another screen test. This time, I flew to Atlanta and they put braids in my hair – and I knew I just had to have fun with the audition. I remember thinking, ‘Man, if this happens, it will be very special for me.’ A couple of weeks later, I found out they wanted me for the role of Shuri. I was standing at a bus stop in London when the call came through. I went crazy! I was screaming at the bus stop! I was overjoyed to be part of this epic movie.”



Before the cameras started to roll on Black Panther, cast members flew out to Atlanta to prepare for the movie’s awe-inspiring action sequences. “The boot camp lasted six weeks,” reveals Danai Gurira. “It was really helpful to get athletically conditioned for the film shoot, although we also got into the specifics of the movements of our characters. We learned fight choreography, as well as different techniques of how our character was going to move on set. It was intense, but I learned a lot. Okoye is the general of the army and the head of the Dora Milaje, so the way she fights is very traditional. Her movement with the war spear comes from very ancient movements of the nation. It was really interesting to learn.”



An exclusive gag reel has been created for the in-home release, which is packed with comedy bloopers and slapstick slip-ups from the set of the movie. “There were a lot of funny moments during the filming of Black Panther,” recalls Letitia Wright. “Even though the shoot was a lot of hard work and there were some incredibly physical scenes, we always found moments to have fun. We had rap battles in between takes, or we organized dinners and bowling sessions. There was a day where we did a Get Out challenge, because we had [Get Out star] Daniel Kaluuya working with us. Who won the rap battles? To be perfectly honest, I think I was the best. I was up against a lot of people, but their rapping skills were terrible.”



Hannah Beachler admits she had a ton of fun working on the high-tech gadgets for the movie. “The Kimoyo beads are my favorite,” the production designer admits. “I really pushed the design on them because I knew the beads needed to be something really cool. The Kimoyo beads were originally introduced in the Black Panther comics – but Ryan [Coogler] loved the idea of using them for communicating in the movie. If you look closely at the beads, you’ll see there’s a prime bead, which is given to you when you’re born in Wakanda. There is a little peak on the prime bead, which makes it stand out from the others. All the beads’ symbols light up, but the prime bead lights up completely. A Nigerian language – nsibidi – is used for the symbols on the beads. You’ll also see nsibidi writing on columns of some of the iconic buildings in Wakanda, too.”

We got this movie in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

Fobbles Portable Fog & Bubble Machine Giveaway

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Tips For Painting Your Home



One of the easiest ways to upgrade your home is to give it a fresh coat of paint. However, while painting your home may seem like a simple task, it is easy for mistakes to be made. After all, we don’t have professional painters for no reason. So with that in mind, read on to discover some beneficial tips that will help you when painting your home.


Sand trim


In between coats of paint, you should sand trim to achieve a smooth finish. One coat of paint is not typically enough to hide the seam on the trim and the underlying color. Plus, if you do not sand the surface in between each coat of paint, you may find that the final result is grainy. Therefore, to achieve that desirable ultra smooth finish, you should sand the trim before you apply your next coat of paint.


Look into the different effects that are available


Nowadays, you can get so many different colors and types of paint that will give your home a new look. You can see a prime example of this at Faux Masters Studio. At this studio, they use paint with decorative effects to create a stunning and unique finish. These paints are designed to replicate the look of natural elements,  including textured sand, sandstone, gems, and woodgrain.


Roll paint along the edges


When you are painting your home, it is important to achieve a consistent texture and you can do this by roll painting along the edges. If you paint areas next to the trim and corners with a brush then they are going to have a texture that is noticeably different when compared with the paint that surrounds it. To make sure that you have a consistent texture in these areas, you should brush on the paint but then you need to immediately roll it before the paint dries.


Clean dirty surfaces before painting


Last but not least, this is arguably the most important tip of them all. Because if you paint over surfaces that are oily and dirty, then the paint will easily peel or chip off. Therefore, before you start painting, you should clean all areas that are grimy with a heavy duty cleaner or a de-glosser, which are intended for pre-paint cleaning specifically.


So there you have it, some must-read tips for anyone that is going to do a bit of painting in their home. While painting may seem like an easy task, there are actually many different things that can go wrong if you are not prepared and do not use the correct tools or techniques. Hopefully, though, you now have everything you need to do an amazing job.

TULLY Mother’s Day #tully


Are you wondering what to do for Mothers Day?  How about a fun movie about the struggles of motherhood.  Tully is a fantastic move that is not only funny , but may just give you another outlook on your life.  Life as a parent can be hard, but how we look on what happens can make all the difference. Take a break this Mothers day grab a little pop corn , sit back and relax.


In Theaters May 4, 2018

Director:         Jason Reitman (“Juno,” “Up in the Air,” “Young Adult”)

Written by:     Diablo Cody (“Juno,” “Young Adult”)

Starring:         Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Mark Duplass, and Ron Livingston

A new comedy from Academy Award®-nominated director Jason Reitman (“Up in the Air”) and Academy Award®-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody (“Juno”). Marlo (Academy Award® winner Charlize Theron), a mother of three including a newborn, is gifted a night nanny by her brother (Mark Duplass). Hesitant to the extravagance at first, Marlo comes to form a unique bond with the thoughtful, surprising, and sometimes challenging young nanny named Tully (Mackenzie Davis).


Running Time: 94 Minutes

Rating: R

Official Site I Facebook I Twitter I Instagram    



A huge thank you to the reps that sent me a fantastic Tully Mothers Day Box.  Any mom can use a little relaxation and this will do the trick.



Product included:


  • Sleeping mask
  • Pillow spray
  • Ear plugs
  • Diffuser
  • Essential oil for diffuser
  • Face mask

Get ready for your puppy with Yippr


So as most of you know we have a new family member coming to our family.  Apple is going to be my sons service dog.  As most of you also know we have quite a few other dogs in our life.  These are our time share beauties.  They all belong to good friends of ours, they bring them over for my little guy.  They are all very highly trained and bring something great to our life.  When they are with us we bring them everywhere.  This includes in the car/truck.  The Yippr back seat cover was perfect.  The car cover was very easy to set up we had it ready to go in seconds.


The awesome dogs we have are always wet and some can shed like you would not believe.  Two of the dogs are trained fishing guide and one is a river rafting dog.  Which means especially this time of year they are wet and most likely muddy.  The back-seat cover helps keep our seats clean while our babies can lay down comfortably.  When its time to take baby boy to school its easy to just take down.  Cleaning was also very easy for us we just took out and shook it.  Our seats were perfect.

The pet travel bowl we keep in the truck.  It is fantastic when we are out and about so easy to pop up and use.  We can use it for food if we are out over night and water all day long.  It does not leak at all and cleans up easily with just a little soap and warm water.  I love that it also came with a carabiner so we could attach it to out backpacks for when we went on walks or a hike. The river rafting guys loved this for their trips.  It folds very small so they have an awesome bowl to bring with them for the animals that does not take up much room at all.

Yippr has a great range of products that your pets will love but will also make your life easier. I would suggest them to everyone.


Want even better news one lucky  U.S winner will get their very own Car Seat Cover enter below

Yippr Car Seat Cover

We got these in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

Breaking Down the Impact of Great Body Building Products

When you make a fitness plan, what you eat plays a huge part in how successful and effective it will be.  One of the first steps is to commit to a new way of eating, drinking and sleeping. What you do in between those things will have an impact on your success.   Getting ample rest is key to allowing your body to go through the processes of breaking down the vital nutrients you consume. It is also the time the body will start to repair the muscles you have used during your workout.  Small tears in the tissue occur when we strain our muscles to the breaking point. And it’s the build up and repair process that takes place during sleep that will make them stronger. What you eat, and drink will help determine how strong they will be.  You must drink lots of water to flush away toxins and impurities, and to maintain a healthy ph in the body. By doing this, you muscle tissue will repair itself and become stronger. These changes will be evident in the days and weeks after you put them through the paces of your workout.  As you shed the excess fat and gain lean muscle, you will have better definition and tone, feel better and rest well.

We all have to navigate a landscape littered with fast foods that tempt us when we are hungry, short on time or change.  Many fitness enthusiasts have decried the proliferation of fast food drive-ins with little to offer in the way of real nutrition.  But there is a way to avoid the French fry trap, and that is by keeping your supply of snacks, shakes and bars topped up with goodies from Bodybuilding.com.  They are a leader in the field of online nutritional supplements for those in the fitness world. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or hold a world title or record, you’ll find Bodybuilding.com stocks the best products in the industry, offers the best selection, and when you apply a Bodybuilding.com coupon from Groupon to your purchase at checkout, you’ll get the best price.  That’s because they have teamed up with Groupon to offer their customers the ease and convenience of shopping for their must have nutritional supplements at discounts like 10% off their signature work out performance stacks.   And even more, up to 50% off their top workout accessories.

You can save on their entire line of goods and get exclusive deals and promotional steals only available through Groupon deals.  With the convenience of shopping online available 24 hours a day, making sure you have your supplies on hand in a moment of weakness that would otherwise wreck your hard-won weight loss can make all the difference.  Bodybuilding.com is as invested in your success as you are. Since 1999, they strive to make it easier for those in the fitness world to have access to all the knowledge, supplements, foods, exercise equipment and routines they need to reach their individual goals.  They have an app that will help you track your success, build your own routines, (which is especially great if you can’t get to the gym,) and order from their extensive line of products like Combat Crunch Bars, BCAA Energy, fat burners, creatine, multivitamins, clothing and more.  No matter how you break it down, Bodybuilding.com has a product that will make it all better.

How to Prepare for Your First Surgery

Surgery is one of those things that we all hope to never have to go through, although many of us ultimately will. When surgery is required, we often have little choice in the matter, and so it is best to bite the bullet and get it over with. However natural it might be to worry about the prospect of surgery, there are good reasons to want to enter the operating room in as positive a frame of mind as possible. There is evidence that the attitude patients have prior to surgery can have an effect on the likelihood of adverse events and complications arising.

While some level of fear and trepidation is perfectly normal, even when undergoing a minor procedure, you will want to do everything possible to minimize any stress and anxiety you feel. Fortunately, there are a couple of really simple things that anyone can do to help put their minds at ease.

Get Healthy

There are an infinite variety of circumstances that could end in a patient needing surgery. For some people, their reasons for being in the hospital and requiring surgery will be enough in and of themselves to galvanize the patient into action. Whether this is the case or not, you shouldn’t really need an excuse to try and eat better and exercise more.

Not only is getting healthy a sensible idea anyway, you will want to go into your surgery in the best shape possible so that your body will be able to recover as quickly as possible afterward. The recovery period after surgery can be very unpleasant for some types of surgery, while others are not so bad. The healthier you are in general, the easier your recovery.

Do Your Research

A lot of people find that they worry a lot less about undergoing a surgical procedure when they know exactly what is involved in it. Whilst this sounds like a paradoxical idea, some people prefer knowing exactly what will happen. Others find that that knowledge only increases their worrying. Only you know which category you fall into.

If the research you do sparks a newfound curiosity and interest in the world of surgery, why not consider a career as a surgical technician or assistant? Check out bestsurgicaltechschools.com to view schools in different regions of the United States.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Picture Credit 

Doing your own research may well teach you a great deal about the procedure that you will be undergoing, However, you may well have questions that you cannot find the answer to, or which go beyond the scope of an online article. In such cases, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor or a member of medical staff at the hospital if you have any questions regarding your treatment and the procedure you are about to undergo.

None of us ever wants to have to go under the knife and the first time is particularly scary. However, we are fortunate to live in a country with excellent standards of healthcare and the majority of surgeries go off without a hitch. Before you undergo your procedure, make sure you understand exactly what is involved and that you are in the best physical and emotional health possible.