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We are a family friendly page who love to help our readers find great products and companies.  We have worked with some great company’s and are always looking for others.  Our reviews are always personal no cut and copy.  We like to let people see what the product is like for us in the real world.

Why choose us.

You will find that we are a diverse group on our page this will not only get you the beauty crowd but also the moms and dads.  We are very busy people these days and my readers like that fact that they do not have to do a bunch of research. they can come to my page to find their new beauty product, recipe and also a great new toy for their little one, or home accessories.   Working with Tabbys Pantry will help you reach people who sometimes would have normally not heard of your product.  I do my research so my readers do not have to.


Product Reviews

All my reviews are posted on all my social medias multiple times.  I also do flash back days and re post reviews all the time.  It is not a 1 shot with me once you have been reviewed you will randomly be re posted so new comers and people who have missed it get a chance to see it.  I also have a review page where yours will stay up for all to see.  We also take lots of pictures for everyone to see color, style, and use. The review item will be mine to keep.  email at


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Combo of 4 Tweets on Twitter or  Facebook – $30
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All payments must be made via paypal before tweets and statuses are made


What can I say here, my fans love giveaways and it’s a great way to get people to your facebook page, twitter page, and web site. If I have gotten the same item to review. I will set up the giveaway for a pre determined item for you and pick the winner.  Your job on this one will be shipping the prize.   If you would like to do a giveaway without a review this can also be done. message me for more info.

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We love sponsored posts and advertising please contact me for details.


A little about me.  I am a fun loving mom of a fantastic 8 year old.  I just got 2 baby black lab puppies that are being trained as service dogs for my son. We travel a lot and love playing.  I started this blog because I like to share what I know with others. I love beauty and cooking along with pretty much everything else. My husband always said I have a lot to say about everything and I do believe it shows in my reviews and posts.  If you are a great company or have a great product feel free to contact me at any time.  I do believe we are all here to help one and another out and I love the part I play in helping you all out with great reviews and getting people to your product.

You can contact me at  Please use e-mail to contact me the contact me form like to hold messages for over a year.

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