10 Home Upgrades That Are Actually Worth It

When it comes to home upgrades, you want to do all that you can to ensure that you are choosing the right ones for your home. If you have dreamt for a long time about a remodel, then you still need to get started with writing a list for all the things that you want your home to have. 


Some upgrades are going to be for fun and quality of life where others are going to be for customizing your lifestyle. Some of the ideas are going to be a big commitment and others won’t be so huge but will still be important to your home! You want somewhere more stylish, comfortable and functional to live in, and that means choosing to invest wisely and research the epoxy garage floor cost, the bathroom tiles cost and kitchen backsplash! You need to make upgrades to your home that are actually worth it, and we’ve got ten of them for you below.

Image source: Pexels

  1. A wet room. Switching out your bathroom to a shower wet room is a luxury upgrade if there ever was one. You should get rid of streaky shower doors and have an open wet room that looks amazing. There is a lot of work and expense involved, but it’s going to look amazing, add value to the house and really give you the chance to have a larger shower if you want one. It can look sleek and stylish in an instant, and it’s so worth every single cost involved because of the personal comfort of your own wet room.
  2. Upgrade the roof. A practical upgrade, a new roof or a replaced roof is going to be a great addition to the house. You will have to think about the savings you’re going to make on your energy bill and how you can ensure that your roof is intact so that it stays protecting the house in the weather. If you want to give it an upgrade, make sure that you change the color of the tiles to add a little pizzazz. 
  3. Upgrade the countertops. Counters in the kitchen often need a change every few years, and it’s going to upgrade the kitchen visually, functionality and more. You’re going to be able to give the kitchen an entirely new look, and you can choose an entirely new material for your kitchen. The worktops and the cabinets can be changed up to look the same color. Cabinets and countertops are always worth upgrading if you want your kitchen to look good. 
  4. Change the garage doors. Did you know that you can adjust the exterior of your home when you upgrade the garage doors? You can upgrade the material, the hardware and the way it opens. You can even add windows to your garage doors and make it a space that you can add color and light to the outside of the house. Changing up the garage doors is also a good idea if you’re looking for ways to adjust the exterior of your home. If you are upgrading the exterior, you’re going to find that you manage it better with a pretty new garage door!
  5. Add heat under your flooring. You should do this with the garage if you’re going to have a garage that is transformed into a new room. The rest of the house can really use underfloor heating, but try to keep it to the bathroom and kitchen because usually these rooms don’t have carpeting. Carpet is warm enough so the flooring that is cold underfoot would be a better option than the carpeted areas. 

Image Source: Pexels

               6. Add new vents. One of the upgrades you can make that is worth it is in the bathrooms! You need to vent these spaces to avoid any condensation and mold building up. New vents and upgraded ventilation fans will help you to keep your bathrooms condensation-free and that’s a perfect upgrade if you deal with mold in the spaces. 

                 7. Brand new boilers. When was the last time you got a boiler in your home upgraded? Most people don’t bother as they’re something that often changes up every ten years or so. You should – if you can – upgrade your water heater to a tankless one. You should consider how your boiler is currently working and then decide if you can upgrade to a new one.

                8. Get a new deck. A great way to add more value to your house with an upgrade is to get a new deck around the back of the house. It’s a home upgrade that’s actually worth it because you’ll be using it all the time as an extension from your living space.  A deck becomes your summer living room because it’s the space you kick back, read, enjoy breakfast and just chill out. Your deck is going to add so uchto your home and you won’t realize it until you do it. 

             9.   More storage. From the kitchen to the bedroom, upgrading your storage options are really worth it. If you’re looking to invest, now is the time to do it and you can add more pantry storage, more cabinets and drawers and you can even convert an entire closet if you want to. This is an upgrade that’s worth your time and your money and you can build your storage into the walls if you want to. The increase in storage is going to be excellent for your home, and you’re going to be able to use it all of the time.

              10.  Adding solar power. You can invest a little more into your home with solar panels and solar energy. It’s a huge financial investment but the return that you get overtime is a worthy thing to invest in. Solar panels are going to help you to heat your home, give power to your sockets and everything else that’s powered by electricity! You should consider this even if the outlay is big because over time, you’ll get that money back with your saved money on electric bills.