Make your Trip To Hawaii A Dream Trip

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I love that I grew up with a mom who loved to travel. She would save every chance she got and take us all around the globe to see and do everything. One of my favorite places that we went a few times was Hawaii. We spend a week there a few times and it was always a blast with so much to do.

When we were younger traveling was so much more work then it is today. You could not just hop on the internet and find what looks fun, there was no inclusive day passes like with Go Oahu Pass. With this pass you can go and see and do a ton of stuff with only 1 pass. No more searching around for the best deal and what they have to do in the area. Back in the day you either found a travel agent or it was basically word of mouth and what the people at the hotel told you about.

We traveled many places when I was young.  Hawaii was always my favorite and the one I remember the best.   Getting to go see and talk to the survivors of Pearl Harbor was an amazing experience that I will never forget. The guys told the story like it was yesterday and even as a young kid i was drawn in and excited to learn the history and talk to them

Going to the Polynesian Cultural Center I remember walking and and it seeming like we just traveled to another world.  I got to see people making hats.  A guy climb a tree for a coconut and cracking it right there in front of us for the coconut milk. so much was going on you could truly stay for days and still have a blast. We got to learn of their history and even take park in some of the traditions. As a child who hated learning and school I was surprised on how much I actually loved learning when i got to be a part of it.

If have never been on a Fruit & Farm Tour this is the place to start.  You will not only get to see all the ins and outs, but going threw the fields and tasting the freshest fruits picked right in front of you will truly be an experience.  My sister LOVES pineapple and this was her favorite we went back every time we were there and she always stocked up on fresh fruit for our visit.

The amount of places you can go and see are just amazing.  Now that I can look stuff up on the internet just shows me I need about 10 more vacations there to see and do everything.  The food is amazing and they have so much to choose from.  I love when you are walking around the streets of Hawaii you can find the most amazing stores and food just around every corner.

There are so many amazing places to see in Hawaii. I love that you can make it a go go go vacation or you can make it a relax and do nothing while sitting on the beach vacation. No matter which way you like to go Hawaii is the perfect destination. I can not wait to bring my little guy here one day and show him all the wonders that I have gotten to see.