Hanks Twisted Challenge from Wicked Cool Toys

We got Hanks Twisted Challenge free in exchange for our honest review.

We love a great family game night. Now that my parents live closer, we like to get together once a month and play great games with the whole family.  This month we got to try out Hanks Twisted Challenge from Wicked Cool Toys.  Wicked Cool Toys has a whole line of toys that my family loves.

The goal of the game is to get the little ball like piece from your mouth piece to the end by bending, moving, twisting and so much more.  Now due to the movement in this game I could not get any good pictures they all tuned out to be a blur lol.

This game was so much fun and got my family up and moving and trying to beat each other.  I love that the game even has cards with special moves and rules like keep your eyes closed.  It set up a whole new level to the game.

If you looking for a fantastic game to play with you family this is going to be a must have.