Tons of Family Fun with Fobbles #fogbubbles #fobbles


  Have you heard of Fobbles?  If you answered no then you are missing out on a ton of family fun.  I don’t know about your kids but my son is obsessed with bubbles.  If I would sit there all day long blowing them he would be the happiest kid in the world.  Of course, I won’t I normally just last a few minutes then have to get back to life.  Fobbles now has the perfect answer for me.  I can now plug this baby in and my son goes nuts.

Fobbles    Fobbles

 I also love that this machine and these formulas work so great together if you are having an event this is perfect for the ambiance. You will be amazed at the performance you get with this price.

Fobbles      Fobbles

  This was very easy to use just fill the fog solution area, fill the front with bubbles.  Make sure the bottom wands are covered. Then turn the buttons on the machine to on. Leave the main switch off till the light turns on then hit start.  This machine will automatically turn off when it needs to rest.  No worries about very heating it.  Turn off the main switch then when its ready it will light up again.  Doing just the bubbles with out the fog the machine will run longer then when you have them both going.

  As you can see my little guy loved it, so did the puppies.  We love Fobbles I am so excited that we have it to play with every day and for special occasions.


Ready to shop we got you covered can purchase the machine via Amazon — through, or on Amazon – for $129.99.  This is such a great price make sure to but before it goes up.

I got this in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

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