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I got the chance to try out these great bottles and we loves them.


My sister is a research person so of course she did hours of research to find who had the best bottles.  So I took her up on the challenge with Tommy tippee’ help of course.   We checked out these bottles and to make it a great test that is right I gave it to the two year old and said do your worst.  To my surprise these not only held up but were still like brand new.


First baby boy is a chewer and even chewing on the nipple no holes no leaks.  These were great you would not believe how many of some of the other ones I had to replace after just one use.  I am sure he will get threw them one day but he did do it right away and that is what I was looking for.   This is a great feature for people who have little ones who chew on everything.


Then we had to do a leak test.  This is my second biggest problem.  I was very happy to report that I did not get any leaky bottles during the 2 weeks we tried these out.   We had them filled with water juice, and milk, they lay on their side got thrown around and forgotten for a day or 2.  With some of the other bottles we had used this would have been a disaster but these did not leak at all. 


This brought me to my last test is the cleaning test.  If you are anything like me sometimes you get some bottles that you just cannot clean the corners are so tight you cannot clean them all the way.  This had gentle corners which meant easy to clean no sharp corners to scrub out.  The nipple was very easy to clean also and drying of course I use a drying rack quick and simple and ready to go again.


These bottles are of course BPA free, mimics natural feel, flex & movement of breastfeeding.  They have a easy to latch on nipple and a anti-colic, anti-gas vent.  This one I am going to have to give to my sister her research paid off this is a have to be at my top of the list of best baby bottles out there.


I would recommend this bottle to everyone This Company is not only a great company but makes a fantastic product.

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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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