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Tock The Learning Clock

Did you know that not all teens can read a clock?  To me this is a must in life that should be taught at a young age.  Reading a clock is one of the fundamentals in life.


If you have a little one who is learning to read a clock?  The Tock the Learning Clock is exactly what you need.  This clock will not only help teach your little one to read a clock, but he is also fun, you have the normal clock face, the digital clock and If you turn his hands he will tell you what time it is.

Tock also has a music mode.  So, you little one can also dance to the music.  The light on the top of Tocks head will also turn green when its time for them to wake up.

If you have a little one who has not mastered staying in bed till the sun comes up now they will have a visual for when its time to get up.  When the light turns green they can come and wake you up and be ready for the day.


Tock needs a few batteries to get started so make sure to have a screw driver and batteries on hand and ready to go.

I set the alarm on this guy without noticing so make sure to read the directions. lol It was very easy to fix.  They also had a learning mode.  He would ask for you to set a certain time and when you put the hands on the right time he cheered you on.

Come check out Tock your kids are going to love him.

We got this free in exchange for an honest review.

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