Take A Little Time To Teach Your Child To Love The Bathroom

Getting children to use the bathroom can be challenging. We all know the struggle of getting them to brush their teeth or get in the bath. It’s not easy! Busy Moms could do without this struggle in their lives. You should do everything you can to make your bathroom as appealing as possible. No amount of work is going to solve the problem completely. Even so, taking small steps can make the bathroom a place they don’t hate. Here are a few ideas that might help you.


Many bathrooms can be cold and uninviting. It’s no wonder that the children are reluctant to spend time there. Make your bathroom as appealing as possible by updating your appliances and decoration. Some people like to update their bathrooms with glass shower doors for a modern finish. A company like Contractor Connection can help you with renovation. That way, you can focus on decoration. Think about a style that would appeal to your children. Why not settle on a sea life theme they can have a little fun with? Think bright colors and wall art for them to enjoy when they’re washing!

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Nothing is so effective at getting the children into the bath as bathroom toys. During your renovation, think about storage space. That way, you can keep those toys tucked away! There are many options out there for your kids to enjoy in the bath. Aim to get toys they can play with time and again. Think of things that will keep them amused for the duration of their bath. Toys that change color in hot water are always a hit. You could even provide them with bath crayons, which come off when you wash them! Make sure not to give them real crayons, though. You’d never manage to wash those off!

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Sometimes, your children won’t want to use the bathroom because they find it difficult. You’ll be able to tell if this is the case. If you think your child is struggling, do everything you can to make their bathroom visits easier. Investing in simple things, like steps to help them reach the toilet, can make a huge difference. Think, too, about investing in toilet wipes that allow them to clean themselves without hassle. It’s also worth buying things like timed toothbrushes to make their tooth cleaning easier. Have a little fun with this so that they look forward to cleaning their teeth. This can also make trips to a Dentist in Vista or to a dentist where you live much less daunting. Invest in a brush that plays their favorite song as they brush. That way, they can have a little fun, and you can be sure they’re brushing for long enough!

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Often, the aversion to the bathroom comes from the resigned way their parents try to get them there. Don’t approach bathroom chores like they’re bad. Don’t lose your temper. Talk about the bathroom like it’s a treat, and make it a fun place to be. You’ll see the difference this approach has immediately. With a little effort, you won’t be able to get the kids out of there!