Turning Your Lame Room Into The Game Room

Whatever your situation, everybody needs a game room. Come on. Whether you’re living with a group of restless students, or a group of restless children (very little difference), we all need a break sometimes. For some that might be a simple game of pool, chilling out in front of the TV without anyone pestering us, or playing old school video games. Wait… What if there was a way to combine all those things into one amazing room?

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There’s your answer. A game room could finally give you that shelter from the world you’ve so desperately been seeking. Better still, it could entirely transform an otherwise dull, unused, or over-cluttered area of your house. How should you get started?

Find a good room. Any room will do.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect room for your cool little chill-out pad, whether it’s just for you, or you’ll let the kids come in, then consider wasted space in your house. Sure, maybe you don’t have a spare room sitting around and waiting to be converted into a gaming space, but you might have cluttered spaces in your house that should be put to better use. For many, this might be the garage. Perhaps you have a few tools knocking around in there, but putting up a cheap shelving cabinet or throwing out old things could put an end to that problem.

Now you can use all that free space in the centre of the room, once taken up by clutter, to build your incredible gaming empire. A pool table, games console in the corner, and maybe you could even get a high-tech garage door, using something like the liftmaster to open it without ever having to get out of your gaming chair.

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Use the space wisely.

I can already sense that you’re going mad with power. Yes, the idea of having your own private room for games and entertainment (which you may, very rarely, allow others to use) is an exciting one, but don’t get too carried away. You probably want to shove all your favourite games and forms of entertainment into one tiny room, but, let’s be honest, that isn’t going to happen. Plus, it won’t be such a relaxing place when you can barely step a foot through the door. You know that hanging your best dart board isn’t going to take up much space, but have you got enough space to actually play? Or are there other games in the way? You need to prioritize the things you want most in your room. If you know you definitely want a pool table rather than a smaller ping pong table, you will have to prioritize space for it. These days, all good games rooms contain gaming consoles and all of their relevant accessories, but it can be hard to find room for all of these. If you have been looking on BestGamingChair.com for the best chair money can buy, for example, make sure you’re sensible about its size as you won’t want to have to squeeze into it to play. In terms of what to prioritize, I would always keep a spare, good ps4 hard drive if that’s the console you have, just in case its storage becomes full in the middle of a game. I’d also keep a range of different games to play but choose the ones you enjoying playing the most. For example, in our house we all love to play first person shooter games like Call of Duty so we need a dedicated space to play these video games. Although a lot of the time everyone likes to laugh at how bad I am at aiming! One of my best friends loves first person shooter games too so our gaming room would be perfect for him. He is a big gaming fan and recently he even went on a training course to improve his aim. He told me “Having tested all of the aim trainers out there, my personal recommendation would be for Aiming.Pro.” – maybe I should take a look? Watch this space.

Include a pool table and maybe a pinball machine, if you’re feeling retro. Then, leave a bit of manoeuvring room to work your way over to the sofa to watch some TV or play Call of Duty. If you’re sharing a house with equally-bored students, you’ll want to ensure there’s room for them to walk in too. Otherwise… tensions will rise.

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Remember comfort above all else.

Invest in some cozy chairs, because this is the game room. You’ll come here to get away from the world for a little while, so enjoy it whilst you do. Remember, you’re here to have fun, which means you should be relaxing, even if you’re letting loose and pretending your boss is the ball in your pinball machine.

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