Shoplet Rapid Stapler


    Hubby and I use a stapler a lot.  Between the bookkeeping I do and he packages all his baits by hand a good Rapid Stapler is exactly what we need.  This stapler was small enough to fit in our hands perfectly but is also worked fantastic.  I used it for two weeks now and it has not got stuck once.  This is a big deal for us.  We pay for each header for his baits when the staple gets stuck we have to pull it out and throw away the header.  No one wants their packaging to look bad.  This ends up costing more money.  Even penny adds up over a year.  This one had a nice smooth stapling procedure.  Nothing has gotten stuck and it is easy to reload.  We were truly impressed with this Rapid Stapler.


      Shoplet has a wide range of Office Products, Cleaning Supplies, Medical Supplies, and even Office Furniture.  One thing I love most about them is they have a really low free shipping rate.  You can stock up on all your needs and have it shipped right to you.  No more running out for every little thing you have run out of.  They also have a very easy site to use.  They are going to become your go to for all your office needs.


I would like to note although I got this item for free. All opinions are 100% mine