Shoplet Pilot pens review

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     Shoplet has a whole line of product for your home or office. No matter what you are looking for they have it. They carry everything from Office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies and more. I love that they have a very low free shipping rate so everything is delivered right to your door at a fantastic price. No more running out for supplies they will send it right to you, so you have more time to actually get your work done.

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       Pilot pens as a wide range of products no matter what kind of fit you like for your pen you will find it here. My favorite was the Dr. Grip Frosted. I like a bigger pen my hands are small and it makes it easier for me to write. I also love that it is a good learning pen for my son.

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      Each of these pilot pens wrote perfect. Nice clean lines and the ink did not break while writing. Some of the sets came with different colors so if you are taking notes and want different colors for different notes these are perfect.

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     Whether you are looking for an awesome pen just for home or if you need a good set for work or college these will be great.   There is nothing worse than sitting down to take notes and your pen not working. You will not have that problem with these pens.


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I would like to note all though this was a sponsored post all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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  1. Good pens are a must have in my home office. The kids walk off with them all the time though so I have to keep restocking lol.

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