What you should look for in a personal injury lawyer

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Should you find yourself searching for attorneys in Augusta GA or Columbus, Atlanta or anywhere at all, it is important that you look for the right credentials in a personal injury lawyer. Rather than simply looking for the nearest or least expensive option, there are several points that you should be on the lookout for to get the best legal representation.


Get an attorney in your subject area

Whether your injury arose from a road traffic accident or a defective product you used, you must seek out a personal injury lawyer who is specifically focused in this area. Getting the legal backing of someone who understands this area of the law inside and out will ensure you have the best chance of receiving compensation.


Seek out reputation and a track record

Ensure you go after the personal injury lawyers who have built up an extensive resume of successful cases for themselves and who are highly regarded. As helpful as it is for you to know that they are accomplished, it is also likely to mean that those within the relevant domains associated with personal injury are also familiar with your lawyer.


This basically means that people such as insurance companies are likely to know which lawyers won’t just settle and are likely to take the case as far as it can go. So, having someone on your side who is a known entity can be a big advantage.


Find a lawyer with a good team around them

It is not just the lawyer themselves that you are buying into when choosing representation, however, but also the team around them. Ask around first of all and try to get answers to questions such as ‘what is their team and practice like?’ If the answer is that they are diligent and tenacious, then that is always a good start!


For example, in this case of the researcher who made all of the difference to the case they were working on, it proves that you want someone on your side who is part of a great team that collaborates to get the best results.


Choose someone who listens and cares

A sign of a good lawyer is someone who takes a step back, listens to you first of all and then shows you that they understand the emotional burden of your situation. Rather than having someone who talks at you rather than listens to you, you should be looking for a lawyer that makes plenty of notes while you are speaking and then reassures you that they care about your case. These are often the best lawyers you will find.


Find someone who gives you confidence

Another characteristic of an excellent lawyer is someone who takes on all the details that are bound to overwhelm you – such as filing deadlines and understanding medical reports. Meanwhile, they make you feel you are in good hands, safe to let them take control of your situation and give you confidence in them to win your case for you.



  1. I agree that you should feel confident about your case after you talk to a lawyer. I would think that if you don’t that it would be best to talk to a different lawyer that would be confident that they could help you. I should make sure I ask about the odds of winning the case with them first if I decide to hire a lawyer.

  2. I liked your tip of looking for a personal injury lawyer who has had a lot of successful cases in the past. My brother is preparing for his new construction job and he was wondering who he should hire if he gets injured while working. I’ll be sure to tell him that he should look for a personal injury lawyer that has a good reputation for being successful if he gets injured.

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