5 Foods To Avoid For Perfect Teeth

Getting perfect teeth should be easy, but it rarely is. We live in an environment today where society tells us to consume the foods and drinks most likely to stain them and cause damage. 


The trick here is to fight back by making smart choices. Hopefully, when you start making better decisions, your trips to the dentist will be more pleasant. You won’t have to undergo as many root canals. 


But which foods should you avoid? Let’s take a look. 


Potato Chips

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Who would have thought potato chips would be so damaging to teeth? After all, they don’t contain any sugar.


Well, it turns out that while these crunchy snacks may be satisfying, they are not good for your teeth. That’s because they are high in starch that can get trapped between them and feed plaque bacteria. They also tend to be salty which can dehydrate you and make you thirsty for sugary drinks. 


Therefore, always brush your teeth after eating them. Stop cavities in their tracks. 


Sugary And Acidic Foods


You should also avoid sugary and acidic foods. But why? Because foods like candy, soda, and citrus fruits can create an environment in your mouth that allows harmful bacteria to grow, leading to cavities and decay.


Here’s how it works: 


  1. Bacteria break down sugar when they eat it producing acidic byproducts
  2. Acidic foods also contain acid naturally
  3. The acid then breaks down the tooth enamel
  4. Cavities begin to form


Sticky And Chewy Foods

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Sticky and chewy foods like caramel, gummies, and dried fruits can also be harmful to your teeth. These foods can get stuck in between your teeth, providing a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.


Most dried fruits are pretty much safe. That’s because they contain other elements that bind with the sugar and make them easy for the saliva to sweep from the mouth. However, refined products are a massive no-no. 


Chewy foods can also stick to your teeth for an extended period, increasing the risk of tooth decay and staining. They can also damage the teeth (by pulling them out), if they are loose – not what you want. 


Hard And Crunchy Foods


Hard and crunchy foods like nuts and popcorn can also be harmful to your teeth. These foods can be tough to chew and can lead to chipped or cracked teeth. That’s one of the main reasons dentists suggest you avoid consuming them if you have dentures. 


You also want to be careful with popcorn kernels. These can get stuck in between your teeth, leading to irritation and inflammation.



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What about ice? Well, if you plop it in your drink and leave it there, you shouldn’t have a problem. However, if you chew it, it can cause issues. Ice is too hard for your teeth to handle because humans rarely ate it in nature. It can also cause sensitivity issues by exposing the nerves under the enamel. Therefore, don’t chew it. Instead, sip it in water if you want to cool down, or use an alternative, like sugar-free gum.