Little Luxe Box Feb Subscription Box

                               Little Luxe Box

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Are you looking for a little luxury in your life? I love that Little Luxe Box will send you some awesome goodies every month in their fantastic subscription box. They always have some cute and yummy products in every box. When this box shows up I know I am going to have some cute relaxing and luxurious items that I could not find on my own.

I my box I got

                                                            UnReal Love

feb 2016 033

   These were chocolate coated candies that were fantastic. Not only is the packaging cute but the candies themselves tasted great. They are also Fair Trade and non gmo.


feb 2016 029

Garden and herb flavor of the Peas Please. My Nephew loves these, a great healthy snack for on the go.

                                                  Antique Lace Ring Holder

feb 2016 032

   This was not only beautiful but very functional. I hate when I have to take off my jewelry and I cannot find it or I get the gut retching feeling when I see it fall into the sink. Now you won’t have this problem anymore.

                                                  Big Dipper Wax Works

feb 2016 030

   This candle is perfect for travel size. The wick burned perfect and the smell of cinnamon filled the room.

                                                 EO Hand Sanitizer

feb 2016 031

I think this is perfect.   As a mom I am always carry around hand sanitizer. I never knew I could get it in to go packs. I think I am in love. Lol

                                               Quotable Cards

feb 2016 028

   I love when a box comes with a cute card. It really does remind me to sit down and write a note to someone I love.


I am in love with this month’s little luxe box. I sat down and wrote my card to my Nana with my candle burning and loved it. I love also that you can get this box to you just once or you can buy three or six months. You will not be disappointed with this fantastic box.

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I would like to note all though this was a sponsored post all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.