Spruce up your home for summer

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I know a lot of people do it for Spring.  Let’s be honest in our home I don’t have time during spring.  I get some cleaning during spring, but I like to put some fun summer touches this time of year. My son will help out and we love to make our house summer ready.  People will be coming over for BBQ and just to visit.  We love to make out home clean, bright, and friendly for ourselves and visitors.

Bed Rooms

Now we do have blackout curtains for obvious reasons but we like to make sure we have some cute pull backs for them.  That way we can open them up and let the summer light and air in.  We love to get new sheets.  A little thinner for summers in Arizona but they still have to be quality.  As you can see, they have to stand up to two puppies, in bed movie night and just every night.  The sheets from California Design Den are perfect.  They have a great range of colors, they are comfortable and they can stand up to the whole family.



Add a few bright and fun colors.  I love to add pink and yellow.  Of course, I know these are not everyone’s colors, but think about what summer means to you and add a pop of those colors.  If you have a little window in the kitchen think of planting a few fresh herbs and put on the window sill.  Not only can some of these herbs keep bugs away, these will also be fantastic in some of your summer BBQ recipes.  Having a clean space for summer get together will make a huge difference.  Everyone seems to end up in the kitchen hanging out.  Make sure there is some extra kitchen space cleared off.




When people are not gathered around the kitchen, they tend to be outside sucking up the wonderful weather.  Now if you can have a beautiful backyard is a must.  For people like me I rent so I get what I get.  We are not allowed to change his backyard in any way and it is all dirt with a few rose bushes.

This means we like to add some touches that make it more comfortable for our guests. First, we bought a cute throw rug for outside.  Then a table big enough to fit a few friends and both are very easy to clean with just a hose.   If you can add a little lighting even better.


When getting ready for summer opening up your home a little and adding a little color can make a huge difference.