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Ok so I might me out of the Hair Dryer game a little, but when did they become so much better.  When I got the chance to try out the Stylecraft 2000 full size hairdryer I was Blown away. Pun intended lol.  But seriously I was truly impressed.  I have a little guy at home and I have to admit I don’t have a whole lot of time to do my hair and makeup.

First thing I noticed with the Stylecraft 2000 was that it is so much smaller then my old full size was.  The last one was kind of a challenge to hold with one hand.  Now you are all going to think I am crazy but I have never had one that I can really change the setting on. Yes, speed but that was it.  So, I turned it on and though the air is cold.  Then I discovered not only can I change the speed, but I can also change the heat level. OMG awesome

Some other perks it comes with is a cool shot button, a removable filter in the back, tangle free card (which I Love) and even attachments so I can get the perfectly straight hair I wanted. I am love.

If you are a mom that only gets a few chances to shower and live off of dry shampoo the rest of the time make sure to get the StyleCraft 2000 it dryers you hair in no time and your hair really does look fantastic with dry shampoo the rest of the days.   People will think you have been doing it every day.  Take the few extra minutes the first day and you will be happy the rest of the days.

Weather you work at a salon or you just need the StyleCraft 2000 at home it is the perfect plus to your beauty routine and it is affordable.

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