3 Ways to Keep Your Exercise Motivation Up

A new year tends to bring with it a variety of empty promises and unrealistic plans. Sure, you’d like to become healthier and perhaps even slimmer but simply wishing for this isn’t going to make it happen – and it doesn’t help much if you’re just working on it for a short month either.

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This year can definitely be different, though, as long as you know where to look and who to ask for help. Here is a helping hand to get you started and to make you get up in the morning with a bit more energy. That way, you might be able to follow through with your weight loss or exercise journey without feeling like it’s too much of a struggle.


#1 Find an exercise you really enjoy

Starting out at the gym might get you in shape but it doesn’t really last unless you actually enjoy it. Some people do like the gym, though, and if you’re one of these people you should definitely just continue doing what you’re doing.


If you, on the other hand, find that the third week of heading off to the gym is starting to become a bit of a struggle rather than a reward, it’s time to find something new and exciting. At the end of the day, working out is all about moving your body and getting your heart rate up – and there are so many ways to do this.


Start to work out in nature instead, for example, and take a yoga course so that you can roll up your mat and head out to somewhere scenic without having to rely on anything else but your own body. It just makes it a bit easier to find joy in exercise and to actually look forward to it as well.


#2 Find foods you really enjoy

If your favorite meals include mostly pizza and the burgers from your local takeaway chain, it’s time to spruce things up a bit again. Just like there are a variety of exercises to enjoy for any preferences and all body sizes, there are way too many delicious foods out there to just stick with a few.


Learn to cook foods you really enjoy and try to replicate your favorite takeaway meal as well. You will be able to make it just as delicious and definitely a lot healthier – and the experience may give you a bit more gusto to continue cooking at home rather than going out.


By following a keto diet, you may be able to lose weight a bit faster and learn to enjoy healthy food as well. Above all, try to find something that works for you this year.

Want to learn more about the keto diet? Take a look at this useful guide to the best keto diet supplements.

#3 Get some new workout gear

Finally, you’re going to look forward to that hour of exercise a lot more if you can look good while doing it. Treat yourself to something new before heading off for your next session, go for something colorful for a bit more energy, and you might find that putting those shoes on has become a lot easier.


Tricking yourself into a permanent exercise motivation is a lot easier when you have a few guidelines to follow. Ask one of your friends to join you to the gym once in a while as well, by the way, and you might find a certain sense of motivation in competition as well.

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  1. Every time I start a new exercise regime it only last a few days or weeks. I am going to follow these suggestions and hopefully my motivation will last longer. I know that exercise is key to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the advice.

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