Daily To Do List Getting On Top Of You? Here’s What To Do

We all know just how stressful being a parent can be; you’ve got kids to raise, a lot of errands to run, and a lot of budgeting and bill paying to keep up with as well. And every so often it’s nice to moan about these things, despite knowing you wouldn’t have it any other way! 


However, when you’re starting to absolutely dread getting up in the morning, it’s clear that something needs to change. You can’t take on everything at once, and your daily to do list should never be impossible to work through. And that’s why we’ve collected some pointers below; put them to good use and help take the pressure off during the day. 

If only it was that simple! (Pexels Image – CC0 Licence)


Don’t Bottle Anything Up


The most important thing to do when your to do list is getting on top of you is to talk about it! You should never bottle up your frustration, because it might explode out of you otherwise, and the entirely wrong person will get it in the neck. 


Don’t be passive aggressive, don’t keep it to yourself, just talk openly about how much you have to do today. You never know when someone you love will offer to take a few tasks on for you. And if they don’t, it’s never bad to ask for a bit of help from them! 


Assign Tasks on a Monthly Basis


Do you really have to do everything right now? Think about it: does your to do list have to be so long? Or can some things be put off for a little while and be done another day, or reassigned entirely? 


For example, if you’re thinking about washing the cushion covers and cleaning behind the sofa, but you’ve also got a lengthy meeting to attend, one of these jobs can wait for another day! Save it for the end of the month and you’ll welcome in the first day of the next month with some fresh furniture to relax on! 


Remember, There’s Help Out There


Finally, it’s important to remember that you’re never going to be alone in taking on the world. There are a lot of people to rely on in your personal life, who would hate to hear you struggling, and quite a few services you can turn to as well. For example, if you want some professional advice because elderly relative care is getting on top of you, a nursing home advisor won’t be hard to get in touch with. 


So the next time you’re worried about how much you’re taking on, and the signs are showing in your mental state, reach out and just talk to someone about it. Take the weight off even just a little by sharing the problem out loud, and never be afraid to actually ask for help. People are always more forthcoming than we first think! 


If you’ve got a never ending to do list, stop it in its track with these tips.