Can’t Sit Still? These Jobs Will Help You Move and Keep Fit!



When people think about modern jobs, they often think about offices. They imagine rows upon rows of people sitting at a desk all day, typing away at computers they barely move away from. For many people, this sounds like hell to put up with. Not necessarily because the work itself is going to be boring. It’s more because they’re having to sit down all day. And people are definitely right to worry about such things! It may even be that you offer to do some Office Cleaning so that you’re on your feet and moving about. Even offering to make drinks for you co-workers or taking the stairs instead of a lift will certainly make you feel a little better.

The average person spends over eight hours every day at their place of work. And if you spend all of that time sitting still, you could be putting your health at great risk. Things like heart disease creep up on you for precisely this lack of activity.

So we’re going to take a quick look at jobs that can help you stay fit by keeping you active!




You may not think that working in restaurants is a particularly glamorous job. But there are loads of people in this industry who love their jobs. It’s fast-paced and offers very little opportunity to sit down. In fact, a lot of people actually leave because they find it too exhausting! Maybe you’re up to the challenge?

Gardening and landscaping

Gardening is better for your health than you may think. It’s an absolutely amazing way to reduce stress, which is always good when you want to get some effective exercise. It also has you moving about a garden or another piece of land for most of the day. Even if all you are doing is using a leaf blower (like those from The Best Leaf Blowers) and are getting rid of the leaves that have accumulated on your lawn it is still a good form of exercise and will obviously help your garden to look amazing. If you haven’t touched your backyard in a while then it might be a daunting task to tackle but if you take it a bit at a time, you’ll end up with a beautiful landscape in no time! If it’s been a while then there may be big tasks that you won’t be able to yourself – like if a tree is overgrown then you will need to hire the best tree service removal los angeles has to offer. It’ll be safer and will leave you with easier jobs to do. It works those muscles more than you might think, too. Just make sure you’re adequately protected from the sun!



Dog walking

There aren’t many people who do this sort of work full-time. Not unless they’re looking after really fancy dogs that only the 1% can get their hands on! Those people might decide to get a van to take better care of these high class customers. A dog walking van can make the job of a dog walker a whole lot easier, the lads at AVL had this to say about how useful a van can be for dog walking. For most, this is a job that is done for some extra cash, part-time. Perhaps no more than two or three times a week. But that hour or so of walking on those days can do wonders for your health. Plus you get to hang out with a dog!

Personal training

If you really love going to the gym and keeping yourself fit, then why not consider turning it into a career? The health benefits of becoming a personal trainer are undeniable. Plus, teaching is actually a great way to learn. You can learn more about your own fitness by pursuing this sort of thing. You may have to complete a personal training course to do it. But once you’ve done that, you can help yourself and others with their fitness full-time!



Outdoor sales

When people see the word “sales”, they usually imagine those dreaded aforementioned office jobs. And that’s certainly where the bulk of these sorts of jobs take place. But sales sometimes take place outside the office. Account executives often cover a certain territory that they have to travel in order to make sales. This could come in the form of cold-calling or in arranged meetings with clients. This gets you out and about while helping you sharpen your communication and marketing skills!

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