Bookroo #subscriptionbox review 


  I knew when I first saw Bookroo subscription box I knew it would be a huge hit with little guy.  He was so excited to get new books in the mail I could not even get a few pictures of it before he was grabbing them for story time.  With Bookroo you can pick to get either 3 board books if your little ones are smaller or get 2 story books if they are a little older.  You can get just one shipment for $19.99, 3 months for $55.99, or 6 months for $104.99 and of course shipping is always free. 

  Their web site is very easy to order from, it really is just pick click and go no worries about having to cancel if you want only one month you only have to buy one month.   Little guy was very excited with his two books he got.


Bedtime for Monsters

    This one is a little darker.  If your kids are easily frightened I would not recommend it.  My son on the other hand wants the monster to come and try to eat him.  The end of course he is a cuddly monster but I do know a few kids that would not let you get to the   The pictures are very cute and very creative. 


I can be Anything

   A very cute book about how you can be anything in this world you want to be.   The pictures are very colorful and cute. 


This is a perfect holiday present for the little reader in your family. You can have them delivered right o their door and the books inside were also wrapped.  It made it even more fun for little guy.  I also have to say who ever is doing your wrapping I am very impressed they were beautiful.    For just $19.99 you can send the perfect gift.  The books we got were very cute my son really enjoys them, and I have to say they are original.  We would not have found these two books that we love if it was not for bookroo.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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