Giants in the Land

  Giants in the Land

                                           By: Clark Rich Burbidge



    As you all know I don’t do book reviews very often.  With a five year old it’s hard for me to get into a book while hearing mama every 2 minutes.  Due to this I now have very high standards of what books I read.  Don’t get me wrong I love reading but these days for me to read a book it has to suck me in.  I have to want to read the next chapter right away or.  If I can guess what is going to happen in the last chapter chances are I will just go with my theory and put the book away. I want to be invested in the charters I want to have to ask myself questions.  If I am not lost in the book it really does nothing for me.

   When they sent me a little about Giants in the Land I knew I would be sucked in right away.  Not only does it have action and adventure, but I was asking myself questions threw the whole story.  Why were the Giants there?  Why did they leave?  Will he make it to find them?  Who is in the cave?  Every time I turned the page I had more questions and could not wait to find the answers.  I was excited to pick this book up every night and read.  This book will take you on an adventure with Thomas to find out why the giants who have helped and been the villager’s friends for many years just picked up and left one night.  Thomas goes on a journey not only to find the giants but he also discovers a little more about himself on the way.  He is stronger then he thinks and can overcome a whole lot more then he thought he could. Each chapter in this book will leave you wanting more and more.


  This is a fantastic holiday stocking stuffer for the reader in your family. Weather they are young or old everyone will enjoy this adventure with Thomas and the giants.


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys