Back To School Round Up 2019

Getting ready for back to school?  Make sure to check out our round up and be ready with everything they need for the new year.





Its that time of year again.  We are starting our Back To School shopping.  Every year it seems like the list gets longer and longer.  There is so much that the kids and teachers need, it’s nice to get our shopping done in stages.  This year Crayola Take Note has made it so much easier.

Crayola has everything for house and school.  They are our go to for Crayons and Pens.  They have a great selection for learning and fun.  Watch their work and art come to live with these great colors.


It seems like back to school comes earlier and earlier every year.  I can not believe that next week my son will be in 3rd grade.  With every back to school we have we also have the class list.  A ton of stuff the kids are going to need for the next year.  I love to pick up what is on the list and also a few extras for a just in case in the class room. See full review 

The mark-able shirts have been featured on TV’s TODAY Show as a back-to-school supply to wear on the first day. Blogger Cool Mom Picks described the tees as encouraging creativity and the serious subject of activism. “My middle schooler immediately added the hashtag #NeverAgain to hers and wore it to school the next day, to bring attention to the peaceful school walkout to commemorate the lives lost in Parkland, Florida.” Instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, have kids boldly wear their thoughts on their chest with the re-markable and erasable chalkboard tee shirt, appropriately called Chalk Of The Town! With one kit, kids can design and wear a new customized shirt every week of the school year.


OMG its already back to school time and we are celebrating with The Avengers Endgame.  They sent us this fantastic box for little guy and he was so excited.  He has refused to use anything but his Captain America Shield back pack since kindergarten.  Now he has a whole new back pack, Lunch Box and all the other accessories he needed for his first day of school


I bet you did not know TV Store Online has the perfect back to school clothes? They have a whole line of Pop Culture shirts and Hoodies you kids are going to go nuts for.  I could not believe the selection they had.  I was like a kid in a candy store.

Have you checked out What Should Danny Do?  This is a great book to read your little ones.  As you read your kids get to make the choice of where to go next.  Each of their choices will bring them to a different part of the book and help them see the consequences of their choices.  This is a great book to add to their reading list this year so they see how their choices can affect themselves and others.  A must have.

There is so much more put on kids these days then there was when we were young.  The stress can really get to them.  Oilogic helps us find a way to help combat the tired, fatigue, stress, and even sickness in a more natural way.  They are a fantastic essential oil care company that does all the mixing and matching for you.  I love that I do not have to buy 20 different oils and mix them myself.  These are already done for you and in a perfect roller bottle ready to go.