The 8 Worst Things to Do After a Workout

You must exercise regularly to lose weight, feel happy, reduce stress, and prevent chronic diseases. Based on your lifestyle, you can hit the gym regularly, exercise at home, or indulge in simple physical activities like walking. The latest fitness trackers further make it easier for you to improve exercise performance by providing vital information like calories burned, heart rate, and sleeping habits. But it is also important to avoid certain things after a workout session to stay healthy and fit in the long run.


8 Things You Must Not Do After a Workout

1) Not Cooling Down

You can easily accelerate weight loss by performing a variety of workouts. For instance, you can consider a walk for about five minutes after completing a five-mile work. But you must perform different types of workout continuously. It is always a great idea to take a short break and cool down. The cooling-down period will normalize your blood pressure and heart rate. Also, the short break will help you to prevent blood built up in the veins.

2) Forgetting to Stretch

When you exercise rigorously, your muscles need to recover and rebuild. You must stretch for a few minutes after the workout to recover and rebuild the muscles quickly. The stretch will further accelerate the health benefits of workout and prevent muscles from contracting.

3) Touching Your Face Directly

Many people touch their faces or rub their eyes directly after a gym workout. You must remember that the same fitness equipment are being accessed different members of the gym. Hence, the gym equipment may transmit many unwanted germs and bacteria to your hands. Instead of touching your face directly, you can consider wiping the area with a towel. Otherwise, you must wash your hands after the workout and before touching your face.

4) Not Changing Sweaty Gym Clothes

There are always chances that you may find your gym clothes both stylish and comfortable. But you must remember that gym clothes become sweaty after a workout and may lead to body acne or yeast infections. You must make it a practice to remove the sweaty gym clothes immediately after the workout session and take a shower. If you are interested in find clothes for you, whether you’re male or female you might want to look into somewhere like to find clothes for your fitness needs.

5) Not Sleeping Properly

When you workout rigorously, it becomes essential to heal and rebuild your muscles. You can rebuild your muscles in a number of ways. But the easiest and most natural way to rebuild and heal muscles is to sleep adequately. A good night’s sleep will help you to rebuild your muscles and get ready for the next workout session.

6) Not Tracking Your Workout

The latest fitness trackers help you to monitor and measure your workout without putting extra time and effort. You even have option to choose from a variety of fitness trackers according to your fitness goal and choice of physical activities. You can use the fitness tracker to calculate the calories burnt, measure your heart rate, and evaluate the exercise routine.

7) Eating Unhealthy Foods

You can easily burn additional calories by exercising rigorously and regularly. But it is also intaking protein, fiber, and vitamins after the workout session to regain the lost energy. You must make it a practice to eat low carb and high protein snacks such as a non-gmo cookie, almonds or hummus (and veg) after the workout. You also need to avoid processed and unhealthy foods to rebuild your body without consuming additional calories.

8) Not Remaining Hydrates

Each time you exercise rigorously, your body keeps dehydrating. You must keep your body hydrated after the workout session to feel energized and refreshed. It is always a good idea to keep the water bottle handy and drink about three cups of water after the working out.

On the whole, you must exercise regularly to reap a number of physical and mental health benefits. But it is always important to work out in the most appropriate way, and avoid a number of things before and after a workout.

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  1. Really very informative post, even I was aware of this informations, I use to touch my face directly after workouts and always forget to stretch but now I am not going to repeat it again after reading this post. Thanks for sharing.

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