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5 Surprise

If you have a little one that loves surprise toys as much as my son does then these 5 surprise are a must in the stocking this year.  You get 5 surprises in each toy.  I love that each part of the ball is sealed for even more surprise’s. You don’t just open it once you get to open each one and be surprised every time.  Then my son likes to put the ball back together to play with it.

In the blue one he had a chance to get

5 Surprise



Sea Creature



Poop Gang

Zombie Dogs

Glowing Zombies

Squishies & Squeezers




Key Pen

Silly Bands, Stickers, or Prank toys


The Pink Ball a chance to get

5 Surprise

color-changing mermaids

toy plants


dress up princesses

super slime and putty

funky DIY jewelry



Hair clips


accessories, and more

5 Surprise

There are so many surprises in these it will be like 5 presents in one great gift. There are over 150 different toys you can collect for each one.  One other thing I love about putting 5 Surprise in their stocking I don’t have to wrap it the surprises inside is the present.  So yaa a little less wrapping to do this holiday season.  ZURU has a wide range of toys you are going to love this holiday season make sure to check them all out.

5 Surprise


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