The New Fidget Toy The Yo Ring #yoring #yoringitup

We got the Yo Ring free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own

I love finding new fidget toys for little guy.  When his anxiety gets to much or he just needs a few minutes to calm down the Yo Ring have been fantastic. They are a softer material yet they are still solid.  You can spin them and bend them.  I love that they come in a few different colors too.  Even better news the 3 sets right now are free shipping on the web site.

Best yet this is not just an anxiety buster this is actually a fun game that kids can play together.  Toss Yo Ring like a frisbee in an upward motion using the index finger to stabilize the toss. Throw above the receiver’s head and finger, allowing the hole in the ring to be seen as it descends towards the index finger.


Ring it up Circle : Beginner

Stand in a circle with a group, toss the Yo Ring to any person if they complete the catch or RING IT UP they stay in the game. If they fail to complete catch they are out until the next game.

  They have so many fun things to do with these you can check them all out here.  Or even make up your very own and use #yoring #yoringitup to share on social media.


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