Transform Your Kitchen With KitchenAid’s Collection

Transform Your Kitchen With KitchenAid’s Collection

Have you been thinking of updating your kitchen? Do you walk in and it’s just not exciting anymore? Have you been looking for the best refrigerator in India? Are you wanting to update your appliances?

This happens to a lot of people. I know a ton of people that spent big bucks on renovating their kitchen when all it really needs is a fresh coat of paint and new appliances. The one thing that will date your kitchen the most is having outdated appliances. There have been so many great innovations in kitchen appliances over the last few years which can be seen on sites like, and using these updated developments can really help you to create a better looking and working kitchen if you’re not already taking advantage of these great new appliances. Modern kitchens are the real deal at the moment, and it is not often that you see kitchens with outdated appliances and designs if the person can meet the cost.

There are lots of different appliances like dishwashers, microwaves, washing machines and others that have been updated to look and behave in a more modern manner, with some even having touch screens. If you are going to purchase an array of appliances then it might be worth visiting a review site like for more information. If you’re looking to keep your budget for the cosmetic side of your kitchen you could have a look into services that offer appliance repair like Brad’s Appliance Repair and other companies that offer the same, in order to save yourself some money.

KitchenAid Suite 2

Kitchen aid has been a staple for mini appliances in my household for years. Until now I did not know that they also had the big appliances for your kitchen. They are sold at Best Buy or Pacific Kitchen and Home. The style of these is timeless. They will be a centerpiece in your kitchen for years to come. They are a black stainless steel, a great sleek look for any kitchen.

KitchenAid’s collection is not only chef quality but also looks great and has a fantastic price.

Kitchenaid March

Some of the fantastic features

Cooking –

  • All new Slide-in Ranges fit the traditional freestanding cut-out for a Seamless look that provides exceptional cooking and baking.
  • All New Slide-In Downdraft Range options in Electric and Dual Fuel for more ways to cook
  • Even-Heat™ Technology means flawless results in our wall ovens and ranges.
  • Exclusive Steam Rack and Steam Bake cooking options are designed for amazing performance
  • Baking Drawer for cooking flexibility to keep dishes warm, slow cook or simply bake at a different temperature than the main oven cavity.

Refrigeration –

  • NEW French Door Refrigeration Configuration: More Drawers for More Possibilities. Five Doors offers the ultimate in flexibility, organized storage and easier access to food.
  • New 36″ French Door Bottom Mount Built-in Refrigerator expands our offering with platinum interior design
  • Luxury fit, feel and finish with soft close pantry drawers, new crispers, and platinum interior with under shelf lighting.

If you are looking to update your kitchen with great new appliances and a sleek new look make sure to check out KitchenAid’s collection at Best Buy. You will not be sorry they also have 18 months major appliance financing or 5% rewards and free delivery on purchases $399+.

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free


  1. It sounds like they have a lot of great products. I would LOVE a ktichen makeover.

  2. I love KitchenAid products. I have looked at their ovens for a while now and would love a makeover from them. It would be great to show off my new KitchenAid kitchen in my cooking videos!

  3. I love a good spacious, clean looking kitchen. It makes cooking a lot more fun when you can move around and you don’t have to worry about dirt or germs. Thanks for sharing these lovely designs! I love the one with the black cabinets!

  4. My brother is big on KitchenAids. Since he’s a chef, he’s really into these kind of things. We don’t even try to touch it since he’s a little protective.

  5. Sounds that you had a great products, I would love to have a clean kitchen same as yours

  6. The Steam Rack and Steam Bake features intrigue me. I will have to look into Kitchen Aid when I am due for an appliances upgrade.

  7. I would love to renovate my kitchen. I have been using KitchenAid products for years and i have never been let down.

  8. Wow I love the awesome makeover and the kitchen aid products sounds great!

  9. I’ve been trying to get my husband to redo my kitchen for a couple years now.I’m going to get after him this summer. I want that fridge.

  10. Oh wow, those kitchens are gorgeous. I’d never leave them. I do need to transform my kitchen and would love a kitchen like these that would make me want to bake all day.

  11. These are amazing! It’s nice to have a nice kitchen , you will really be motivated to cook and even to entertain guests while cooking 🙂

  12. They look like a good company, not bad prices either. I rent so do not need a new kitchen but thank you anyway

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