Tips on Grabbing Confirmed Train Tickets

How many of you have had to cancel your train tickets because of the long waiting list? Many of you would say that boarding a train is not as easy as is used to be because of the ever-increasing rush of the people. However, instead of thinking of the various ways of avoiding a journey by train, have you ever thought of making it smooth and enjoyable? If you have, then you must be wondering how can get a confirmed ticket for yourself and your family on your next vacation. To find the right answers and to make sure that you are quick and sensible, read the article. You will surely not fear to grab the confirmed train tickets after you do so!

  • Book the Tickets Well in Advance: The IRCTC train tickets can be booked by the passengers 120 days before the commencement of the journey. Therefore, if you are aware that you will take your children to visit the Taj Mahal during their summer vacation, you should buy the tickets as soon as the tickets start selling. If you can manage to get the tickets much before the others, you will definitely get a confirmed seat!
  • Extend Your Destination if You Want a Comfortable Journey: If you are travelling from Delhi to Dhanbad via the Rajdhani Express, you might be put on the waiting list because the reservation for the passengers who would get off at Dhanbad is quite less in number. In that case, do you know what the easiest thing would be? You should buy the ticket up to Kolkata. Thus, if you extend your journey, you will automatically not fall under the reserved quota for the passengers getting off at Dhanbad and this will help you grab the confirm tickets. If you are not on a very tight budget, try this out for a comfortable journey. And, don’t worry about getting off to your desired destination. Fortunately, the IRCTC train tickets do not come with the rule that the passengers can only get off at their denoted destination. And, in case this ever happens, you can always pretend to fall sick and get off at your chosen platform, right?
  • Use the LB Quota: The Lower Berth (LB) quota is one of the best ways of getting your seats confirmed. If you are a single male passenger aged 60 and above or a single female passenger aged 45 and above, you will automatically become eligible to get a confirmed lower berth. This privilege is given irrespective of what the general waiting list might be. However, if you are travelling as a family, you will not be eligible to avail this opportunity if you buy the tickets together. So, in case you can avail this privilege, buy the tickets separately.
  • Split the Journey: If you are about to go on a long journey and you don’t get a confirmed train ticket, it is very difficult to adjust. In that case, you can split your train journey into two or more parts. By doing so, you can buy the confirm tickets from one destination to another separately. In this way, you can reach your ultimate destination comfortably.
  • Take a Circular Train Journey: The Indian Railways provides a splendid opportunity to the tourists who want to explore a region while travelling by the trains. The circular journey opted by these tourists start and end at the same place. The ticket price is comparatively lower and the chances of buying confirmed train tickets automatically increase.

Thus, when you embark on a journey, travelling by train can be one of the most comfortable modes of travelling. If you follow the aforesaid instructions carefully, you shouldn’t be facing much of a problem in grabbing the confirmed train tickets. So, plan your trip responsibly and enjoy a lot!