Showaflops Summer Must Have

  During summer time everyone is looking for flip flops, but not me I am always looking for slides.  They are so hard to find and what makes it even harder is I want slides hubby wants flip flops and well who knows which ones little guy is going to want this year.  I would love to get them in one place but no one ever has both.  Until know I am so excited we found Showaflops.  These are not only comfortable but they are perfect for going to the beach heading to a pool and especially at public showers.  No more worrying about getting sand in your sandals and rubbing your feet wrong.  Even better no more worrying about going into public showers and what you might be stepping into.  These are perfect with the holes built right into the water or sand will fall right threw while still protecting your feet.


  I am normally a 6.5 and I told them a 7 I did not look ahead that the 7 is a 7 or 8.  When you order make sure you check the sizes lol.  Want to know why it’s not that big of a deal.  Because with the Velcro tops they still fit me.  I can still wear these all day long without a problem.  The Velcro is strong and they hold my feet great.   I am so excited that I found them, not only do they have flip flops and slides for men and woman but they also have both for girls and boys.  You can get the whole family set up in one shopping trip.  I love that now when we are in public places I don’t have to worry about taking off shoes to make sure they don’t slip off or get gunk everything will just go right threw and out feet will be protected and looking cute.

    If you have kids who play sports Football, soccer, cheer, whatever the sport is and they shower after in the shower room.  Get these for them.  In high school get these for the gym.  I cannot tell you how nasty the shower floors were in our high school gym.  Especially by the time it hit 7th period.  These are perfect they can wear them in the locker room into the shower and out and they will get clean without having to touch that nasty floor.   Then just toss in the locker and they will dry and be ready for the next day. 


I am in love with the Showaflops and I would recommend them to everyone

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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