Quick and Easy Dinner with Dimples


march 16 025

Ever have one of those nights. The fridge is filled with left overs so you don’t want to cook more to add to it. Yet you still want something quick easy and new. All you need for this is a few items and you are ready to go.

What you need

march 16 018

Left over chicken

Dimples BBQ Sauce

Cheesy Rice A Roni


   Add them if you got them (extra add ins in you like any of these would be great)







Slice up your chicken into bites and start your rice a roni.


In a pan grill up your chicken and add dimples bbq sauce.

march 16 021


Add your chicken into the cooking rice when you add your seasoning.

                 march 16 022

Let finish cooking and eat. A whole new meal in just a few minutes.

march 16 024


You won’t be disappointed.

march 16 025