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Getting fit with baby and pishposh baby

If you are like me after you had your little one you are ready to get fit.  This is easier said than done.  Not many of us can go to the gym or even do a work out video at home.  I would have little guy crawling all over me not much of a work out for me. Lol So here is what I did I packed up and got out.

I used a bob Bob Revolution SE Single  Stroller.  You will be amazed at how nice this stroller is. Another accessories I could not live without was the cup holders and storage pouch Bob Handlebar Console Single.  It was like I was not pushing anything and so easy to maneuver.  Just don’t make my first mistake.  You do need to fill the tires. LOL my first walk I was so upset I could not push it is was heavy and did not roll well.  I got to my sister’s house and my brother in law was laughing at me I did not fill the tires.  After we filled it I could not believe the performance of this stroller.  We would walk for about 10 miles a day just start up my book on tape and off we went.


The second thing we did was lot of picnics at the park pack a healthy lunch in our petunia picklebottom bag here is a great one Petunia Pickle Bottom Citrine Roll Shoulder Bag and off for a walk to the park.  Now here is the trick on the playing at the park.  You need to actually play with your little one push them on the swings run around climb jump do it all be a kid again you will not believe the calories you will be burning.


Now if you have a tinny tiny one you can still do it all.  Just instead of playing at the park with them lay on the grass and just chill when they are this young you could use the rest and your little one loves the scenery.  When he was tinny tiny I would use my Medela Freestyle Hands-free Breastpump Before I left the house.  I had used many pumps and I truly found this is the best one for your money works great.  Pack baby boy up make sure when they are this young to bring their cuddly blanket I used a Minki blanket baby boy just cuddled up in here is another great one Magnolia Line Blanket Lux Grey.   We would take a walk to the park I would give baby boy his bottle and I would have a little lunch while we laid on the grass and watched the clouds go by.


Getting in shape can be fun especially if you have a little one to play with and the right tools.  So go out there and play like you are a kid again and remember how much fun it can actually be.

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