Kids in School

Just one moms opinion


With a baby boy who will be ready for school in just a few years I am always thinking and wondering what I will have to worry about next.   I have to say one of my biggest worries is when he goes to school, will kids be nice to him, will he be nice to others, will someone come in and shoot up his school, will he be happy.

When I was thinking about this it had me thinking about when I was in school.  We had kids that were not always nice, we had kids who were UN happy sometimes, but the rest we never worried about and what was the big difference.  Well the one thing I keep on thinking of was the school activities.  In our school we had after school activities. There were activities for everyone.  We had everything from FFA, to the star Track club, cheerleading and more.  Even though kids may have felt alone at times there was always somewhere where they could go to talk to people who loved what they loved.


I know what you are thinking the schools no longer have the money for these things.  This is what I think is the big problem.  I know the government keeps on saying there is no money but they have the money to help other countries but they are not putting enough into their own children in my opinion.  Some people will say it because of the teachers that they have changed they don’t want to give their time after school any more.  I say this is wrong.  If the schools had more money the classes could be smaller, the classes would have the supplies they needed and the after school activated could be what they need to be for our youth.  If the teachers were not so over whelmed with everything else they would be happier to give the extra hour after school to help out with the clubs.

Someone told me “but they have hot lines for UN happy kids”.  Well ya and we have taken away a lot of what helps kids not only find friends but people who feel like them and given them hot lines and you see how well that has worked out.    When our kids find people who feel and like what they do it helps them belong and in turn helps them succeed in life. I know this is not a fix all but it could fix some.  Now this is just my opinion and I am always happy to hear others.


This was written for Tabbys Pantry.  As always please feel free to share on facebook or tweet but to put in print please ask permission.