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                                                  Amwell  Live Dr. Visits

I had absolutely no idea what to expect when I got the chance to do a review with Amwell.  I had never used an online doctor before.  When I got on I had a few different doctors with different specialties to choose from.  No one was sick in our house and no need for a psychologist YET lol.  So I tried out the Nutritionist.  As you all know my little guy is a very picky eater and I would love to get some suggestion on what I can do.  I went to our doctor here in town and he told us to force him to eat when and what I want him too.  This does not sit well with me.  Why would I make him eat something he hates and why make him eat if he is not hungry?  That doctor was out.  Unfortunately in our town we do not have many to choose from. 

  This is where Amwell came in.  I talked to Maika Luongo and I loved her.  Well talked to might be wrong.  I did not know until we started our conversation that the mic on my computer is a goner.  So I could hear her but she could not hear me.  But no worries we could still see each other and we continued threw the typing section still, if that does not work for you any worries they will call you if needed.   She asked a few question about my son his eating habits what he does and does not like.  Then believe it or not I actually got some real world answers.  She not only made suggestion about what to feed him like different versions of stuff he does like.  She also gave me a few ideas to try that I would have never thought of.  She did not tell me I had to force him but instead gave me some real suggestions that I can actually try. 


  This was an amazing site I am glad I found.  It was so easy to use and I actually got good advice.  When I signed on it said the wait time was 10 minutes but I did not have to wait even 3 minutes.  This was fantastic do you know how much time I have waited in doctors’ offices to not really get any answers.   I would suggest this site to everyone.

Guys want even better news they gave us a coupon code for you all.  This is for 1 free visit.  Trust me use it and you will be in love just like I was CARENOW12   3. Amwell

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