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                       Box twenty five Natural Products 

  Some very special people have come together to bring us this fantastic box of natural products.    As most of you know natural was not the way I went a few years ago.  I never thought of what was in or on anything.  Then tragedy stuck.  I lost my first son to a genetic abnormality that had never been seen in the medical world before.  The doctor told me they had never seen it so they have no idea what could have caused it.  I could have just touched the wrong chemical at the wrong exact second of him developing or I could have eaten something at the wrong second or it could just be an act of god.  As a woman who wanted to make sure she had a happy and healthy baby next time I started to read the packages of what I bought.  I have to admit now that I have a happy healthy baby boy I am not as good as I should be at least not with myself.  I still check out almost everything for baby boy.

   When I was testing out these products I was extremely excited that I would not have to search ingredients to make sure little guy could have them. I could actually read and understand everything in all these products.


  Crispy Green


 If you are anything like me snacking is a normal part of our day.  It gets hard when we are out and about.  When I first took these out to take pictures little guy went nuts. Apples are his favorite and he love them.  I did not even get one.  These came in 7 different flavors we even found out that little guy loved pineapple.






Asian Pear


 Whoo hoo score one for the traveling snack.


479 Popcorn

Forget the natural boring popcorn we usually have. This one is not only fantastic flavor but you will be pushing to have family movie night sooner just to have a little more of it.  479 sea salt caramel popcorn is to die for.  You will want to make sure you stock up on this one.  Great bold flavor and the caramel part just melts in your mouth.


Maty’s Cough Syrup

  This one is a big one for us living in Colorado we get colds a lot and little guy will not take anything.  It has been 4 years since we got anything into him when he was sick.  Ya ya I have heard it all before but trust me when you have a kid that is a stubborn as you are there is no forcing them.  Hubby can’t even try he is so allergic to aspirin if he gets even the littlest drop on him he can go into shock and die.  So first thing I did was read to make sure if hubby tried giving this to baby boy it would not kill him lol.  Second thing I did was taste it.  Yes I know don’t take medicine if you are not sick but I had to know what the flavor was like. Luckily these are all natural.  These both tastes like a sweet syrup no medicine taste at all these might just be what baby boy needs for when he is sick. 

Pines Mighty Greens


   This is a fantastic blend you can drink every day. It is a mix of Wheatgrass, Alfalfa and hemp protein powder.  Just add 1 level tablespoon to 8oz of water or juice and drink.  As green mixes go this one did not taste too bad.  It was easy to mix and was not gritty at all.

Derma E Makeup remover


    This was a very gentle remover and as you can see from my first and only no makeup selfi there is no makeup left on my face.  It did not sting or burn at all just wiped away the makeup with ease.  With chamomile and cucumber it had a very soft and relaxing smell to it.  This is a great one for all skin types.


Calm A Mama

  They have a few different kids to choose from. These are drops you just put a few drops on your tongue and these will help with your mood.  These ones are Happy Drops made with organic Rose.  The taste was not bad but it was not something I had tasted before.  You can use these a few times a day if you just need a pick me up or everything just seems to be getting on your nerves you will be happy you had these babies in your bag.


Sterling Global Products – BouDe Flushable Wipes


  These were amazing.  The wipes were fantastic and very thick, what I did love the most about it was the container.  No more taking up counter space these babies hang right from the toilet paper roll.  They now use space that we never used and they are right where we need them. 


Devera lip plumper gloss


   You all know I love anything lip product.  This one has a very nice shine and left my lips feeling soft.  It was not sticky at all.  I could tell a different in my lips after using it.  It even goes over my lipstick nicely and gives me a great glossy look.  I think this is the first natural one I have ever used and I was truly impressed.


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