Ozeri Wine opener

  I would say where are my wine drinkers but I would not want everyone to jump up all at the same time.

Ozeri Wine Opener

  I have to admit I don’t drink wine that often.  I do have it once and awhile, but I suck at opening it. Yes I am one of those people that leave cork in it all the time.  With the Ozeri Wine opener it was so much easier.  It did all the work for me.  I really did not have to know anything at all to get our bottle of wine open.   This was very easy to use and very easy to put together.   I have had a few bottles of wine in the past I know I ruined, I am excited to know that now when I get a bottle to test out or as a present, I can taste the actual wine and not the cork lol.

Ozeri Wine Opener

  Ozeri has a wide range of great household products that have all been fantastic.  Each one works perfect and are quality products.  If you are looking to up the style in your normal everyday items Ozeri is a must check out.

  I got this free in exchange for an honest review