Nutri Ninja Blend Max Duo

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   This time of year, a lot of us are putting on the pounds.  Well let’s be honest I have already put on my pounds and the holidays are just getting started.  I am not going to give up all the cakes and candies but I am going to get back on track for the rest of the day with great smoothies and maybe a margarita or two while wrapping presents.  I love how I can now make an individual smoothie in just a few minutes in the morning.  In less time that it would take to make breakfast I can already be drinking mine.


  The Nutri Ninja Duo is so perfect for my family.  I cannot stand bananas but my son loves them.  This came with 2 of the blender cups so I can now make mine without and still have a cup to make his with the banana.  The cups were very easy to clean and blended perfect.

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  When you are in a rush I love that its just fill the cup and press the button.  The Nutri Ninja does the rest for you.  It times it perfect, so you can walk away and get ready and come back to your finished smoothie. Then you just change the lids and you are ready to go.


  My husband was so excited that the blender worked on the same base.  It takes up less room on our counter and he can be ready to go with a blender that makes 11 cups enough for all the guys when they come over.  I love that in the cups and the blender I can put in big chunks and not worry about them not blending.  It always turns out perfect.

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   This is the perfect gift for the fitness lover or any family on your list.  The Nutri Ninja great way to make nutrient juices, smoothies, margaritas, blended coffees and more.  If you are looking for the perfect blender for your house make sure to pick up one for yourself too.


I got this free in exchange for an honest review

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