Men’s Fashion Gift Ideas For Christmas

They may not always like to admit it, but men have a huge interest in trends and style and like women, they can change like the wind – especially when new sneakers are released.

But, it’s not a be all and end all. Despite the stereotypes, men do like to look good. Here’s a few ideas for Christmas that should ensure you succeed, no matter what.

A New Suit:


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Dressing for success at work is a proven thing that actually exists. Yes, people work better and are more productive at work if they are wearing better and more prestigious clothing. It’s scientifically proven as well! If you know the man in your life is chasing a promotion, it may be worth getting a new suit sorted. Mens suits come in a range of shapes and sizes and it may be worth getting the suit tailored, but no matter what – it’s a perfect gift for the career professional. Getting a suit tailored should be easy, as companies like Damiani will tailor and personalize suits. This is the case for most good suit and clothing brands. You could also pair the new suit with an item similar to these mens custom dress shirts san francisco – that would be a great place to look.

Hardy Amies Gift Box:

The Hardy Amies Gift Box is an incredible gift for the fashion loving gent. The box features a selection of curated gifts. From shoe-horns to candles and from handkerchiefs to scarves, the boxes offer the small items that someone might not know how to ask for, or even smaller things they may forget about. It’s a perfect last-minute gift and will bring a smile to his face.

Nike Roshe Run Sneakerboot:


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Sneakerboots are perfect for Winter. Weatherproof and hardy, they are perfect for the sneaker lover in your family and are really trendy little things. Made by footwear giants, Nike, you know that the boots are coming from the best place possible. It’s a really unique and useful pair of sneakers and if cared for, they’ll last a long time.

Gant Rugger Lazy Sweatpants:

Not just for wearing to the gym or for lounging about anymore. Sweatpants are an all-rounder in the fashion stakes and can be paired up with many different clothing options. They aren’t exactly formal, but your guy won’t look sloppy in the Gant Rugger Lazy Sweatpants. And yes, whilst they are welcome to wear these to the gym, they probably want to wear a less expensive pair…

Atelier Scotch Belt:


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You should buy this just because of the packaging. The Atelier belt comes in four different stains of leather and is the perfect belt to buy for your gent. It is versatile and pairs well with both jeans and suit trousers meaning it’s there for all occasions. If you really want to surprise him, perhaps you could go more upmarket with a designer belt, with names like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. However, if this is slightly out of your budget, you can go on the search for a knock off Gucci belt for men.

There’s enough there for the fashion-conscious male in your life and all these gifts are versatile and offer wardrobe options for each and every occasion from the gym to an interview. Whilst the price of each item may be steep, we’re sure your special man is worth each and every penny. Of course, there are cheaper variations of each tip on this list and you are encouraged to pursue what you can afford, just know that there’s more we can recommend for you this holiday season!


This is the perfect present for any man who is in to his fashion. The options are endless; bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings… Tailor the jewelry gift to him, depending on what he likes to wear. Even better yet, get him some personalised jewelry like the customised picture pendants from to add that special touch. If you choose jewelry, he’s sure to love whatever you buy.

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