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North Star Games has a wide range of games your family is going to love.

Happy Salmon

This cute little guy has a game in it.  I have to say that is awesome I can bring it along with us or on a car ride and to the hotel and its not a huge box with tons of little parts.  This game is so much fun.  You pick your card color and your 12 cards turned upside down then you start flipping them and calling out your action till you match with someone doing the same action then you discard your card and go to the next.  Your goal is to be out of cards first.

I have to say I was very excited that they had alternate rules in this one for people who could not do an action.  They have different action if you can’t talk (or just needs to be a silent game) also different actions if you can not preform a task.  Having an autistic child this was very special for me.  The switch card at times could mean a melt down in our house now we can use the alternate rules to accommodate him.  I have to say North Star Games I am truly impressed you made sure everyone could be included.


Funky Chicken Card Game

The Funky Chicken card game is like Happy Salmon.  Same rules just different actions.  I love that you can also mix and match these games for more actions and a little harder game.  Just like Happy Salmon they also have alternative for people who cannot perform these actions.  Funky Chicken game was fun all on its own but I really suggest you buy both together.  I love that they can be alone on their own or mixed and matched.  Nothing like making a whole new game with 2 you already have.


Dude and More Dude


When I first saw the cover of this one I was truly wondering where they were going with this one.  A whole game where you say Dude.  After reading the rules and playing this game is genius.  So, you get your cards and like the others flip them over keep these ones to yourself.  Then you say DUDE how it is spelled and what you think it should sound like.  When you think someone has the same DUDE card as you do say it back and forth.  If you think you match say SWEET if you are right put them in your pile if you are wrong put in the discard pile. Keep going till someone is out of cards then they say CHILL and every one stops.  Then count the cards in front of you.   Who ever has the most cards wins. This was such a fun game.


Say Anything 10th Anniversary Edition

Say Anything

Now this one is more for the adults in our hose.  My son can’t spell yet so he is out. Of course, in this game we could just make him the judge the whole time.  Here you will answer with you best in our case funniest answer to a question.  Write it on the white board and the judge picks their favorite.  Before you know what the judge picks you use your tokens to pick your favorites.  Then you earn points for picking the same.  The most points at the end of 12 rounds win.  The answers that were coming out to this one had us laughing the whole time.  I never knew my husband had such a great seance of humor lol.


Make sure to check out all the great North Star Games.  Also check out another one of our favorites Monster Match Here.  Your kids are going to love finding these under the tree this year.

I got these free in exchange for an honest review