My Happy Pillow

                   My Happy Pillow


This is such a cute and innovative idea from a young 6 year old named Isabella.   When you have a little one like me who does not express their emotion too well, this is a fantastic idea.  He can let me know how he is feeling with zee the monkey just show me the face you are feeling and mama will make it better or just leave you alone to do your own thing if needed.  I have to say this is also perfect idea for adults.  Too many times we as adults don’t let people know we are in a bad mood which can cause more tension.  Keep your monkey or bear around on a couch.  Turn him to let your family know how you are feeling.  That way when I walk into the room I know to just walk right back


   Right now they have 2 very cute designs available Zee the monkey and Sunny the bear.  They will also be adding to the collection and you can pre order them right now.  The pillows themselves are very well made and stitched.  They are very soft material and very comfy to sleep on.  They all have two sides one to show when they are happy and one to show when they are angry.  We also use the angry side when we are sad.  Soon we can add to our collection to show all the emotions.  For pre order you can get a Panda that is Happy/Shy, A Giraffe that is Happy/Board a pink Puppy that is Happy/sad, and a lion that is Happy/scared.  These are going to be such a cute add to our collection.


  They even have these Mini Me’s available for pre order.  These are cute key chains of your favorite charters that your little ones can bring everywhere with them.  This monkey is so cute he will be traveling with us for a cuddly friend for my little guy.

  These are going to be a hit under the tree this holiday season.  Make sure to get yours before the holiday shipping gets too busy.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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