My Fairy Tale Books

We got the chance to review the my fairtale books.  These are so cute.

When you go to order you can put your child’s name in ,there friends name, and the one that we picked our city. This really is a personalized fairy tale book.

We picked a book called My Fishing Adventure, My husband is a big fisherman and him and baby boy love fishing together.  It is a very cute book all about how he and his Dada  go on a fishing adventure to win a trophy.  It also mentions how his best friend is there cheering him on.


Baby boy loved when I read him this book he was pointing to the Dada bear saying Dada and he even started cheering at the end. Which of course I think is the cutest thing ever.  He brought back the book for me to read 3 more times till I had to hide it so he would eat dinner.

These books are sure to become the new collection in our house. He loves hearing his name in these books and really gets into the adventure.  My husband even got into it and very excited for when the lakes defrost to head out fishing again with baby boy.

I am sure to buy a few more of these adventures for my baby boy and his friends to go on. 

Just to list a few of them for you

My trip to the fire station

The Train with no name

Super hero Books

Sports Books

Way to many more to name they all look fantastic

You can check out their web sight here.

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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


They have even given us a early Holiday present a coupon code for %10 off . This coupon code is valid until 12/13/2012.


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