Moving House? Budget-Saving Tricks To Find And Design The Perfect Home

Moving house can be a costly business. You’ve probably read all kinds of horror stories about project budgets spiraling out of control. In reality, plenty of people manage to move home without spending a fortune and if you’re looking to move house, check out the range of properties in Wimbledon. But planning is essential, particularly with building and renovation work. If you’re moving, and you’re interested in taking on a project, here are some tips to help you save time and money.

Buy land and build your own home

The cost of land is generally much lower when it doesn’t already have property on it. If you have a country idyll in mind, why not look around for a piece of land ripe for development? When you’re looking, you’ll need to factor in the total cost of the project. This means that you’ll need to get building firms and architects in to give you quotes. Once you have a good idea of the building costs, you can add the sum to the asking price for the land. It’s always a good idea to get a few quotes. You’ll find that some are cheaper than others, and different firms may give you varied ideas. Once you have a figure, you can compare costs to existing properties and work out how much you could save.


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Invest in a doer-upper

If you don’t fancy starting from scratch, why not invest in a doer-upper? The asking price will be lower than a home in good condition. You can put your stamp on the design and add value for the future. When you’re viewing properties, make sure you do your research. You’ll need to bear in mind how much it will cost to bring the property up to acceptable standards. You’ll need to carry out projects like roof restorations to ensure you don’t suffer from things like water damage. On top of this, you’ll need to factor in a budget for interior design and decoration. Read reports and surveys very carefully. Sometimes, the work will be purely cosmetic. If there’s damp, subsidence or extensive roofing issues, the cost will be much greater.


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Get involved

Even if you have no experience of working on a building site, you can save time and money by getting involved. Basic tasks like clearing the site can take a long time. Rope in friends and family and work whenever you can. This will accelerate the process and save you money on labor.

Hire, don’t buy

If you’re rolling up your sleeves and digging in, it’s a good idea to have equipment on site. Buying machinery would knock your budget out of the park, so consider hiring. Search for local plant hire and get some quotes for tractor, forklift or backhoe rental. It may be that you only need heavy-duty machinery for a couple of days, so ask for a daily rate. In a similar vein to this, if you need to move a lot of household items from where you are storing them it might be a good idea to hire a man with a van. They often do some fantastic deals to get your items moved with as little hassle as possible.

Moving in
Just before you move in, you’ll want to decorate. It’s best to decorate before you move your belongings in so that your furniture and possessions don’t get covered in dust and paint. You can get paint, wallpaper and flooring samples for free, or at a very small price so that you can decide which materials you want to use. Once your home has all of its features, you need to use a professional moving service to bring your belongings to the new home. This ensures your belongings don’t get damaged but it also means the movers won’t damage any freshly painted walls, or scuff any new flooring either. This website can give you more insight into movers and what services they offer. You want reliable movers that you can trust so don’t be afraid to question their services or ask for reviews to make sure their service is suitable.


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Shop around

It’s wise to shop around at every stage of a renovation project. Get several different quotes for building, planning and design work. Compare prices for kitchens and bathroom suites online. Look out for bargains at markets and online auctions when it comes to furnishing and decorating your home. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and haggle for the best price.

Moving house isn’t cheap. But there are ways of saving money when it comes to building or renovating your dream home. It’s often easier to move into a beautifully presented house. But taking on a project gives you the chance to create your ideal home. Take these hints on board to save time and money along the way. Good luck!