Low Cost Family Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

Low Cost Family Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays

The kids have just broken up for the summer holidays and now it’s time for the yearly parental panic, what do we do with them for 6 whole weeks (or more)! You’ve already booked a swanky summer holiday for a week or two of precious relief from everyday life, to relax on the beach or hike up a mountain, but what is the plan for the rest of the time? Perhaps your kids love being outdoors and active so you’re looking Paintball guns reviews so that you can paintball whenever you like. Paintballing is a great way to keep the older kids occupied and it’s a good family activity that everyone can get involved with. With the right equipment, it’s a very safe activity so no need worries either. If you’re not too sure on the paintballing, don’t fret, we have three great low-cost family fun ideas to get you through the summer holidays, ranging from coastal escapes with Duchy Holidays to city tours with Booking.com which are suitable for both rain and shine, as we know what the UK summers are like!

A Day Out with the National Trust

The National Trust is a countrywide organisation which gives entry to some of the best places in the

UK for when the sun is shining or the clouds are drenching us with rain. They have all sorts on offer

from historic houses to beautiful gardens and fantastic hills to climb. On average a National Trust

property charges around £6 for parking, but often you can park outside the grounds and walk in to

save even more money. Tatton Park is a great example of this, where you can park up in the pretty

town of Knutsford and take the kids on a small adventure before arriving at some beautiful scenery

and exciting play areas within the park.

Cinema Trip

Many cinemas’ offer special prices over the holidays to entice the kids in, and with lots of child

friendly films being released this summer why not head down, get some popcorn and enjoy a few

hours of entertainment. Cinema trips are particularly good for a day not blessed with sunshine and

will most certainly keep the kids happy. Cineworld are just one example of a cinema company

offering cheap children’s tickets over the summer with kids costing just £2 to go into selected

screenings. Have a look at the website for your local cinema to find out more. Or if you’re lucky enough to have your own home cinema, then go and find as many DVDs as you can and set up your own cinema experience at your home. All you need are films to watch, snacks and a good quality sound system. Now if you think it is time to invest in new speakers for your home and at a great price, then have a look at these bookshelf speakers under $500 to ensure you have the best experience possible. Just think about how many more movie nights you can have in the future. I bet you won’t regret it!

Create Your Own Back Garden Fun

On a sunny day, get your kids out in the garden, having a bit of fun. All you need is a few bits of

equipment such as bean bags, skipping ropes and hula hoops to make yourself an exciting and

challenging little obstacle course for the kids. If you’re struggling for funds to buy these head to the

Money Hub, and that will be sorted in no time. You could even splash out on a paddling pool for

endless summer days of water fun for the kids, a great investment and fantastic value for money in

the long run. Some of the best fun you can have is at home!

Low cost family fun requires a little bit of thinking outside the box, but with these three ideas to get

you started, the creative juices will definitely get flowing. Enjoy the summer here in the UK and

make it one to remember for the kids without breaking the bank.