Moheda Shoes

    Moheda Doris Pale Pink Shoes

  When I first saw their clogs I knew I was in love.  This is a fantastic company from Sweden.  They have some of the cutest wooden shoes you have ever seen.  Not only do they have the more traditional clogs but they have a ton of other cute designs now too. 


  When I got mine the first thing I thought was wow how cute.  Then I thought hum wood I wonder how comfortable these will be.  You will all be happy to know these are actually very comfy.  I wore these for two days straight to test them out.  I will have to tell you if you are not use to heals your calves will get sore after two days lol.  If you are one of the many people who has to wear a nicer show to work  GET THESE they are not only comfy but they can go from work to a night out with just a change of outfit.

  I can wear these all day long they are great for a day at the board walk or even just cursing around the house.  I love the way a great shoe will make my legs look and these truly are a fashion statement.   Their web site is very easy to navigate.  On the left hand side pick your country they ship worldwide and then start shopping.  The sizes are Europe size so make sure you pick the right size.  They are beautiful shoes that any woman will fall in love with at first sight.



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I got these free in exchange for an honest review