Meet Apple and Thor

I have had a lot of people ask about our babies so here is the story about how they came into our life. As most of you know my little guy is special needs. He has had some hard times making friends until some very special dogs came into our life. This is the story of one special girl meet Willow she is the best fly-fishing dog you will ever meet. She spends her days with her dad taking vets and kids to teach them to fly fish. Dylan met her and they were best friends right away. We love our dogs unconditionally and would do anything for them. We always want to spoil them and for their birthday this year, we’re planning on getting them matching designer collars! We’re still looking at brands like Fetching Ware to see which ones will look the best on them!

For a few years now, Willow would come over and visit Dylan and he was in love. He always told us that he wanted his very own puppy, but he only wanted a Willow puppy. Surprise one day Willow turned up in a bandage wrap for dogs so she wouldn’t harm herself, why? Well… she ended up pregnant and Dylan was so excited! He cuddled with her belly every day and talked to the puppy’s inside. He knew his puppy’s name would be apple and it would be a girl.

Fast forward and willow had her beautiful babies 5 babies 2 boys and 3 girls. We took Dylan to meet the babies and Apple and him went straight to each other. We started potty training her right away at about 2 weeks with the puppy pads. Start early people it really does make a difference.

Every time we went over, they were always together, but there was a catch. This adorable little guy Thor was always with Apple he followed me, Dylan and Apple everywhere. So, by the end of the 8 weeks we knew he had to be part of our family too. We went from no dogs of our own to 2 twin puppies.

They both loved my little guy and each other so much we could not separate them.

Of course my son has OCD also so one rule that can not be broken is apple can only wear a red collar and Thor the Green.

The babies are now 11 months’ old. Having two at the same time has been trying. With a house full of goodies and toys there is so much fun and love in our house. A lot have asked to learn more so we will make sure to keep on posting and make sure to follow them on Instagram they have their very own page. Adventures of Apple and Thor. I’m sure it won’t be hard for dogs as cute as this to gain a lot of followers. I mean, do you know someone who wouldn’t want to follow Apple and Thor in their journeys and life adventures? I don’t. Even if people didn’t follow them straight away, we could always turn to sites like Nitreo to help them gain more followers on their profiles. But in my heart of hearts, I believe that if we post pictures as lovely as the ones above, they will become social media sensations in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Click on that follow button.


  1. Beautiful story of your Son and dogs. I am Joe Eichelbergers Gram I met Willow a few years ago when Joe came for a visit, what a beautiful dog.

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