Making Our Family traditions

I love to have family traditions.  With my son, it also helps keep a routine for him.  Until now we have always been a retail family so for us having weekend traditions did not do so well.  We never knew which days’ hubby would have to work so everything was just me and little guy.  Now that he rarely works the weekend we like to make family time.  Which means we can now have things we do every weekend.

I know for most this does not work out with sports and other activities, most family’s weekend are just as busy as the week days.  My son does not do sports or anything else it’s not his thing.  So, we can start making traditions for the weekends. We start off with no alarm.  Why rush to wake up, it helps my son get all the rest he needs and helps to make up for what he and I lost during the week.  This has also taught him that when he does not hear an alarm go off it’s a free day no school just fun with the family.

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What a lot of people forget is to make a tradition does not mean it all has to be the same all the time you can do different things every week, but keep it along the same lines.  When we get up in the morning I have taken from my child hood me and little guy start off with some Saturday morning Cartoons.  These don’t always have to be the same just fun ones to watch with my little guy.

When it comes to breakfast, we have a lot more time on the weekend so we like to cook.  My son loves to help me make pancakes from scratch. I think it’s very important to teach my little guy to cook.  Not only for himself but also for his future wife.  He also gets to set the table for us all.  He loves mixing and matching different plates and silverware.

When breakfast is done, and cleaned up is where the fun starts.  Ever week we pick something new to do.  In the spring, it is normally fishing together, or sometimes just dada and baby day. We go hiking, play in the snow, ect.  One thing we love to do is play tourist for the day.  We pick something to do in town that tourist love to do.  This is a fantastic way to make sure you got to see everything in your town.

For lunch, it can be anything from local restaurants to packing a great picnic lunch and eating everywhere from the local lakes to out on our deck.  Then we are off to some relax time.  Weather its staying on the deck and hanging out to building something in the house.   Then we hang out for a great movie night together.

I know it seems like a lot for the weekend, but if we don’t keep busy we just sit around watching TV all day.  I like to make sure that when my little guy gets older he remembers doing more than just sitting around the house and watching TV.   Don’t get me wrong when we are sick or had a very hard week we might just take the weekend off and sit around, you can’t always be on the go.  But when it comes to our meals we are a family that loves to make them together.  That is relaxing time for us.

You’re not going to be able to grow as strong of a family bond if you’re always missing someone at the table. It’s often said that one of the key skills that good parents have is being able to create a strong and stable relationship with a spouse. Having dinner as a family is normally a way to have some social contact with kids that would rather be doing something else, but, surprisingly this socialization could be beneficial when staying on the same page with your partner or spouse. Know that some nights you may not have much to talk about and other evenings you could be chatting the entire time. Go with the flow and just be glad you’re all together.

There is so much you can do to make traditions the main thing is that you are doing it together as a family.   Whether you are like us that loves to see and do it all, or even if you just want relax time on the weekends.  You can make anything you love to do into a tradition.

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