Make Halloween Memorable

Make Halloween Memorable

I started doing this a few years ago with my Nephew and realized my poor son had the second child syndrome going on.  I never remembered to do it with him until my Nephew reminded me. Don’t forget your second, third or even fourth child you will look back later and think  “why did I not do it with them”

 I love to watch them scoop the goop for the first time.

This is such a great idea to make sure you always remember your Halloweens with your little one.  Just carve there name and age into the pumpkin and have them sit or stand next to the pumpkin for photos.  When you are looking back at pictures you will never have to wonder how old they are in this picture.

Don’t forget to always let them help or what fun is it.



We will be starting this again this year with my little guy.

What special things do you do with your little ones for Halloween?