Bring Back the 80’s

            USA Network Bring back the good old days.


  As I am sitting here in the beginning of summer I have realized how disappointed I am in the USA network.  I am remembering the good old days when I was excited for summer TV just because you guys made it rock.  I have to say if I see one more episode of Law and Order SVU I am going to scream. (Yes it was a great show the first 1000 times I saw it know I know who did it in every episode).


  We as the people would love you to bring back the good old days.  Get those playboy bunny girls back and make us a new cannon ball run.  Run it for two weeks during the summer like you used to.  I loved watching them sabotage each other.

  Bring back all the 80’s movies that we know you have hidden in the back room.  Yes they were so wrong that is what made us all love them.  Not just the block buster’s bring them all back  we want the 80’s B movies too.


 Even more we want to be up all night with Rhonda Shear and Gilbert Gottfried.  Come On USA Network your 80’s kid are all know stuck at home for the summer with our own kids now we need something fantastic to watch after our little ones pass out.  We need you to get back to what made us love you in the first place.  What do you all think what was your favorite?

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  1. I use to sit up all night with Nick at Nite and watch all the great old shows. There are a few more channels that run the good old stuff in my area. MeTV and COZI

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