Love Cooking Company

Love Cooking Company

I got the chance to try out a few of the cooking items from Love Cooking Company and I am in love.

  As you all know I love to cook, but without the right tools cooking can be a pain.  I got the chance to try out the  Mrs.Fields Bakers Sto’ N Go Desert Carrier, The Mrs. Fields The Cool Bake, and the 24 Cup Mini Cupcake Pan. I had a blast cooking with these not only where they superior to the ones I had been using but the clean up was a snap.  If you are like me when you use your non stick spray and spray the pan you either have to scrub the pan after baking to get it off ,or it just sticks their like a brown sticky mess that never comes off.  If you see the picture below this is how easy it was to get the spray off after baking.  I just grabbed a paper towel and wiped it off and it came right off.  This is a huge plus in my book.


   The Bakers store and go is such a great item.  It had different shelves so I could pack up a few different snacks at one time and off we went.  It was shaped perfectly that it did not fall over when traveling.  Another great big plus for us in high altitude is it keeps my food fresh.  If you have anything like cookie or muffins where we live if you keep them out within minutes they go stale.  I stored out muffins in this in the house and it keep them as fresh as the day we made them and did not take up much room at all.

  The cook bake was amazing.  If you are like me you have your pans and you also have about 20 cooling racks stored in your kitchen.  This one was both in one I loved that.  Just bake my cookies and pull off the top and wha la you are done they are cooling and you did not have to store or use 2 different items.    This was also very easy to clean even though the cooling part had little holes for the cooling the cookies did not stick at all in the holes and it cleaned like a breeze.


  The 24 mini muffin pan was also wonderful.  I love this, before this I had to use 2-3 of the other mini muffin pans to equal what I can fit in this one bigger one.  The muffins cooked perfectly as you can see nice and golden brown. The bottoms did not burn at all and came right out of the pan did not stick at all with the cooking spray.  The clean up was also quick and easy.  I also made mini brownies but you did not get a pictures I ate them all too fast lol.  They turned out perfect.

 I Would recommend Love Cooking Company to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.